Henry Danger was the dumbest Nickelodeon show

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Henry Danger Nickelodeon Animated Commentary

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Komentari: 4 212
Iza Faradiba Mohd Patel
Iza Faradiba Mohd Patel Prije 6 sati
Hay, I like the show :'(
Argoz OlArte
Argoz OlArte Prije 10 sati
Are ya suuuure
Henlo Mates
Henlo Mates Prije 10 sati
Couldn’t agree more! I watched it years ago when I was 6 or 7, but found it unusually weird. So as I stop watching it, it gets weirder and more un-authentic to an actual superhero. Childhood ruined.
StinkyMemez Prije 10 sati
You have officially crossed the line pal
Jon McLovin
Jon McLovin Prije 11 sati
Dislikes not displayed? 🤔
dino dale
dino dale Prije 17 sati
Glenn's world of brick films and gaming
Glenn's world of brick films and gaming Prije 17 sati
Dude even tho this is dumb this brought kids childhood memories
memeguy Prije 17 sati
i remember watching this and i thought it was legit funny
Philip Ferneau
Philip Ferneau Prije 19 sati
Look everybody has their opinions but this is too far 1st of all I watched all of the episodes including the crossover episodes please consider changing henry danger filled my childhood with delight and happiness yes if your wondering I have watched all of the Danger Force episodes so please consider changing your opinion
Music Lists
Music Lists Prije 21 sat
the guy has nothing good to say about anything and for that reason I subbed
Animation Exaggeration
Animation Exaggeration Prije 22 sati
Nah bro, Henry danger was fire my guy idk what you talking about
Soviet brother
Soviet brother Prije 22 sati
O think it's the loud house
Think i have any other ideas
Think i have any other ideas Prije 23 sati
You clearly had no childhood
otto von bismark
otto von bismark Prije dan
It was ok for a couple of minutes
DioDude Prije dan
bro your opinions suck
i dont care if it dumb i loved that show
Leroy Pierre
Leroy Pierre Prije dan
I used to love this show it was amazing until danger whatever came out
The brodog
The brodog Prije dan
I watched a nd loved henry danger but danger force took away the vibe
clxtch Prije dan
By the way this is just my opinion. Nickelodeon shows have a certain type of humor this humor has alot in common with Game Shakers or The Thundermans but I have always enjoyed this show 1st season through the 5th. I understand why people might not like it or think it's weird. I was like 10 when it came out and I still enjoy it to this day. I've rewatched this hundreds of times and I am right now to be honest but that's just my opinion.
NaterSquib Prije dan
Let's just hope it doesn't get rebooted like iCarly did. Y'all prolly gonna say "But, wait it did get rebooted.. remember the kids and the super hero school?" No, that's not a reboot, it's a spin off.
GreenTac Prije dan
I loved Henry danger. Eventhough it was quite a dumb and weird show it was one of my favourites
icysip Prije dan
I used to love this show idk why but its kinda ok still
Dia Sare
Dia Sare Prije dan
Have you seen Game Shakers
Taybrook Prije dan
I grew up on this. It wasn't great but I still enjoyed it because I'm a kid and I'll watch anything.
Hashim Hussain
Hashim Hussain Prije dan
Ok henry danger was great
The MASH And MIXUP Prije dan
This dude hates every show and movie…
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. Prije dan
I always liked the vibe of this show Great video alex (ive been watching a few of them for a few hours)
Zealko Prije dan
Me who’s watching Henry Danger while watching this video: hm interesting
Jack Walden
Jack Walden Prije dan
I’m sorry I love this show with all of my heart. At least the first few seasons.
Brick Buffet
Brick Buffet Prije dan
Is it possible to 100 percent disagree wit evvvrey word he said
Alex Prije dan
God I hated that show
Micake Prije dan
idk i still like it
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Prije dan
My kids watch this show, it's good enough that I will keep watching it after they leave. It's s kids show on Nick so it doesn't have movie production but it's a kids TV show, so
The OG Uncle Slappy
The OG Uncle Slappy Prije dan
Men, Henry danger was the show” It was actually pretty good and I was kind of sad when it ended. but now “danger force” Don’t even get me started on the new danger force spinoff series, Because that’s bad And pretty uncalled for in my opinion.
Kid Glitch09
Kid Glitch09 Prije dan
The title is the only reason I'm here. And I have one thing to say. NO
XxxM&DxxX Prije dan
Imagine being a grown man talking and hating on a kids show what a life you have.
ThingsThatSetOnFire Prije dan
hey, its better than the new danger force
Benjamations Prije dan
DUDE. HD was the best Im gonna unsubscribe man. u crossed the line
Crystal  Star ⭐️
Crystal Star ⭐️ Prije dan
I was also surprised Captain Man is a horrible name no offense also wow your 34 and you can’t beat a baby guy wow disappointed even I can beat that guy.
YaBoiSterling 79
YaBoiSterling 79 Prije dan
Bro this show and the thundermans was my childhood
PinkiethePanda Prije 2 dana
The red shirted Boinks kid looks soooo much like Hiro, from Heroes!
LocalNoob Prije 2 dana
Bro its for kids obviously its shit for us
Marco YT
Marco YT Prije 2 dana
The dumbest one was Thundermans
ShadowLegend Prije 2 dana
Even tho it was stupid i loved it still
KAKAROT! Prije 2 dana
Bruh Henry danger was a beast of a show, go make your own show big guy if you don't like it
Sammoose01 R
Sammoose01 R Prije 2 dana
This and the thunder mans was my shit
Gavin Tubbs
Gavin Tubbs Prije 2 dana
nah bro ill be honest for a couple seasons it was werid and bad but the last few were really good imo
Thy Holy Fox
Thy Holy Fox Prije 2 dana
awesomesoniclover745 Prije 2 dana
you are factually incorrect my friend. henry danger is infact a pretty good show
Give ID
Give ID Prije 2 dana
Hey I like Henry danger
Abby Prije 2 dana
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire Prije 2 dana
Me seeing the title: **angry** Henry danger is the best show! AND THIS VIDEO IS SUS YOU SUSSY BAKA! Edit: I’m still gonna be a subscriber and watch you it’s just a joke
Reymorr Prije 2 dana
I demand an apology for making me read this comment
Kirby Prije 2 dana
Children that just read the thumbnail and not watch vid : YOU LIER!
Allygator Prije 2 dana
Him: Henry danger is The dumbest Nickelodeon kids show Me: ight imma grab my ak-47
Lukas Prije 2 dana
Henry danger is in a so sad it's good situation.
The random lolkid
The random lolkid Prije 2 dana
i agree with the dislikes
Mango Prije 2 dana
Why is his guy just criticizing people who work hard on tv shows/movies?
Green IsTaken
Green IsTaken Prije 2 dana
i actually used to watch henry danger as a kid, it was a amazing show
Dr1zzy Prije 2 dana
I loved this show
Luke Prescott
Luke Prescott Prije 2 dana
This was still my favorite show when I was 8 and 9 lol
Ben Bowser
Ben Bowser Prije 2 dana
And that’s the moment jasper realized yes he would like that
CleanEdits Prije 2 dana
you call every show in existence bad or weird like wtf
SPOOKY STONE Prije 3 dana
I watched this show for if i remember correctly at least early into season 3. I liked it at the time but Ik this show is NOT good lmao. I always hated piper tho
SocksKey Prije 3 dana
they actually later in the show make a joke about his name is captain man
Mistah Spoke
Mistah Spoke Prije 3 dana
Just Review the last episode
Mr Zombo
Mr Zombo Prije 3 dana
Omg they are so young at the beginning of the series compared to the end of it
Jaden Nguyen
Jaden Nguyen Prije 3 dana
It’s weird but I like it
tucker hutchison
tucker hutchison Prije 3 dana
fight me i will curbstomp you based on the title alone this show was great
JAckie Miller
JAckie Miller Prije 4 dana
Season 3 and 4 are amazing, the first 2 are still good
Jaquel Wong
Jaquel Wong Prije 4 dana
Hmm u think to much into this
Craftsboy Mobile
Craftsboy Mobile Prije 4 dana
Henry danger was much funnier than most of the similar shows back then imo
Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario Prije 4 dana
If anything I think that it's the best Nickelodeon show! 😡😠
Ralph Detko
Ralph Detko Prije 4 dana
I started watching it on Netfx with my 8 yr old and found myself laughing at every episode. Some of it is just off the rails. Total spoof, the writers must have had a great time. I didn’t even like Schwaz the first time I saw him, but very soon found him quite funny too. Even Ray’s first sidekick had a funny personality.
Mathew Ensign
Mathew Ensign Prije 4 dana
I liked it
Cinder Samurai
Cinder Samurai Prije 4 dana
Fun fact: In the crossover of Henry Danger x The Thundermans, Charlotte claims to not know anything about being Canadian. Ironically, the actor of Charlotte is Canadian.
SPOOKY STONE Prije 3 dana
I completely forgot the thundermans existed until I read your comment
Nexus 525
Nexus 525 Prije 4 dana
Do not look up steamroller from Cleveland, it’s gonna ruin at least a third of your day.
PhoeMIX Prije 4 dana
This was my childhood along side: Thunder-mans and Game Shakers.
PhoeMIX Prije 21 sat
@Nintendoboy Yeah! ✌️
Nintendoboy Prije 21 sat
PhoeMIX Prije 2 dana
@Beast_Mon Ah yes… a true Nick fan
Beast_Mon Prije 2 dana
James Collins
James Collins Prije 4 dana
And Fred?
The Chill bois
The Chill bois Prije 4 dana
Do The Thundermens
Lauren Shabatian
Lauren Shabatian Prije 5 dana
Zwill Prije 5 dana
Watched its debut when I was in like elementary school and now im about ti graduate highschool and started looking at nickelodeon again and I still find the show entertaining, its pretty good
Pot8o king
Pot8o king Prije 5 dana
The sequel show was worse
Hunter Perkins
Hunter Perkins Prije 5 dana
As a kid we hate what we have now days I feel like a small amount of kids make us look bad
Javier Espiritu
Javier Espiritu Prije 5 dana
You know I like henry danger but it’s your opinion so I’ll go with it
Kody be gaming fox pack
Kody be gaming fox pack Prije 5 dana
am i the only one who liked it
Mr. Tiger
Mr. Tiger Prije 5 dana
Man has there ever been a movie that Alex myers doesn't understand, thinks its dumb or plain just think it sucks bro's gotta get better content
Daniel Regan
Daniel Regan Prije 5 dana
Bro I fucking love this show and you just diss the shit out of it …….well played
Atix FN
Atix FN Prije 6 dana
I’m angry at this man :/
Kirbymeister2 Prije 6 dana
And then there was Danger Force...
Kirbymeister2 Prije 6 dana
Mika: the show's equivalent of Charlette and Jasper. Bose: I am Jasper and Captain Man. Always find it funny the dumbest/most gullible guy in the show has telekinesis
G0iku6666 Prije 7 dana
henrry danger is a good nickelodeon serie i like that serie and i see the serie whit my familly
Lawless cobra
Lawless cobra Prije 7 dana
Correction, the BEST show
LoL is in vr
LoL is in vr Prije 8 dana
I loved this show lol and I just realised it’s pretty dumb lol
Clare Prije 8 dana
I actually liked this one....I unironically liked that Charlotte and Henry didn't become the whole "I loved you this whole time" cliche. I liked that Henry didn't graduate. It wasn't the greatest, but it was the best from Nick in a long time.
Bread and Jimin's lost jams
Bread and Jimin's lost jams Prije 8 dana
Yall notice that it used to be called "Food-o-matic" then they changed it to "AutoSnacker"
Xgaming125 g
Xgaming125 g Prije 8 dana
It's dumb but has a good storyline, jaw dropping moment's and laughs. Great show!
Core Lol4024
Core Lol4024 Prije 8 dana
And it made danger Force and danger force is trash and boring
Blue stop motion
Blue stop motion Prije 8 dana
Yes ma’am I was judging people stuff
Dani Studios
Dani Studios Prije 9 dana
Ok, but this show is genuinely a masterpiece!
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