the new Gossip Girl is utterly bizarre...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 4 mjeseci

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Mean Girls was a weird movie...

Miraculous Ladybug is the dumbest show...

Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...

Jessie was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 4 mjeseci
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Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
@Conner Smock He probably won't ever do that because of the genre of that show.
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
@N Zidan He talks shit about everything. It's not like he actually hates everything. Edit: Do y'all realize that he says at the end of every single video to send your recommendations to his email?
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wanna say that I am a millennial and I personally LOVE the award-winning, record-breaking Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
sjahbw Prije 3 mjeseci
Erika Torres
Erika Torres Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope this show dies after a season or it gets interesting bc it is do bad
Mr. Right
Mr. Right Prije dan
More "diverse" remakes. All female Ghostbusters bullshit
Anonymous Nomore
Anonymous Nomore Prije dan
The long haired sister looks like anya Taylor (at certain angles)
Osman Osman
Osman Osman Prije dan
alex don’t get me wrong, im a big fan of yours but what do you mean students at CONSTANCE BILLARD being a furry or a wearing a naruto headband, they aren’t trying to imitate this generation, actually they are but this is New York’s elite, students at CONSTANCE they r the 1%. they r above everyone
Dariuss Prije 2 dana
i really believe that this show still has potential to be saved they just have to get rid of the teachers and give the kids better sense of fashion 😩 also maybe making them act more mature
Mahone Prije 4 dana
You could do Mr. Inbetween - aussie series similar to Barry but much more realistic.
Banshee Queen
Banshee Queen Prije 4 dana
The OG Gossip Girl was all about facts, and those teachers just straight up cause drama through lies. One episode was enough to know that they should have never produced this show.
Hannah Mauriello
Hannah Mauriello Prije 7 dana
i like the vibe of the new gossip girl.. its just the fact they destroyed who gossip girl was in the second & made sure everyone knew it was the teachers. plus chuck & blair, icons. but the "it" girl serena. it can never be matched.
dudashisu Prije 9 dana
7:18 now that insulted me, demon slayer my favorite anime😔
rebecca sara coffey
rebecca sara coffey Prije 13 dana
I was llike Rebecca 🤔 oh Rebecca who was mention in season 2. Why not bring back Vanessa.
Edit Queen
Edit Queen Prije 17 dana
I feel like I’m the only one that liked the new Gossip Girl. Well, not liked. But enjoyed.
Elianna Prije 22 dana
Calling demon slayer overrated was such a ballsy move (you’re absolutely right though)
Anneli Pietersen
Anneli Pietersen Prije 24 dana
Just watched Gossip Girl (the original) for the first time ever, at the age of 23. Loved it so much. So now I'm watching all the analysis videos on it. Just watched both your previous videos, then this one, because I have NO intention of watching the new series. I knew they were gonna ruin it. But I'm glad I got back into your videos. I stopped watching for a while, and not to sound too harsh, but it felt really weird for a while. But I can sense your genuineness and eagerness to create videos again, and be funny and critical, without being too outlandish. Really admire your growth and hope all the best for your channel.
The Hard Rock Jammin' Bunny Show
The Hard Rock Jammin' Bunny Show Prije 24 dana
I love how he just randomly roasts Ssniperwolf at 5:03.
Terry Ann Graham
Terry Ann Graham Prije 25 dana
It's not more bizzare than the last one it's just too diverse for some peoples taste
ً ً
ً ً Prije 23 dana
nah it's just way worse than the original one
Kalpana Singh
Kalpana Singh Prije 26 dana
I watched original gossip girl and I'm sorry that one is so overrated cringe show already . So I don't know what to expect from this reboot.
Aleksandra Prije 26 dana
The blond teacher is like a poorly crafted copy of Scarlett Johansson
God Power
God Power Prije 27 dana
I was a fan of gossip girl back in the day. I didn’t even entertain this new reboot because once I saw the cast, I knew it wouldn’t be it. I come to gossip girl to see rich white kids with rich white spoiled problems, not some multicultural bullshit
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja Prije 27 dana
Demon slayer is not over rated
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wanna say that I am a millennial and I personally LOVE the award-winning, record-breaking Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
a_randomuser4 Prije 27 dana
I'm a Genz and I love demon slayer too
- g a l a x y -
- g a l a x y - Prije 29 dana
I kinda want another show like pretty little liars NOT a reboot of the show but like just something similar.
- g a l a x y -
- g a l a x y - Prije 29 dana
Let me just say this once and never gain.... dear producers, if you wanted to make a reboot of gossip girl. YOU SHOULDVE DONE IT WELL NOT MAKE IT EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST ONE AND LAST WASNT EVEN THAT BAD TO BE FRICKIN HONEST COMPARED THIS SHAT. done. thats all i needed to say.
- g a l a x y -
- g a l a x y - Prije 29 dana
i really prefer the old gossip girl like WTF srsly this version shouldnt exist- like WHY?!
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Prije mjesec
I think the forgot Gossip girl is based on the upper east side and this show does not represent any of that
Rabbittx Prije mjesec
The whole teacher “gossip girl” is so cringe I can’t-
Victoria Wiginton
Victoria Wiginton Prije mjesec
did he say narooto???
Esther Peña-Nicholas
Esther Peña-Nicholas Prije mjesec
Whose idea was it that Teachers are this pathetic?!?!
Miss Fraud Gamer
Miss Fraud Gamer Prije mjesec
GG 2021 sucks.
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez Prije mjesec
this would last 5 minutes i am pretty sure those teachers dont use VPN
Bara Robber Baron
Bara Robber Baron Prije mjesec
If she graduated with Dan, she should have followed his You path and seek more permanent solutions. I love the idea of combining 2 mysteries, Who is Gossip Girl, and who is killing students and teachers? You can make the killer be one of the targets of GG so they're trying to kill Gossip Girl but since they don't know, they are just "taking a stab" at it. So then you wonder 'who is killing and why?' AND 'who is Gossip Girl?'. This could have been an amazing thrillride, giving a darker edge to the show and given people a mystery to uncover.
Dank Budew
Dank Budew Prije mjesec
This is exactly why I don't want a Mean Girls reboot. Despite it being a decade old, it's timeless. There is no weird slang and the clothes look exactly what teenagers would wear at the time, and the characters were more than just their labels. Gossip Girl was like i was peeking into another world, and I didn't care that hardly any of the characters were relatable to me.
Zephyr Prime
Zephyr Prime Prije mjesec
Teachers Commit Invasion of Privacy and Stalking - The Show
Katey McVay
Katey McVay Prije mjesec
Wow the acting is atrocious
inbal Prije mjesec
its evolving, only backwards... like seriously, sometimes watching todays shows makes me feel like there is a wall between us and good 90s-00s writing that we are unable to walk through. which is weird, because we have already reached that level of writing... we are literally evolving backwards.
clover zelderz
clover zelderz Prije mjesec
2010+'s the era of no originality.
mazurka Prije mjesec
the blonde bob teachers voice really annoys me lol
asdf_lifestyle Prije mjesec
Watched the first 2 episodes and I didn't like how the story was going so I dropped it.
SkeetSkeet Prije mjesec
“Anime that’s very overrated” *Unsubscribed and tracking IP*
Elizack_ Prije 28 dana
peachyevren Prije mjesec
Uhm... yeah no Alex, that's not how relationships between girls work.
Elizack_ Prije 28 dana
He was kidding lmao
samspot8r8s Prije mjesec
“Ah yes, the youth today all love meta humour and hate the rich! Everyone will be at the edge of their seats as the millennial teachers stalk and harass children” 🤑
brentonjoseph Prije mjesec
Kristen bell should have said no. That alone could have stopped this nightmare.
Max TZR Prije mjesec
ayo Prije mjesec
i r i s
i r i s Prije mjesec
Demon slayer is not overrated!! 😭🥲
Elizack_ Prije 28 dana
It is valued too highly so yeh it is
Draking Prije mjesec
I didn't know a show could make me so annoyed by attractive people.
HIMMATUL AUFA Prije mjesec
Why don't the gossip girl is the underdog group who wants to destroy the relationship of the populer one? That would be more interesting. I don't bother watching this. 🤣
Justine Helene
Justine Helene Prije mjesec
So i looked up the age of the actor who plays Rebecca and she is 42 and yet graduated in 09. This is why gen z loses their mind everytime a millenial tells them their actual age and they freak out because 'no way someone who is 30 looks so young' it is because we cast young adults as teens and actual middle aged adults as everyone else. Also kind of tries to trick the audience into feeling like enough time has appropriately passed for a reboot
cat_gamer Prije mjesec
You are someone we call a hypocrite
ً ً
ً ً Prije 23 dana
Ramon Salazar
Ramon Salazar Prije mjesec
SPOILERS: the show ends with the teachers getting caught and prosecuted for harassment, child pornography and third degree manslaughter after one of the kids kill themself, the school gets sued by the parents and files for bankruptcy
yippykiay13 Prije mjesec
Pretty sure this is a show made by boomers about Millennials messing with Gen Z 😂
Oluwashina Omisanya
Oluwashina Omisanya Prije mjesec
I'm watching the original GG, and within the first season I found there to be so much more dept to the world building than it's successor. From a cotillion ball, stressing over SAT's, battles in hierarchy, and having your past come back to haunt you. (They made us believe the initial reason Serena left was because she murdered someone. That shit had us on the edge of our seats.😲) All this, at the very least, cause that doesn't even begin to cover what made this show so great. They really thought because it was HBO things were gonna be better. Please. It's just gave the rights to slut the characters out in the most annoying, overly done way.🥱 Seriously! What is Hollywood's pedophilic fascination with adults and minors having sexual relationships?🙄🤢 A bunch of Nate Archibalds is an absolutely spot on description of this reboot.
RHBR Prije mjesec
3:06 *DRAG* them
Rachel L
Rachel L Prije mjesec
Pretty sure what the teachers are doing is SUPER illegal - taking pix of underage kids doing the "Devil's Tango" is YIKES AF
Sophia Tapang
Sophia Tapang Prije mjesec
Do Only Murders in the Building!!
Andreína Emilia Colmenares Lattuf
Andreína Emilia Colmenares Lattuf Prije mjesec
I tried episode 1. More like I dragged through it. What a terrible idea and what a POOR execution. Who wrote this???
Strange Unicorn
Strange Unicorn Prije mjesec
All I'll say for someone who has "Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish" stuck in her head is....I'M ANGRY. like..
blehcora Prije 2 mjeseci
Tbh they all look too old😂😂😂too old and this movie makes zero sense Tbh. I don't know why they all doing reboots of old movies it really sucks😂😂😂
Venessa DM
Venessa DM Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me? Keller's voice is BEYOND annoying that it's hard for me to listen to it. Also, the characters, plot, and deranged and illegal teacher activity is just... I don't care about any of them. Isn't the point of a story to make us care about (at least one) a character? By trying TOO hard to be interesting... I wasn't even interested in watching the finale.
StarlordWayne Prije 2 mjeseci
chekis muse
chekis muse Prije 2 mjeseci
Demon slayer is not overrated :c
Animation Fan
Animation Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
They made a new Gossip Girl but not a new O.C.?
Dylan Searcy
Dylan Searcy Prije 2 mjeseci
6:27 are they playing super rich kids by frank ocean ft earl sweatshirt?
Ivey Calaway
Ivey Calaway Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like i'm losing my brain cells watching only review
sterlingdennett Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, they surprised us by giving us something none of us could have foreseen beforehand. It's completely confusing, morally destructive, and insane, but still.
AvinigoTWM Prije 2 mjeseci
Down bad
lovelive trash
lovelive trash Prije 2 mjeseci
As a genz I can promise you “confession” or “gossip” type accounts have been made anonymously for classes before they just become unpopular within months
AIRIKSN Prije 2 mjeseci
I had watched the first episode with my mom. Wasn’t gonna watch it but I had just walked in the living room to see what my ma was watching. I have never seen the original gossip girl series, nor had the interest. But man this first episode was just weird. This script is awful. SUUPER pretentious. They make these weird references to obscure artists/pieces of media and I don’t know what the fuck they are talking about half the time. It’s too random for some chump like me to understand. Also the acting and plot was just kinda weird in general. These are supposed to be high school kids?? They’re all fucking constantly and doing loads of drugs. Weird show. Julien is kinda hot tho.
Monet de Haan
Monet de Haan Prije mjesec
lol that’s literally exactly the point of gossip girl: wealthy kids doing awful stuff
Ethan Coyne
Ethan Coyne Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought a major part of Gossip Girl was the mystery behind who GG was
jinx4life316 Prije 2 mjeseci
Like let’s reboot the OC but do it correctly
jinx4life316 Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is sooo poorly written
Rubiks Cube
Rubiks Cube Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex Meyer's laugh is the best proof that laughter is definitely infectious 😄
P N Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes, slay this shit show!
Iubas Naomi
Iubas Naomi Prije 2 mjeseci
Internet Individuals :))) I died!!
Hagen Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah you know people who have to go to work instead of making HRpost sitting in bed for 2 hours
Moya Mrinu
Moya Mrinu Prije 2 mjeseci
Can U stop doing the guys girls thing
Sakura 97
Sakura 97 Prije 2 mjeseci
I have never understood why Western teachers in movies bend down for disrespectful kids.
Ay F
Ay F Prije 2 mjeseci
From this video alone all I can think of is.. This show was a bad idea..
LittleTea Prije 2 mjeseci
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami Prije 2 mjeseci
5:04 I fell out of my chair after I saw sssniperwolf-
Elena Y
Elena Y Prije 2 mjeseci
Is this story a woke?
xplosivelilly Prije 2 mjeseci
New gossip girl. With black pple
William vazquez
William vazquez Prije 2 mjeseci
Is every reboot this woke?
nail inthefashion
nail inthefashion Prije 2 mjeseci
if only they had just done another mystery, or maybe even a comedy but it's like... just really sadistic power fantasies gone wrong
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 2 mjeseci
God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
A Allen
A Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
When did gossip girl ever really scare the OG characters? They literally went on with their lives hardly paying GG mind sometimes and when they did it be like oh well if your not talked about are you truly famous. But this GG makes boring posts about the sisters lying about knowing each other and all of a sudden the supposed HBIC falls in line like tht. No Blair Waldorf would NEVER 👎
axie  bb
axie bb Prije 2 mjeseci
this is kinda bridgerton all about social classes, gossips and such but bridgerton did way better coz' the news bringer or like the gossip is not rebeal yet until the end.
Jessie Maisie
Jessie Maisie Prije 2 mjeseci
I have never been more disappointed in a reboot, honestly. I managed three episodes and did not feel a single ANYTHING for any of the characters...
Jessica Prije 2 mjeseci
That lady said class of 09????????? She must've AGGGEDDD
Fatmah Ssengo
Fatmah Ssengo Prije 2 mjeseci
The most ridiculous thing about this show was the fact that Zoya stole Julian's boyfriend immediately after she got to town and Julian is somehow ok with that😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 Ridiculous 🙄🙄
Kiwi Strawberrry Juice
Kiwi Strawberrry Juice Prije 2 mjeseci
Demon slayer is NOT overrated
Eliott Malhotra
Eliott Malhotra Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait there is a NEW gg?
viveauto Prije 2 mjeseci
tbh, the only reason i watch this show is for monet, luna and max
Lilly Lewis
Lilly Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
This show sucks
Mandy Prije 2 mjeseci
Really dislike the max character. The whole thing, all the characters. Just not really likable.
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ Prije 2 mjeseci
never watching this lmao
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos Prije 2 mjeseci
Id first was bad without tiktok shits, imagine a new version show of annoying rich teenagers today
Jacarious Oneal
Jacarious Oneal Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this show
Anya Mallick
Anya Mallick Prije 2 mjeseci
Not gonna lie, I'd rather watch Bridgerton than this ridiculous insult to the Original Gossip Girl.
Meg Krish
Meg Krish Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually enjoyed Bridgerton. It's in no way an original concept but at least it's not pretentious and the characters have likable personalities and actual problems
John Webb
John Webb Prije 2 mjeseci
Second comment: Why did Zoya and Jane have to lie about knowing each other? Why can’t they just come out as friends to all they’re other friends? As an actual half brother my self, I find it so annoying how so many shows paint divorce parents and half siblings is a negative light.
John Webb
John Webb Prije 2 mjeseci
While the teachers using social media to bully their own students is pretty messed up, I think what annoys me the most about this plot line is that it could have worked if the identity of gossip girl, and their actions, were a secret from us. We would watch this show, for who knows how many seasons, trying to figure out which student is behind all this online bullying, only to eventually learn that it was the teachers the whole time. Not only would be a genuinely great twist, but it would also establish the teachers as the villains who, while sympathetic,are in the wrong.
the new iCarly is utterly bizzare...
Alex Meyers
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