Cruel Summer is kinda dumb...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 6 mjeseci
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Ayeisha Makes Art
Ayeisha Makes Art Prije 4 mjeseci
Please! Please! Do She-Ra! [Netflix, DreamWorks Reboot]
StoryJunkie Prije 5 mjeseci
First time not agreeing with your assesment.....strange....Please continue watching.
DODA Pictures
DODA Pictures Prije 5 mjeseci
Could you review Just Like Heaven?
noname alho
noname alho Prije 6 mjeseci
hey could you make a video about The Owl house, steven universe or even some anime like Black clover, Boku no hero academia, Erased, Viollet Evergarden or Mob psycho?
Jessica Harwood
Jessica Harwood Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you do clueless that would be hilarious
Jess Merrey-Osborne
Jess Merrey-Osborne Prije 7 dana
I found this show unbelievably confusing
Sunshine Brissett
Sunshine Brissett Prije 17 dana
Jesus is coming soon get ready 🥰 he loves you and wants to save you let him in today
MeeperFrog Prije 22 dana
That girl has the exact same bed frame as me! 😟
Jason Beam
Jason Beam Prije 28 dana
Alex doesn’t like Pulp Fiction? Unsubscribed.
Nuno Santos
Nuno Santos Prije mjesec
Your illustrations are spot on
Under15 Prije mjesec
2:17 What did the dad say? He’s mumbling. I hate it when what actors say is important and I don’t understand because of mumbling.
origamipein18 Prije mjesec
Kells Prije mjesec
Okay the comments convinced me to actually carry on watching this past episode 1 xD
Blessing Godwin
Blessing Godwin Prije mjesec
After this review I decided to watch the show it's freaking amazing. Thanks Alex for not giving too much spoilers, I actually loved this show. I hated Kate at first but then bonded over her relationship with her mom since it's similar to mine. Also the ending 🤦 I regret rooting for Jeanette, the ending had me shooked
xxdeathozzyx Prije mjesec
I just got that song" OUTTA MY MIND NOW I'M A KILLER"
Just a remote
Just a remote Prije mjesec
Belle Prije mjesec
"I'm onto you dad, if that's even your real name" Alex is ON POINT on this one😂😂
XOXO From Viri
XOXO From Viri Prije mjesec
This gives me pretty little liars vibes
Risu Wolf
Risu Wolf Prije mjesec
What in the hell does her dad say when her mom asks, "Remember when we were 15?"?? I can't understand his mumbling
NotFunny ButFunny
NotFunny ButFunny Prije mjesec
freeform shows have a corny generic way of shooting like a children's soap opera
Tarika Rajani
Tarika Rajani Prije mjesec
Trust me, it's not garbage
Seth M
Seth M Prije mjesec
The only thing that bugs me is that the whole premise of the show is that Kate reckons Janette saw her in the living room on the phone (not the basement) while Kate stood there in the dark with all the lights off and Janette was way out on the street also in the dark - and Kate decides to name Janette on live TV for it. Then when Kate finds out it was Mallory she's like "well of course you didn't know I was a kidnap victim chilling in the living room on my phone loool, no big deal".
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije mjesec
Don't make evil normalized please! GOD IS COMING REPENT! BEFORE IT'S LATE!!!! Be baptized with Holy Spirit and water. Deuteronomy 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." God isn't an monster God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past. God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Savannah McMuffin
Savannah McMuffin Prije mjesec
Just starterd watching this and i agree its defiently hard to follow the story with it fip floping time eras
456puff Prije mjesec
I watched this show and I really enjoyed it. Acting, film styles, characters, etc. was all on point. BUT the show delves heavily into the subject of grooming, which was triggering for me and I'm sure others. From my experience the depiction of grooming and its lasting affects was accurate so I would still recommend the show, but be careful if this is something you're dealt with.
Michelle Alexandria
Michelle Alexandria Prije mjesec
the thing is, she would have been hailed as a hero and become popular if she did the right thing to begin with.
Sandro Stegmaier
Sandro Stegmaier Prije mjesec
Still waiting on that "Euphoria is actually phenomenal" video.
lovelive trash
lovelive trash Prije mjesec
Your take on non-chronological content has never crossed my mind but now that I’m hearing it you’re quite right
Hannah Kaste
Hannah Kaste Prije mjesec
Your joke and animations are pure gold
Katie Snyder
Katie Snyder Prije mjesec
Is it bad this video made me want to watch this show? Otherwise I never would’ve heard of it
TheOtherOthers Prije mjesec
Teenage acting is poor. I would stay away from this show.
Mari Nior
Mari Nior Prije mjesec
jmszoom Prije mjesec
Now I need to find a way to watch this!
Soha Malik
Soha Malik Prije mjesec
As a 15 year old I can confirm we all seek validation by saying its my birthday constantly until we're 16 then we're old.
Renee Vazquez-Anderson
Renee Vazquez-Anderson Prije 2 mjeseci
really thought it was going to be a wlw self discovery movie
Mari Nior
Mari Nior Prije 2 mjeseci
Ray [Haku]
Ray [Haku] Prije 2 mjeseci
actually i watched cruel summer and its kinda good
S.J Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao why does everybody go after The Secret Life of an American Teenager I liked it, it was like a teenage soap opera. Tv back then was fun. haha anyone remembers the show Awkard? Gold lol
lambda halflife
lambda halflife Prije 2 mjeseci
"Wake up. Your lawyer is here. Just get the hell out bed, go talk to him." *Pulls blanket off the bed* "Now!" Well, that's one way to wake someone up from bed.
Maliya Leeder
Maliya Leeder Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone else get Pretty Little Liar Vibes...???
Tessa Barnes
Tessa Barnes Prije 2 mjeseci
And here I was thinking that Jeanette was lesbian.
M.Patricia Prudence
M.Patricia Prudence Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is it always their first day of school 🙄
livia moraes
livia moraes Prije 2 mjeseci
My stoner thought right now: I should make a really good story and put it out of order. It will be the best movie ever!!
Angela B
Angela B Prije 2 mjeseci
it felt like the ending...the very end...was tacked on to be edgy. Sorta went against the character...a dissonance between what we know about the character over three years...everything that happened to them and their final actions. It was like the show runner was like...okay how can we make this different than every other teen drama so the kiddies talk about it on their tick
Mohit Yadav
Mohit Yadav Prije 2 mjeseci
I love your style bro ....😁
Azim Zain
Azim Zain Prije 2 mjeseci
I was kind of annoyed by the twist in the ending. It felt like a satisfying conclusion that made sense and resolved things
M Turner
M Turner Prije 2 mjeseci
I hated this show and couldn’t finish it! Too slow for me but I feel like it did a good job at showing grooming.
MechaManW6 Prije 2 mjeseci
watch this be the new Riverdale
Erika McKayla
Erika McKayla Prije 2 mjeseci
i’m confused 😭
Kris Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually really liked this show. Great ending. Although, even before I knew how it ended, I thought Jeanette was a REALLY unlikable main character. I hope the second season focuses more on Kate getting revenge.
Stoner Boi
Stoner Boi Prije 2 mjeseci
I love all the comments being like I love the show an explaining why, a lot of it are reason I myself love the show an thinks it’s really well done. I don’t watch shows like this usually but something about this show really pulled me in Edit: I from the start knew Jeanette in a since hadn’t done anything to Kate an the in a way herself would become a victim. To me get an Kate were victims just in different ways ya know. “It’s a the is always greener on the other side” type things
Rae357 Lol
Rae357 Lol Prije 2 mjeseci
That pull out joke made me cackllleree
Basic Weirdo
Basic Weirdo Prije 2 mjeseci
I honestly am in love with how Alex always says "I like jellybeans" when it's between some character of himself and their crush
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 2 mjeseci
God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
bittersweet Prije 2 mjeseci
This show actually sounds pretty interesting. Only problem is that I feel like a lot of it was already given away in this video...
Lullaby Sorrow
Lullaby Sorrow Prije 2 mjeseci
This looks .... yikes.
Ceci DeRose
Ceci DeRose Prije 2 mjeseci
"I Like jELlY BEaNs "*Weird snort*
Spinner17 Prije 2 mjeseci
This show was actually pretty good, and they’re planning on a season. Honestly that would be cool, but I don’t see how they could make a season 2 after the first one.
Gracekim23 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hmm 🤔 it seems interesting
Gracekim23 Prije 2 mjeseci
Who buys a birthday gift on their friend’s birthday?!😅
jay. Dare
jay. Dare Prije 2 mjeseci
That blond chick doesn't look like a teenager at all...
Lovette idk
Lovette idk Prije 2 mjeseci
omg now i am invested
Alice Doe
Alice Doe Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m halfway through the video and I’ve never watched this show, and maybe I’ve watched to many crime shows, but I’m gonna guess that the assistant principal killed Kate or there’s some weird alien time-jump thing going on here.
Alice Doe
Alice Doe Prije 2 mjeseci
Valerie Amaya
Valerie Amaya Prije 2 mjeseci
Erin Rose Colwyn
Erin Rose Colwyn Prije 2 mjeseci
Gonna have to strongly disagree with this one. This was one of the best teen shows I've ever seen.
Youtuber Prije 2 mjeseci
Such a good show. Can't wait for season 2
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
So is it supposed to be a murder mystery show or single white female type show?
Jamie Prije 2 mjeseci
I've never watched Cruel Summer. So watching this video, I was like "Oh, is this going to be a wlw epiphany story? Did she just see Kate and think 'omg hot?'" And then realized, oh, no, that's not what is happening. Such a shame.
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it me or the blonde friend seems like 10 years older than the other two?
millie paq
millie paq Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is so good Alex what 😩
Robin 't Jong
Robin 't Jong Prije 2 mjeseci
Probably at "episode 1" to the title
janamiiia Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is honesty so good. I binge watched it in a day and let me tell you.. that ending. Woah shocking. PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!! did not expect
Internet Child
Internet Child Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait the guy who kidnapped Kate is that creepy actor from "What would you do?!"
Max Bracegirdle
Max Bracegirdle Prije 2 mjeseci
What the hell is the dad even saying when talking to the mum?? Idk if it's an accent or what
Max Bracegirdle
Max Bracegirdle Prije 2 mjeseci
Hell yeah!! Apple jacks are the bomb. They didn't have them in my town but when I drove to another town to see my mum, I found some in a supermarket and figured I'd try them and got hooked so damn hard. I got my local supermarket to get some but it's like $10 a box and I can smash a box with like a day.
Cody SwiftCaster
Cody SwiftCaster Prije 2 mjeseci
The only good thing came out of them was motherland fort salem
Janet Hill
Janet Hill Prije 3 mjeseci
I've LOVED this entire series. It wrapped everything up on that stunning last episode and I'm super impressed with it.
Anakarimhe Mercado
Anakarimhe Mercado Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait okay besides the cringey scenes I actually liked it !
just me with my foot in my mouth
just me with my foot in my mouth Prije 3 mjeseci
Emily Garren
Emily Garren Prije 3 mjeseci
This show is actually incredible! I loved it
S R Prije 3 mjeseci
Jeanette was one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen.
Destiny irus
Destiny irus Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh cruel summer was such a bad show. I wish I didn’t waste my time but then again I don’t have any time doing anything important so😂
PiLar Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh you see how poorly your father pulls out of the garage. Stfu I’m screaming 😂😂😂😩😩😩
Krys Trees
Krys Trees Prije 3 mjeseci
Watch motherland fort salem on freeform. Its badass.
rin Prije 3 mjeseci
I mean that’s your opinion I feel like your being incredibly nitpicky
cassia adair
cassia adair Prije 3 mjeseci
Here we are, us Swifties, waiting for a Cruel Summer music video, and then out of nowhere, we get whatever THIS is?
Eleni Pantazopoulou
Eleni Pantazopoulou Prije 3 mjeseci
i thought it was gay at first idk
Sadie Stranks
Sadie Stranks Prije 3 mjeseci
make another video on this! Like Riverdale, I don't want to watch it but i want to know what happens
Rita Prije 3 mjeseci
I recommend you this video, the girl gives a good summary of the episodes and explanation of the ending
BBhomemaker33 Prije 3 mjeseci
Kate ended up being gay at the end. So to everyone who only cared for a lesbian love story…you got it
Marcel de Jong
Marcel de Jong Prije 3 mjeseci
2:05 that comment just broke me!
MoriLupin1976 Prije 3 mjeseci
That series was pretty fucked up.... And the time lapses were kinda confusing in the first episode. And the ending was unexpected... But holy shit it was soooo amazing!!! Took me two days to watch it. Edit: I knew that Froy Gutiérrez looked like an angel but damn was he cute in this series! 2nd Edit: I thought, that she's obsessed with that assistant principal. Like, she loves him or something like that... I love how her dad and brother always stood beside her, never thought about her lying about that whole shit.
-Toya Todoroki-
-Toya Todoroki- Prije 3 mjeseci
Am I the only person that feels like Valerie is like a really bad friend? She abandoned her best friend when she had no one, insulted her in the worst ways, and never thought to think hey maybe she's telling the truth. Also if one of my friends said the stuff she said about her dad I would not hesitate to catapult them into space.
It's ME
It's ME Prije 3 mjeseci
I don't want to be named like her 🙃
Troy Milan Harrison
Troy Milan Harrison Prije 3 mjeseci
Ok but…I actually might watch this
Too Nice to Be Unreal
Too Nice to Be Unreal Prije 3 mjeseci
Am I the only one who thinks this show is terrible written? I got many points: -the girls bf just meets kate and the first thing she says is about Janeatte? Then, he HITS jeaneatte without even questioning if that was true? And he was "so in love" before. -it seems that kate only tells about janeatte seeing her because kate was hurted that jeneatte dated and kissed her bf. But, simulteneously she believed that jeneatte seriously did a bad thing and kate is very hurted by it, as is shown on the last episode. -WHO ON EARTH would have thought that someone walking freely inside a house is kidnapped? As fairly stated by the other blond girl (I forgot her name) -WHO ON EARTH could see and RECOGNIZE someone inside a dark room in the night, while stading outside? DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! -kate is old enough to understand that she wouldn't be recognize in this situation!!! Why bitch about it? -kate destroyed janeatte's life, who couldn't go to school anymore, her parents got divorsed etc. The bare minimum is to give her money, but no, she just went humble and miserable. -the very concept of "stealing someone's life" doesn't make any sense. Ok, they couldn't date the same (VIOLENT) guy, but, c'mon. Usually, beautiful dumb girls in HS just go along (specially in movies)
tina tina
tina tina Prije 3 mjeseci
All those time jumps got me 🤯🤯
Celina Elzer
Celina Elzer Prije 3 mjeseci
Cruel Summer is actually my favorite show atm
simran seejiram
simran seejiram Prije 3 mjeseci
this show was amazing !
Chimrick Prije 3 mjeseci
What really irks me about these 'teen' movies; they can't ride a bike to save their lives.
fey Prije 3 mjeseci
Natalie Playz
Natalie Playz Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m so confused on this
Ella V
Ella V Prije 3 mjeseci
That’s exactly what I thought when watching the show. The story wasn’t really interesting, Kate wasn’t even tortured really. She was kept safe in good conditions. The only thing that made the series interesting was the non-chronological order as you say. And a movie / series shouldn’t have to rely on that in order to be good.
Shreela Tambe
Shreela Tambe Prije 3 mjeseci
Good conditions only if you compare with Saw or something.
Lilith Hedwig
Lilith Hedwig Prije 3 mjeseci
Are you even for real lol she was groomed, isolated, kidnapped, psychologically tortured and humiliated for almost a year, wow, way to miss the point
N V Prije 3 mjeseci
I actually really liked this one. It's not a masterpiece but it's much, much better than most shows of its type. And that end twist...chilling!
Ultimate Trash Boy
Ultimate Trash Boy Prije 3 mjeseci
I am actually almost interested in watching it now.
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Mean Girls was a weird movie...
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To All The Boys 3 is actually kinda good?
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