the new iCarly is utterly bizzare...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 7 522
HyperIacob Prije 13 minuta
Shoot I thought I was subscribed this whole time I been watching video......
Smokezy Prije 16 sati
luvbearfidgets Prije dan
this guy should be a comedian, he makes the dumbest things seem funny-
Tl junior 20
Tl junior 20 Prije dan
Alex: makes joke about how if you leave content to long a fan base won’t stay around Tf2:
NaterSquib Prije dan
4:50 *Memories ruined*
ATAC Stringer
ATAC Stringer Prije 2 dana
I enjoyed iCarly and I'll be honest I was a little interested when I heard his coming back and then they just started sewing bunch of stuff in it from today's society bunch of weird twists to it and I just don't think it works
MCKing Prije 2 dana
Not only is the show not funny just like the first icarly, why did they have to make the only black girl in the show a.hoe
Joannathegirlgamer3 Prije 3 dana
No one's gonna bring up why did they even bother making new episodes without Sam? I don't know what's the point without some of the main characters
Lauren Shabatian
Lauren Shabatian Prije 4 dana
btw freddy's adopted stepdaughter 's name is not Jayden that is the actors name her characters name is Milicent
Balance Is The Only Truth
Balance Is The Only Truth Prije 4 dana
The show before was full of sexist things against men. The new show doesn't even try to hide it and people still don't talk about it how it's not okay.
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 7 dana
Please don't make evil normalized please! GOD IS COMING REPENT! BEFORE IT'S LATE!!!! Be baptized with Holy Spirit and water. Deuteronomy 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." God isn't an monster God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Doctor Goth
Doctor Goth Prije 7 dana
The Seattle water thing is extremely accurate. We care so much about how good our tap water is. It's the best in the world.
Bread and Jimin's lost jams
Bread and Jimin's lost jams Prije 8 dana
I respect Jennette and Noah's decision to turn down the opportunity to go back to the reboot, but it just feels empty and bland without them. They just added spice to the shop
KingNav Prije 9 dana
No one Absolutely no one Me still trying to figure out what paramount+ is...
Mason Cliffe
Mason Cliffe Prije 10 dana
Jerry carries the show and Carly seems so fake
s1n_plays Prije 11 dana
lmao imagine he showed his real personal info and we just don't know
mr. waffles
mr. waffles Prije 11 dana
what if dashlane gets hacked
pineapple guy
pineapple guy Prije 12 dana
Wo Der how they explain where Sam went ? Since Janet McCurdy didn't want to do it again cus of her previous experience with Dan snyder
Patrick Gilhuly
Patrick Gilhuly Prije 12 dana
Ok this show just went from 2007 Nickelodeon to 2019 CW, and now it’s just my 4am sleep paralysis demon😂😂😂
silvertonguer Prije 15 dana
What’s with icarly and the many Disney and nick shows in the mid to late 2000s in which young teens wanted to be famous. It was weird and I didn’t like it.
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman Prije 16 dana
Having never watched iCarly I didn’t get some of the zingers, but damn, that show is so incredibly contrived and trite, and the acting and dialogue are very stilted.
Marcus Sinsarady
Marcus Sinsarady Prije 18 dana
iCarly changed a lot to a kid Nickelodeon version to a mature adult version! Cool!
Xehanort10 Prije 17 dana
Not really. Instead of it being more mature now that the audience of the original show is older it's coming off like a kid's show trying to be adult.
Monni Khan
Monni Khan Prije 18 dana
The new season is annoying it’s just not the same smh
Trevor Topcik
Trevor Topcik Prije 18 dana
2 thousand dislikes lmao
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Prije 19 dana
This show seems like it's trying wayyy too hard to be current and modern. 😂
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Prije 19 dana
Why are they making, making youtube collab channels a relationship milestone? 😂
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Prije 19 dana
Agreed about the laugh tracks, they're so annoying and unnecessary. It seems a very american thing, I mean I'm british and I've never seen a British show with laugh tracks.
35onions Prije 20 dana
Alex applause for you your funny
Kid-Miku- Kun
Kid-Miku- Kun Prije 20 dana
Nope. Woke and identity politics is def what’s keeping me away from an otherwise nice trip down memory lane.
Nathan Ferrebee
Nathan Ferrebee Prije 20 dana
This should have never happened. This should have never gone on the internet. Someone should have stopped this!
Holy Rice log
Holy Rice log Prije 21 dan
As a Seattle person yes we do not know how to speak like normal human beings and we have weird shoe restaurants
Blair Rostova
Blair Rostova Prije 22 dana
So paramaount+’s whole thing is making reboots of old shows this and they’re doing the teen wolf movie 😅
aestheticara -quit
aestheticara -quit Prije 22 dana
"And of course, *nobody i know has paramount plus for me to hack into.*
BHV CREX Prije 23 dana
Lmfaooo your reboot bingo 😭😭
Lora ZENTA Brown
Lora ZENTA Brown Prije 24 dana
See? Time has passed! Freddie has.... the beginnings of facial hair! 😆
Random channel
Random channel Prije 26 dana
Can we acknowledge thousands of people joined that stream every second. So some of them joined and immediately heard “we’re all going to die someday”.
Joshua Morgan
Joshua Morgan Prije 26 dana
Miranda Cosgrove is absolutely beautiful to me! I see why Freddy used to be madly in love with her back in the day!!!
Siyabulela Mngonyama
Siyabulela Mngonyama Prije 27 dana
Sam isn’t here I’m sad 😭😭😭where’s gibby and lubert the doorman
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott Prije 27 dana
Yeah laugh tracks are annoying af
Sokka Prije 27 dana
You’ll never guess what happens: Adds: come down and buy red lobster lobster
Faulter Prije 28 dana
I've only seen the first episode and already my least favorite part is Harper and Freddy's idiot daughter, it kind of bugs me they're only there to replace Sam with Harper's sass and the orphan harassing Freddy
that fortnite guy
that fortnite guy Prije 28 dana
Hay jaden has 2 subs ha i have 3
Marcus Sinsarady
Marcus Sinsarady Prije 28 dana
Funny part when Spencer is saying about being rich. 1:45 - 1:48 🤣🤣
John Bacon
John Bacon Prije mjesec
You notice that racist chick Francesca Ramsey is behind this?
Raeye Ephrem
Raeye Ephrem Prije mjesec
Pretentious and disgusting, definitely sounds like Seattle. I would know, I live here and regretfully can’t leave.
Raeye Ephrem
Raeye Ephrem Prije mjesec
@John Bacon if only I could leave….. But thank you for the offer
John Bacon
John Bacon Prije mjesec
Spokane is open for all Seattle refugees
TimotheousMaximus Prije mjesec
I just discovered your content and you are hilarious
Nelson Je
Nelson Je Prije mjesec
You'll never guess what happens Ad...
░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ Prije mjesec
A few Minutes ago i didnt even know that there is a reboot. I think they should have Not done that, its made to fail. It was a different Time Back then, it will never work.
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes Prije mjesec
Hamtaro ham ham heartbreak is still unironically my favorite gba game.
Jas mine
Jas mine Prije mjesec
This show is literally the definition of utterly cringy. I might sound biased cos I never really liked Icarly in the first place but this reboot is a huge waste of time. The lines are too dumb, the jokes are drawn out too long and the freaking laugh track just makes it all extremely cringy. This show is not my cup of tea. Like Alex said they were really banking on the childhood nostalgia, but that's never enough.If they wanted to do a reboot it should have been a show like Big Time Rush or Drake& Josh or at least have gotten better writers.
Melton Brown
Melton Brown Prije mjesec
Completely agree. The writing and dialogue feels off and unnatural. Idk how it got good reviews by critics
Zoraye Cyrus
Zoraye Cyrus Prije mjesec
I see a lot of comments dogging on this but I actually find it really funny 😆
Amelia Shister
Amelia Shister Prije mjesec
Have you done Ted Lasso? Can you?
Omary Hussein
Omary Hussein Prije mjesec
She literally said I don't know what to do 🤣
Hopeless Prije mjesec
inbal Prije mjesec
the fact literally not a single show, even the ones who started bad or mediocre, can uphold to *its own standards* in the least a whole decade later makes me lose hope in humanity. I swear we have died in 2012. we have just been increasingly devolving ever since.
Jocelyn hubert
Jocelyn hubert Prije mjesec
When Freddy first came in I thought he was Carly’s boyfriend 😢
DA VIEWZ Prije dan
Bla3e Blackwell
Bla3e Blackwell Prije mjesec
Can you do Fierce
Guido Duh
Guido Duh Prije mjesec
The thing with iCarly is that Sam was the star of the show. Sam was to iCarly what Sheldon was to The Big Bang Theory.
Leo Lyes
Leo Lyes Prije mjesec
The New iCarly is Iconic
Leo Lyes
Leo Lyes Prije mjesec
@John Bacon it is
John Bacon
John Bacon Prije mjesec
It's not
One4thHorse Prije mjesec
Help. The laugh track sounds so awkward.
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen Prije mjesec
Selina Gomez being as old as myself, remembering I had a puppy crush on her back in the day feels weird. Also: that was it? I'm still waiting for the movie review to start.
John Not Real Name
John Not Real Name Prije mjesec
Jesus Christ they do know that this was a kid's show right? Also are they supposed to be acting like they are forever sarcastic?
Ashley Ireton
Ashley Ireton Prije mjesec
Ok, please agree with me that he has to do perch jackson. Seriously, agree. DO IT.
PasOdMater Prije mjesec
So the new characters are pretty much all... diverse. I wonder why?
BlayZ Prije mjesec
icarly without sam is just boring
Kamar Mason
Kamar Mason Prije mjesec
Soooo, hack Dashlane, and your screwed
KingDevin Prije mjesec
New icarly bad show
Dunsimi AKinyooye
Dunsimi AKinyooye Prije mjesec
'It's dumb but it's dumb enough.' -Alex 2021
Robyn Mitchell
Robyn Mitchell Prije mjesec
Alex Meyers “is a weird channel”. Pls just stop being so rude!! Goodness gracious. I am sry if I am being rude but u hurt so many peoples feelings. Pls pls pls STOP!!!! 😡what if someone in the show u ones again hate on where watching. Then how would you feel. Again sorry but I just had to get that out there. Please stop making these videos and do something nicer on this channel pls pls pls pls pls pls STOP!!!! 😡😢🙁😩 anyone who read this pls reply on wat u think about this stuff and if u are reading pls STOP! Alex Meyers maybe do videos on wat shows u LIKE!! but pls stop hating shows
Robyn Mitchell
Robyn Mitchell Prije 26 dana
My sister said this sry
VICIOUS HEART Prije mjesec
Kid, if you see something you don't like then look away. This is the internet. There are far worst thing here than this.
Badusername2000 Prije mjesec
I watched all the episodes of this the other day and i loved it, and from some pictures on the icarly instagram, were getting a second season, so im happy
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez Prije mjesec
I like the new icarly
Xehanort10 Prije mjesec
There's a difference between a show ageing up with its audience and trying to make a kid's show "mature and edgy." The new ICarly is the latter.
David Cundiff
David Cundiff Prije mjesec
Is nobody going to point out how good that advertisement at the end was saying download twice but crossing one through the middle making you say download twice
Irongirltoni Prije mjesec
I thought the sex joke was actually gonna be a sex scene The joke was funny A sex scene would have made me uncomfortable
Nate Schmidt
Nate Schmidt Prije mjesec
Yo your game has 2 bugs in the first 4 levels that make it to where you cant beat it unless you restart. And why do you have a fake developer email?
bbqdrumsticks Prije mjesec
Honestly i hate it... i wanted the old trio back
La Barby Lolita
La Barby Lolita Prije mjesec
I need this video translated on your channel in Spanish ❤️😔👌
aylo N
aylo N Prije mjesec
This is so dumb it’s hilarious
Consciously Kayla
Consciously Kayla Prije mjesec
It's bad writing. Plain and simple.
royal junior
royal junior Prije mjesec
How did a guy who made weird art become rich? Probably because poeple who buy art love weird art
Alfatrox Prije mjesec
i miss Sam and Gibby :(
Likho Baliso
Likho Baliso Prije mjesec
Ain't nobody remembers or misses SAM
omkhulu ibhanana
omkhulu ibhanana Prije mjesec
Flop if T-Bo doesn't appear
Lincoln McAllister
Lincoln McAllister Prije mjesec
How dare you make fun of my ProZD and his Pringle videos! (Nice video)
Joy Ambæk
Joy Ambæk Prije 2 mjeseci
i better like the old version but i still wanna see it because its my whole childhood
Baka Shinji
Baka Shinji Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm on episode 5 and I still don't know how to feel but I'm gonna push through a little more before I decide if I wanna drop it or not but damn they shoulda made Freddie's step daughter as Harper's step sister it just seems so much for Freddie to have a step daughter on top of everything 😆 when I heard that I was like whoa whoa whoaaaa he's the last person I'd expect to have a kid on the show, I'd rather her be Spencer's step daughter
Drumdre Prije 2 mjeseci
What the Fuck is this Video ??
Logan Entertainment
Logan Entertainment Prije 2 mjeseci
iCarly was a sitcom that many people wanted to have a reboot overtime. Drake and Josh could have a reboot too, except Drake Campana, probably won't be in it, so if Paramount does try to make a reboot to Drake and Josh, it could be a show called: Josh It's about Josh raising his own family???
Wingmaan Prije 2 mjeseci
taleos-three Prije 2 mjeseci
After seeing this I'm glad i didn't even try to watch it why are they adding in bs political shit and edgy stuff the show in my opinion destroyed itself but then again most who would watch it are just dumb enough
American Patriots
American Patriots Prije 2 mjeseci
Yay that show is just more woke trash. Smh.
Cinder_Ash Prije 2 mjeseci
I know this video is about iCarly reboot, but... Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak was a great game and I am glad someone else even knows about it
Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson Prije 2 mjeseci
9:06 ProdZ talking about Pringles 😂
Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson Prije 2 mjeseci
9:07 ProdZ talking about Pringles 😂
Mihail Yordanov
Mihail Yordanov Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok this is the most funny thing i've heard in a while: So, which Kpop singer do you wish was your Jojo stand XD
Night Prije 2 mjeseci
Too many adult jokes ending so stupidly it's hilarious
Along the Journey
Along the Journey Prije 2 mjeseci
“An 8th grader on RiverDale” 🤣 Freddie looks rough, lol
Stadtaffe Prije 2 mjeseci
I give this video 10/10 bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 Subscribed today ! 🐵 Have a nice one everybody !
Dragoner Productions
Dragoner Productions Prije 2 mjeseci
It's been updated for adults basically.
Hellscream Games
Hellscream Games Prije 2 mjeseci
Good video.
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