Chamber of Secrets doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Shin Ghidorah17
Shin Ghidorah17 Prije 5 sati
Interesting thoughts. Chamber of secrets is my favourite Harry Potter film.
goro pancake
goro pancake Prije 7 sati
was actually talking about the books vs the movies the other night with my husband and told him in the books they made lockhart so much more annoying that i hated him more than umbridge lol the movies made them both less extreme
Jessy B
Jessy B Prije 11 sati
Are you old enough to know Trogdor?
LancerChargeGaming Prije 12 sati
No… No you can’t just ask J.K Rowling for answers, it won’t end well
Defalty_boi45 Arias
Defalty_boi45 Arias Prije 12 sati
Alex sounded like Daffy Duck at 6:02
LoveMachine Prije 14 sati
'Anyone could open the chamber of secrets.' Uh incorrect? Only Harry and people Tom Riddle/Voldemort was controlling could open the chamber. Cause you have to speak parseltongue to open the chamber. A simple concept you somehow missed...??
LoveMachine Prije 15 sati
He told him about the Phoenix for plot reasons. But also Dumbledore is a PROFESSOR and wants to teach Harry about a creature he has never seen before. Not that hard to figure out.
Melvin Thendra
Melvin Thendra Prije 15 sati
All the answer is magic
Austin Morales
Austin Morales Prije 15 sati
Number 3 now yay!
Melvin Thendra
Melvin Thendra Prije 16 sati
4:32 actually arthur weasley and molly weasley are from the black family so incest that is kinda normal for the wizarding family
Jackson Lynch
Jackson Lynch Prije 18 sati
"JK didn't really think it through" kinda sums up the entire Harry Potter universe...
Nicolas Trincado
Nicolas Trincado Prije 21 sat
Plus if the bathroom was build a thousand years ago then how come all their tech is so old like they still use writing machines
Sadboi #Stanevil
Sadboi #Stanevil Prije dan
Hermione the furry lol
funi Prije dan
U describing Dobby as a weird little dude lol
staxmurphy64 Prije dan
"Looks a lot like cremated ashes" Well I mean they ARE practicing witchcraft and all...
Visassess Prije dan
I wanna see Myrtle's Chamber of Secrets. There's a reason they call her moaning.
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark Prije dan
I’m sorry when did you do this? 😂
彡彡TROY彡彡PUBG Prije 2 dana
Where is prisoner of azkaban
Abby Prije 2 dana
Boy yes it do
Michael Gesellchen
Michael Gesellchen Prije 2 dana
Read the book
Knight Warrior
Knight Warrior Prije 2 dana
Do the entire series or I will not be very impressed lol
mike taylor
mike taylor Prije 2 dana
In the books, it was part of the slitherin tower fyi. Myrtle is a slitherin
Trippy Hippie
Trippy Hippie Prije 2 dana
1st you gotta do some whackado magic stuff🤣💀
Enzym Prije 3 dana
I pressed the skip 5 seconds button with a piece of bacon, so I watched the entire vid, the bacon didn't.
Nilanjana Pal
Nilanjana Pal Prije 3 dana
Did you just forget the fact that Harry could speak parsletounge
drip noob
drip noob Prije 3 dana
8:58 rickcardo lol allmissing muscel and bandena
Nilanjana Pal
Nilanjana Pal Prije 3 dana
Ask my mom who was obsessed with Gregory peck
Vader's Henchman
Vader's Henchman Prije 3 dana
3:07 Vernon forces Harry to stay home all year because he doesn't want Harry to interact with anyone
Tree Branch
Tree Branch Prije 3 dana
Hey, I’m a middle child.
Kona Prije 3 dana
5:06 big time rush, justin bieber, chris pratt, the jonas brothers. I could go on
Security Guard Ryan
Security Guard Ryan Prije 3 dana
10:22 So instead of altering admissions policy he decided to murder everyone seemingly unfit.
Security Guard Ryan
Security Guard Ryan Prije 3 dana
6:18 Wouldn't the security guard who watches monitors all day be weirded out that children vanished into a wall?
xXasthetic_bobateaXx Prije 3 dana
Heather Winters
Heather Winters Prije 3 dana
As a previously 12 year old who was in love with Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape ......... It's um..... Not at all unrealistic
Someone Prije 3 dana
Omg i cant relate more 17:10
Vargen Fenrisson
Vargen Fenrisson Prije 3 dana
Established Titles is a fat Scam...
Jos-Hua Prije 3 dana
Man I love your videos, but you can't legally become a "lord" by buying a foot of land. And if you read it you don't even really own the land. Bad sponsor, good cause.
KaitlynPostsStuff Prije 3 dana
“What kind of 12 year old is swooning over a guy who’s like 45” Wattpad: allow me to introduce myself
Sophie Lovegood
Sophie Lovegood Prije 3 dana
How dare you 😂
bar of soap
bar of soap Prije 4 dana
Harry potter and the camber of plot convinces
Vali Prije 4 dana
6:32 poor bird 😢
Clayton Simonsen
Clayton Simonsen Prije 4 dana
So for me and the car part. In every person I’ve ever met. If the kids have someplace to be. They go first. Why would mom and dad go through the 9 and 3/4 wall before their kids?
Robert Burik
Robert Burik Prije 4 dana
Established Titles is a hoax ... Please read up before you stand behind such scammers... The Court of the Lord Lyon found that titles, including Lady or Lord, aren’t really names, but instead a description of people living on specific estates. Anyone owning a souvenir land plot, apartment or other residential property have no right to use these titles. As for that $49.95 you’re spending on land, well you’re not even getting that either. The Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012 clearly states that souvenir plots can’t be registered with the Land Register of Scotland which means you don’t actually legally own the land. In fact, the plot you have “bought” can be sold to other people as well since it’s not registered.
Tea Prije 5 dana
"People do as people does" my next deep meaningful tattoo
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Prije 5 dana
Wait till you see the ending off prisoner Azkaban
CyberTerrorist#118 Prije 5 dana
Question: who opened the chamber of secrets it is not Draco it was Harry himself because he could speak the parcel tongue like the snake language 🐍
Anthony Hayes
Anthony Hayes Prije 5 dana
In fairness, Harry says Diagon Alley with a proper British accent
Wes Warford
Wes Warford Prije 5 dana
Best part of this vid is the flashback/reminder of Trogdor the Burninator at 18:04.
DorkieShorty Prije 5 dana
not everyone can open the chamber of secrets cause they need to be a parseltongue XD
GhostReaconSR Prije 5 dana
U gonna make the rest?
Garyyy the Gamer
Garyyy the Gamer Prije 5 dana
he skipped aragog
Tokru86 Prije 6 dana
The "chamber of secrets" is opened in the girls bathroom. That's something every male teenager at Hogwarts is looking forward to. Harry and Ron even experienced it together. Bros for life.
G.a.m.e Prije 6 dana
6:05 😂
spriken Prije 6 dana
"What kind of 12 year old is just swooning over some guy who's like 45?" Um, almost every girl has had crushes on famous people, teachers, or even fictional characters. It's the same for most guys I imagine.
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 Prije 7 dana
Tom Felton forgot his line when Draco sees Harry disguised as Goyle, so he improvised "I didn't know you could read". Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle) is the oldest actress (age thirty-seven) to portray a Hogwarts student. Although based on the second shortest book, this is the longest of the movies. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), which is based on the longest book, is the second shortest of the movies. Robbie Coltrane had to turn down a part on The West Wing (1999) to reprise his role as Hagrid. Daniel Radcliffe has said that "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is his favorite book. The only Harry Potter movie to have a post-credit scene J.K. Rowling actually created a guide to teach the cast members how to speak Parseltongue. One of two Harry Potter movies not to be nominated for an Academy Award, the other being Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007). Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) and this movie are Chris Columbus' two biggest financial hits. Lucius Malfoy slaps Draco's hand with his cane. Jason Isaacs didn't know there were small fangs on the top, so Tom Felton's pain was real In the novel Aragog is blind, as his eyes were milky white. In this movie, his eyes are black, implying he can see. This is Toby Jones' first voice-over movie. His next one was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010). Jason Isaacs provided the voice of the basilisk calling to its victims. Chris Columbus thought Isaacs was so good at doing voice-over work, he asked him to create a creepy sounding voice for the basilisk, considering the book only describes it as a hissing sound. (at around 16 mins) When Harry leaves Borgin & Burks a witch walks by the alley close to him, smiling in a creepy way. This witch is played, uncredited, by Pamela Kempthorne. Harry's Arania Exumai spell, which Harry learned from Tom's diary and used against the attacking spiders, was not in the book. During post-production, producer David Heyman went to visit Richard Harris in the hospital. Though he was very weak from his illness, Harris insisted that the role of Dumbledore not be re-cast. Sadly, Harris died shortly before production was to begin on the next movie, necessitating a re-cast. It was Jason Isaacs' idea for Lucius Malfoy to have long, blond hair, as well as carry a walking stick inside of which he would conceal his wand. He grew attached to the stick, and once tried to take it off set before he was caught. (at around 15 mins) The opal necklace, which plays an important role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), can briefly be glimpsed inside a display case in Borgin and Burkes' shop in Knockturn Alley when Harry first enters. In the UK this became the first movie to achieve a million DVD sales in its first weekend.
Deored Sunny
Deored Sunny Prije 7 dana
"My parents are dead so that means I'm Batman" With this statement right here the entire series comes into focus for me.
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick Prije 8 dana
The “diagonally” bit was just the screenwriters thinking they were funny (they weren’t.) In the book, Harry accidentally inhaled hot ash from the fireplace and it made him cough and sputter when he tried to speak. That would have been just as easy to film, but they decided to make Harry look like a moron for the sake of a worthless, unfunny joke.
Mahaveez Prije 8 dana
It took me only slightly longer than I was comfortable with to realize that was the Breath of Fire fishing music.
The Three Cousins
The Three Cousins Prije 9 dana
Filu Prije 9 dana
Harrys foster parents are like that bcuz hary is hocrux same as ron get mad bcuz of hocrux
whade62000 Prije 9 dana
OK but can we talk about Goblet of Fire the bad guys' plan is to teleport Harry so that Voldemort can grab him. So they turn the grand prize for a contest into a teleporter, then go to great lengths to ensure that Harry wins it, including turning into his teacher for a year, eliminating the other kids in the race Willy Wonka style, and entering him in a contest he's too young for after someone else is already chosen (basically announcing to the ENtIRE wizard world that someone is after Harry). Why not just turn his toothbrush into a portkey? or idk you're his teacher just take him aside and put it in his hand? It's like if I wanted to kill someone so I put a trap on Mount Everest and buy them a trip and join them as a sherpa to make sure they fall into it. And can we mention how after a kid's been illegally entered (giving Hogwarts 2x the fair chance and also endangering this underage kid who clearly doesn't want this) the greatest wizards in the world are like "yeah we can't do anything about that". they can't undo the draw, redo the draw, call off the contest, y'know any sensible response to a rules violation. the magic of the Goblet is beyond reach. Except wait - ONE person could clearly fool it and it was Random Death Eater no. 4, the most powerful wizard in the world. Why not just throw Voldemort's name in the Goblet as it'd apparently magically force him to attend too?
MediocreMizo Prije 9 dana
Crystal waw
Crystal waw Prije 10 dana
"What kind of 12 year old is just swooning over some guy who's like 45?" draco simps: wellll--
Suicidal Kid
Suicidal Kid Prije 10 dana
This channel doesn't make any sense....
Evander Pierznik
Evander Pierznik Prije 10 dana
Ayy this was made on my birthday
Mandi Griffiths
Mandi Griffiths Prije 10 dana
11:16 😳😅
D McC Prije 10 dana
I actually live in Scotland.
KuroOtoko Prije 10 dana
I'm not really sure they would have caught that train anyway. It left like 30 seconds after they hit the wall.
AndreaMinaj♡ Prije 10 dana
Because of jealousy he won’t let him go
S0cialRebellion Prije 11 dana
Watching this video was a mistake. 🙄
Casual User
Casual User Prije 11 dana
The final fantasy 9 music works pretty well for this movie
Overly Positive Fanboy
Overly Positive Fanboy Prije 11 dana
Well, most of the girls here are probably closer to 13 than 12, depending on their birthdays.
Danny Hargreaves
Danny Hargreaves Prije 11 dana
Yeah, it was kinda dumb, but I'm glad how it seeded some stuff for the future stories to work with. To me, Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite of the films. Expecto Patronus, Death Eaters, and what happens in that film.
Lucas 115
Lucas 115 Prije 11 dana
I just can’t believe that Hagrid managed to get Voldemort into his schemes
Spogob Prije 12 dana
Need more
CussingBee Prije 12 dana
I was hoping that he would point out how Licius was about to kill Harry
Harley Vj-
Harley Vj- Prije 12 dana
I hate how they never really reference the chamber in the series after
Juan Jose Sanchez
Juan Jose Sanchez Prije 12 dana
Girls admiring much older guys is not uncummon but its creepy so people never talk about that
Tori Puga
Tori Puga Prije 12 dana
4:17 killed me 🤣🤣
raya Prije 12 dana
All movie in the world doesn't make sense to you lol
Chris Eldred
Chris Eldred Prije 13 dana
Why make a video if you know nothing about it. Girls swoon over lochheart because he’s got an enchantment on his smile.
jieun Lee
jieun Lee Prije 13 dana
mooglemania Prije 13 dana
He really said it had nothing to do with Harry when the entire plot revolves around resurrecting Voldemort who is Harry's main antagonist throughout the series. You think he would've stopped at Hermione if he had managed to come back and had free reign of the school?
DragonHawke Clouse
DragonHawke Clouse Prije 13 dana
are you kidding me??? the number of girls that i see swooning over johnny depp, pirates of the caribean old is he? And i have seen 16 year olds swooning
DragonHawke Clouse
DragonHawke Clouse Prije 13 dana
yeah, i don't trust that i am a Lord, i am only concerned with if a tree was ACTUALLY planted for me. let me be clear.....the way this thing more like a real Lord, with alot of land, decided to auction out his land, in theory, "selling" it to people who "bought it" other words, the only people who would deem you as a lord or lady are the people CONNECTED to this land. I have no right to sell this land, and my title is ONLY acknowledged by the land owners who sold me the land.....but, i don't own the land....i can't sell, it is still their land, and it is an honorary title ONLY...not a real lordship. but, i still have the proclamation saying that i am a lord......but, i can't sell the plot of land to anyone else, i have no authority over the land......i am ONLY a "lord" to the real owner of the land
FratinandMadrik Prije 13 dana
You forgot what is possibly the most important part of this entire movie: After Harry accuses Lucius of planting the diary, Lucius straight up tries to murder Harry in the middle of a school hallway. If Dobby hadn't stopped him, Lucius would've just murdered a kid because he provoked him at school.
flowey fangirl 🎃
flowey fangirl 🎃 Prije 17 sati
funny thing is, Lucius actor forgot what spell to recite, so he said the first one to come to mind (which happened to be avada kedavra). The director found it so funny for a middle age adult to almost kill a kid who provoked him, that he chose to keep it
James Geary
James Geary Prije 13 dana
6:51 "magical flying car technology that only exists for this movie, and then like never again for the entire series" Sirius Black's flying motorcycle/sidecar would like a word.
James wickham
James wickham Prije 13 dana
Well none of the Harry Potter movies make any sense...if your practice magic! (Your evil 😈 ) you worship Satan because that's where magic come from! So Harry and lord voldermont are going to hell when they die..the end
hainley simpson
hainley simpson Prije 14 dana
This is because us adults can be just as if not even more dumb, childish, immature and naive. The major difference is in life experience body size and shape and there is no one who adults are answerable to. Other than those who various human societies determine by a majority
hainley simpson
hainley simpson Prije 14 dana
Younger women especially ones in the early second stages of puberty, the to see attracting older men makes them more mature somehow and think boys their own age are immature childish and dumb and want to be seen as older. This kind of thinking just reveals just how naive childish and immature teenage girls really are.
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Prije 14 dana
8:30.. Honestly, Alex is the only one who makes this look fun.. the jokes here.. a plus
Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Prije 14 dana
Established Title is a scam. You should take the link out of your description and should not promote it.
Chantal Sikkema
Chantal Sikkema Prije 14 dana
I still wondering why they don't wait for Rons parents. I mean they could bring them to school right? It would save them a lot of problems if they just waited. I think there will be some fire for flow powder or something in hogsmade...
Xegethra Prije 15 dana
What 12 year old is swooning over a teacher? Most of them. I fancied my science teacher.
Paperstarzz Prije 15 dana
harry potter and- where the fuck is cps
The Brociopath
The Brociopath Prije 15 dana
Of course... Phoenix Tears make for a good plot device apparently!
Ravenous Elf
Ravenous Elf Prije 16 dana
You sold the Phoenix short, that bird fought and blinded the Basilisk. Give the fire chicken some credit!
Dan Todd
Dan Todd Prije 16 dana
"This KIDS book about a MAGICAL world, that was written to entertain KIDS, doesn't work when you really think about it." Whuhhhhh?!?!
Mojin Prije 15 dana
Obviously this sentence sounds a bit weird, but you know by properly fleshing out rules and creating a magical system with clearly established boundaries and limitations, the Harry Potter stories make a lot of sense... Sadly despite all the creative world building and the cool and unique characters and everything great about these stories, the magic is not one of them and therefore many many things in these books and movies make no sense. It didn't HAVE TO be like this, but it in the end it is like this because Rowling never cared to create a good magic system... It has nothing to do with being a childrens story... just because something is a children's story doesn't mean that the rules of your world are not allowed to make sense.
DirkWillHurtYa Prije 16 dana
He didn’t say diagonally, he said diagunelly
Andrew Pool
Andrew Pool Prije 16 dana
Wait... Is Harry Potter Batman?
Legally Blonde is a weird movie...
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