Teen Beach 2 literally makes no sense...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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iCarly was a weird show...

Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb

Hannah Montana was pretty dumb

Shake It Up was a weird show

Emily In Paris is pretty dumb

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Komentari: 3 650
𝙴𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚊 Prije 14 sati
I think the "Wet Side Story" plot is better than the the "Lela Queen of the Beach" one it just felt unecessary to change the plot of the movies movie
Rowan Prije 19 sati
The words “teen “ and “beach “ should never ever be put together …EVER .
S c
S c Prije 2 dana
Omg It actually IS the asian guy from 13 reasons why
Otto The Diplocaulus
Otto The Diplocaulus Prije 3 dana
Alex needs help. No man should watch this much Disney channel movies.
Twinkie Studios
Twinkie Studios Prije 4 dana
Tanner would seem like the over dramatic theatre kid to all the normal people at the school
Michael Fulton
Michael Fulton Prije 5 dana
In the first one they couldnt change it so they could get back with the storm
Lilac_ Reed
Lilac_ Reed Prije 7 dana
Never watched tbm2 Don't think I ever will
Aydelotte Hawley
Aydelotte Hawley Prije 9 dana
I've never seen a HRpost channel announce that they're getting their videos translated on a different channel. Huuuuuge props to you for taking that extra step, it's very considerate. Over here raising the bar and shit
Tales from a tired mind
Tales from a tired mind Prije 11 dana
Tanner was such a happy dumb kid
Jo Mill Hyde
Jo Mill Hyde Prije 11 dana
10:30 literally me when the waiter brings the hot rolls
Nathan Osborne
Nathan Osborne Prije 11 dana
this is your worst movie =(
Jake Might
Jake Might Prije 14 dana
i paused on the credit card number and im like: dont mind me
Ava chapman
Ava chapman Prije 16 dana
travis Prije 17 dana
the entire after franchise LMFAO
Eveline Jacobs
Eveline Jacobs Prije 20 dana
Wow this is a super dumb movie
VirusXtra Prije 22 dana
Ok for as funny as the joke is of Brady's line in that one scene sounding like complete gibberish and Alex not understanding what he said. For the record, I listened back to it and he clearly says after mack rushes into telling Lela and tanner the truth, he says "maybe i would've eased it into them a little more gently" ...... unless...... that was...... the joke? 👀
Ryss Alsief
Ryss Alsief Prije 24 dana
This is why I pretend teen beach 2 doesnt exist
Johan Vazquez
Johan Vazquez Prije 24 dana
On my own by ross carries the whole movie tho
Matti Engida
Matti Engida Prije 25 dana
Matti Engida
Matti Engida Prije 25 dana
Duz_Machines _84
Duz_Machines _84 Prije 26 dana
I want every character in this movie to be eaten by my shark friends because of that one comment about saving the seals
Gia and Emi's World
Gia and Emi's World Prije 27 dana
Im convinced Tanner was drunk this entire movie
TheRogue Pooper_420 Diarrhea
TheRogue Pooper_420 Diarrhea Prije 27 dana
9:15 I mean it’s not like a woman could actually get an education in the 60’s 😂😂😂
TheRogue Pooper_420 Diarrhea
TheRogue Pooper_420 Diarrhea Prije 27 dana
2:01 okay I live in San Diego and we have a ton of beaches and some bays over here bro like these guys always “surfing” in water that’s calm like a bay what the actual fuck
P A Prije 28 dana
Seriously wtf they on about??? In the first movie they were in the real world dating then hit by a wave then they got into that world then back to the real one. Why do they say they met in the fake world??? The writters were rly lazy eh, even they didnt care about this.
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
Oh god. I hope you're ready to be witch-hunted by a fuck ton of rabid Reincarnated as a Slime fans for saying it's weird, daring to have an opinion. Run. Run while you still can! More importantly, am I the only one getting the impression that this movie has no clue where it's going or what it's doing with its characters and plot? I am so confused.
Michael Garner
Michael Garner Prije mjesec
I didn't know they made a second teen beach movie. That's hilarious
Isaiah Caston
Isaiah Caston Prije mjesec
From Disney to Ahs.
inbal Prije mjesec
"tiktok, twitter, cardi B, 6 after movies" I'm sorry, did Alex just perfectly list the 4 worse things of our time? I bet if you chant it to the mirror 3 times in a row planet earth will explode.
iLoveMyNancyDrew147 _
iLoveMyNancyDrew147 _ Prije mjesec
PLEASE do Girl Meets World!!!!! That show is...yeah, just please do it 😂
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije mjesec
Don't make evil normalized please! GOD IS COMING REPENT! BEFORE IT'S LATE!!!! Be baptized with Holy Spirit and water. Deuteronomy 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." God isn't an monster God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past. God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Alec Lazos
Alec Lazos Prije mjesec
Why would you like me to hear that in Spanish? I like it better here. Do you think I can’t hear English only because I leave in Mexico? 🥺
Juliana Jara
Juliana Jara Prije mjesec
Me encontré el canal en inglés no me la creo yo te sigo en el de español jajaja
Ashley Downey
Ashley Downey Prije mjesec
That handshake was too long.
retroera Prije mjesec
no bc the music WAS MY JAM in this movie
lilly and friends
lilly and friends Prije mjesec
Tanner = Olaf in human form
AerynK Designs
AerynK Designs Prije mjesec
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Edgar shorts
Edgar shorts Prije mjesec
Tessa Suckoo
Tessa Suckoo Prije mjesec
This movie is completely nonsensical. Like WHAT IS THIS! !?
nothing  to sėė
nothing to sėė Prije mjesec
3:58 is so funny her face
Andrea Orellana
Andrea Orellana Prije mjesec
Ok can I just say that in the first movie Mack and Brady got stuck in the wet side story world and changed the movie which means they couldn’t get out. They were allowed to change the movie it just meant they would be stuck in that movie forever so that’s why they had to put the movie back on track so they could get back to their world. Then Mack tell Lela to change the movie because Lela doesn’t want to like be in the same movie over and over so then she changes it which means Mack and Brady never met. They met when Mack was taking a walk on the beach and Brady told her to watch the wet side story movie they didn’t meet when they got sucked into the movie they met before that but since Lela changed the movie they never met because Mack and Brady met with the movie.
Revenov Prije mjesec
Can anyone identify the music at 6:34 please? Thanks!
river Prije mjesec
I prefer teen beach movie 1 but this movie also has a special place in my heart
Rida Prije mjesec
dude where's after we fell????
Aiden Scholz
Aiden Scholz Prije mjesec
I got 4 ads side by side
Paul S
Paul S Prije mjesec
Maybe back before the internet and cell phones were around did kids not have a way to CONSTANTLY communicate but how is it these kids who are spose to be SUCH GOOD FRIENDS yet they did not text or tweet or anything to each other about how the summer was going!?
Mateus Gomes
Mateus Gomes Prije mjesec
hrpost.info/history/npWGo5yaY5N8lI4/video If this video reaches 1 million views you'll have a girlfriend
RyanBurgerplays Prije mjesec
I liked teen beach movie 1, hell it’s one of the only things I’ve used disney plus for. I found out there was a second one and I hate the ending cause it made the first one completely useless since they never met.
Vale The Dancer
Vale The Dancer Prije mjesec
“Hey, come on, who doesn’t love seals? … Wolfsharks, but they don’t like anyone” Ok come on that was actually kinda funny
Strike1stCobraKai Prije mjesec
Muppet Treasure Island is the shit!!!!!
Iunia Georgescu
Iunia Georgescu Prije mjesec
5 after movies
JaM Prije 2 mjeseci
ehm, they met watching the first movie.. so i guess because that movie didnt exist, they didnt end up in same situation... it has nothing to do with that weird dialogue about them meeting in the movie..
Chick'nRice Prije 2 mjeseci
You should check out kickin it, best disney kids show every.
Griiizzz_ Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex really doesn’t like the after movies lol
羅邦宸 Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok, I know u probably won't see it. But the reason why they wouldn't have met is bc Brady said that they met when he was watching the movie on the beach and Mac came talk to him about the movie......So if this movie disappeared, they probably wouldn't get to meet each other.
No Other
No Other Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait, *6* After movies?!
Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah this ending truly pissed me off. Like you did this for what?
The Who
The Who Prije 2 mjeseci
Misfits is a good show. Could you watch it?
Pranita Bapat
Pranita Bapat Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok even i was very confused on how brady and mack forgot each other but the logic is even stupider so in the beginning of the film brady says that he was watching west side story when mack and him met for the first time so if the movie didn't exist they wouldn't meet which like very dumb but whatever and the dialogue where they say that they met in the movie world is where the writers forgot the story of teen beach one. Thankyou.
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
7:12 It's hilariously ironic how the white guy from the 1950s is asking why everyone is sitting apart
Jojo Danosh
Jojo Danosh Prije 2 mjeseci
hahahahah in Arabica Mac is like a nickname for Macdonald lol!!!
Simão Sousa
Simão Sousa Prije 2 mjeseci
I´m starting to think Alex doesn´t like the After movies idk
Clara Di Paolo
Clara Di Paolo Prije 2 mjeseci
16:16: Alex that actor is gay
Elyse Kessler
Elyse Kessler Prije 2 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
Elyse Kessler
Elyse Kessler Prije 2 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
Elyse Kessler
Elyse Kessler Prije 2 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
Rachel the Great-chel
Rachel the Great-chel Prije 2 mjeseci
SPOILERS FOR TRAVELERS (tv series) /// The first hour 20 of this movie not mattering because of the last 25 minutes sounds like the ending to Travelers … I’m still scarred by how that show ends with every protagonist being killed and the whole time travel mission getting reset, rendering the ENTIRE 3 SEASONS OF THE SHOW BASICALLY MEANINGLESS BECAUSE NOW IT ALL JUST NEVER HAPPENED I GUESS
bubz Prije 2 mjeseci
if that man don’t stop pulling a shawn mendes, the closet is made of GLASS
ShineYourTrueSelf Prije 2 mjeseci
Katie G
Katie G Prije 2 mjeseci
Basically the ending just made the whole rest of the movie up until that point null
Cece Bebe
Cece Bebe Prije 2 mjeseci
The way they were totally stationary while sitting on their surfboards in the ocean lmfao
Octo-Shadow Prije 2 mjeseci
The first movie was good but I HATED the second one. The ending makes the whole thing pointless and it pisses me off so much. DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIES, WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!?!?
Stéphanie Moura
Stéphanie Moura Prije 2 mjeseci
8:15 hell yeah!
Stéphanie Moura
Stéphanie Moura Prije 2 mjeseci
Teen Beach Movie is actually one of my favorite teen musicals, but Teen Beach 2 is just soooooo cringe it actually was hard to finish.
layansworld Prije 2 mjeseci
This is a sign. Please turn to God before its too late. He doesnt want to see you burning in torturous fire. Spread the word!!
DJ Prije 2 mjeseci
“We’re looking a Teen Beach 2! But first, After is a terrible franchise that should’ve never happened”
Aamir yusif
Aamir yusif Prije 2 mjeseci
The problem with this movie is it ERASES THE ENTIRE FIRST MOVIE
Aamir yusif
Aamir yusif Prije 2 mjeseci
Like how were Brady and her grandpa Friends but they never met til they watch a movie that in the first movie she didn't like and yeah...
Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
im really confused as to why they keep acting like they didnt know eachother before they were in a fucking movie world ://
Tyler Brocato
Tyler Brocato Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching this I don't remember anything that happened in this film. I enjoy the first one and the only thing from this I remember was hating the end cause invalidated the first film
Jemila Allen
Jemila Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
So in Mac and Brady’s world there’s no such thing as actresses and actors or are the cast of Wet Side story are dead so they no longer alive except for the movie?
Zenith Jones
Zenith Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
i love how Lela Queen of the Beach was literally a cultural reset
layansworld Prije 2 mjeseci
this is a sign. Please turn to God before its too late. He doesnt want to see you burning in torturous fire. Spread the word!!
Anasyub Prije 2 mjeseci
i love TBM coz its decent acting and good songs and a nice conecpet and things made sense yah its a bit cliche but as a kid I loved it TBM2 just shits on the first movie esp its ending with brady and mac breaking up...LIKE THEY DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO MAKE IT WTF WAS THE POINT
Tamaira Wilder
Tamaira Wilder Prije 2 mjeseci
something ain’t adding up lol… didnt mack and brady know each other before they began dating?? i mean maybe they didn’t talk but they at least knew each other existed?? so like i can understand their relationship “never existing” if wet side story never existed because that’s how they began actually talking the summer before. but mack literally said at the beginning of this movie when brady was worried about their relationship and things being weird when they go back to school that things shouldn’t be weird because they were in school the year before together. and that was way before them even being trapped in the movie so that can’t be used as the reasoning lol. so even if their relationship never existed, they wouldn’t have been complete strangers they just wouldn’t have started dating. but still know of each other’s existence LOL.
Eva Undertale
Eva Undertale Prije 2 mjeseci
Mac really in this film went from a straight to a bi panic when she sees Lela
Isolated Illustrations
Isolated Illustrations Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, Teen Beach 2 isn't as good as Teen Beach Movie. It was kinda disappointing to watch this for the first time thinking it would be as good as the first one, but it wasn't. It really wasn't.
Luke Conrad
Luke Conrad Prije 2 mjeseci
how does the whole "characters show up in the real world" thing work if it's a live action movie? Wet Side Story in this canon is live action. Its not like it was animated and the characters had a real life transformation, no, according to this movie, whenever an actor plays a character, it creates a whole new universe.
TheDavePrime Prije 2 mjeseci
“Teen beach 2 literally makes no sense” amen brother
Petronella Hardowar
Petronella Hardowar Prije 2 mjeseci
goldenapple99 Prije 2 mjeseci
Teen beach 1 was great then teen beach 2 ruined it, it was just horrible
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Prije 2 mjeseci
It looked so awkward in the beginning when he was pointing to nothing 😂😂
Kruti Kamdar
Kruti Kamdar Prije 2 mjeseci
But hey we get to watch Ross lynch so I’m not complaining about the movie at all
Tony K
Tony K Prije 2 mjeseci
Leilah is gorgeous!
nadethna Prije 2 mjeseci
it's not that they met in the movie but that they met becouse of the movie... the guy was watching th movie on its tablet in the beach and she asked him what he was doing and that's how they met...
Mikalah Bethel
Mikalah Bethel Prije 2 mjeseci
Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand❤️
IBETHE_NOOB Prije 2 mjeseci
Malicious Mlink -from alx
N Abdo
N Abdo Prije 2 mjeseci
R K Prije 2 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
Teralyn Sumbler
Teralyn Sumbler Prije 2 mjeseci
Beach is just dumb y'all literally said for y'all meant
Teralyn Sumbler
Teralyn Sumbler Prije 2 mjeseci
You idiots we saw your dating before we even knew about the second movie and I quote your said word augment
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