SPY KIDS literally makes no sense...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 4 455
Sophia Martinez
Sophia Martinez Prije 4 sati
watch the next spy kids!!!
Leo Hoffman
Leo Hoffman Prije 13 sati
I met the producer at school
D Z Prije 13 sati
Isn't Machete and spy kids share the same universe?
guitarboyjeff Prije 13 sati
You should do a video on Harriet The Spy!!!!!
TheMarkeyen Prije 18 sati
Robert Rodriguez big break wasn’t Spy Kids, have you heard of El Mariachi?
Mr. Techboy
Mr. Techboy Prije 18 sati
Man this is my childhood in a nutshell
ChaoticRyder Prije dan
"This movies bouta make me act up. Now, back to the kids..." - 8:03 | That is some unfortunate timing
hi i'm ben
hi i'm ben Prije dan
i used to love this lol
AniGator Prije dan
All I can think about when I see Floop's Assistant is a man who is scared of everything in this world including milk. Adrian Monk.
Mrnoobnub Prije 2 dana
mans literally copy and pasting his thumbnails but with a different movie every time
TrulyMankie Prije 2 dana
The uncle sounds like Danny divideo
Skye Grúbi
Skye Grúbi Prije 2 dana
Anyone else think the kids name was Judy? Not Juni, I only just found out at 7:31 and I’m now 17.......
ARC-5555 Prije 2 dana
Why haven’t you record 2 and 3!!!!
INeedAboutTreeFitty Prije 2 dana
"Her mission was to take him out. But then she found out that he was Antonio Banderas, and since her brother (or brother in law) was Danny Trejo and her boss was George Clooney, she thought "score!!" and desided to marry him instead."
Elemental Angel
Elemental Angel Prije 2 dana
His smash through was Desperado, not Spy Kids. Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi which got him into the industry and later made the hit classic sequel Desperado before the spy kids trash.
ֆ ʏ ռ
ֆ ʏ ռ Prije 2 dana
I was also a simp for Carmen when I was a kid 🤣😂
Y.T. a fox I don't care
Y.T. a fox I don't care Prije 2 dana
Go to 1:37 to skip the sponsor
Noah Naugler
Noah Naugler Prije 3 dana
I was like 4 when that came out, and I loved how absurd the thing was
Fard__king👑 💨
Fard__king👑 💨 Prije 3 dana
1:35 advertisement skip ⏭
Proudtobeinvisble AL
Proudtobeinvisble AL Prije 3 dana
So my sister once made me mad so I called my sister a thumb thumb cause she was wearing red and looked like a thumb and I didn’t get in trouble for it because my parents didn’t know what it was lol
Napalm 1000
Napalm 1000 Prije 3 dana
Well ur not a little older ur about 32 if ur age applies to 12 years of age in 2001
insert username*
insert username* Prije 3 dana
I remember watching this movie in 2nd grade and getting nightmares for weeks
oliver buckland
oliver buckland Prije 4 dana
From 4:21 to 4:28 was never a complete thought. He just ended it after OSS.
Aboc Stark
Aboc Stark Prije 4 dana
Sometimes, late at night, I can hear it… on loop… “Floop is a madman, help us save us”….
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 dana
Is 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' the prequel to 'Spy Kids'?
Mast3rKK Prije 4 dana
Bonedrewd Prije 4 dana
I spend 4 years of my life not knowing if this was a real movie I watched as a child or a weird feverdream I once had, until I saw a youtube video about it.
Devang Tiwari
Devang Tiwari Prije 5 dana
make the other spy kids movie review. THIS IS A DARE
Nightseed Prije 5 dana
This guy makes his animations so expressive, not even Jaiden or James could hold a candle to Alex
Oscar Serpas
Oscar Serpas Prije 2 dana
I actually find it too over the top for my liking sometimes
Reymorr Prije 4 dana
Tsk tsk tsk comparing people are we?
elcucuy feo
elcucuy feo Prije 5 dana
Of course it won’t make sense to you, you aren’t the target audience
TyrantrumGogoat Prije 5 dana
I loved that Tony Shalhoub was in this movie!! I used to watch this movie billions of times and didn't notice!!!
ringringbananarchy Prije 6 dana
Robert Rodriguez originally got his big break with the Spy Kids franchise? Then what on earth was Desperado and From Dusk Til Dawn?
향미 Prije 7 dana
oh gosh the spy kids movies traumatized me as a child. I still won’t get over the first film and the “floop is a madman help us save us.” tbf it was rather well done and mildly disturbing.
Die Ice
Die Ice Prije 8 dana
Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3 are classics and always will be however they are kids movies lol they don't have to make complete sense. I mean technically the spy kids were nothing without their gadgets and the second movie highlights that a lot lol yet there's a cohesive story and world that was built to support spy kids and it worked. Now anything after spy kids 3 is god awful lol
GlitchDoesStuff Prije 9 dana
The title tells me to Spy Kids, I did it and im being yelled "Hands up" or "Freeze" like bruh, a movie told me to do it.
JakTheLombax Prije 9 dana
To be fair, I wouldnt be able to Antonio Banderas either
PartypandaYT Prije 10 dana
this movie gave me the weirdest and scariest fever dream without even having a fever
loraleesherman Prije 11 dana
Do spy kids 2
NicolasCharlesworth_III Prije 12 dana
How did he just gloss over pretty much everything that happens in the 2nd half of the movie and basically skipped right to the end lol
jo jo
jo jo Prije 12 dana
it's.a.kid.movie. geeeezzzzzzz ..
Nikolaj Haun Hansen
Nikolaj Haun Hansen Prije 13 dana
I fucking loved Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3.
gh0st Prije 13 dana
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor Prije 14 dana
I had a crush on Carmen too man. As a pre teen. My little brother about Juni’s age also had heaps on hand warts. And we loved these movies.
J Brian
J Brian Prije 14 dana
Dude Robert Rodriguez did not get his big break with Spy Kids. He was already a major player in Hollywood long before that when he got his big break after his first movie El Mariachi, a film he shot for $7,000, was bought by Columbia pictures in 1992. His first major Hollywood movie was its sequel, Desperado, way back in 1995. And he followed that up in 1996 with a little vampire movie called From Dusk Till Dawn. And Spy Kids was actually a feature-length version of a short segment Rodriguez wrote and directed for an anthology movie called Four Rooms back in 1995 that featured Antonio Banderas
Dufoth Prije 15 dana
Thank you for making an Español channel!
Sam Doucette
Sam Doucette Prije 15 dana
Woah, woah, woah. Back up. I’ve seen this movie… way more than I care to admit. When is the scene at 12:46??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it?
Hannah T
Hannah T Prije 15 dana
When you show Alex Meyers to your friends and they’re polite about it but you can tell that they don’t love him like you do it’s heartbreaking. I love your vids Alex and I always will
Rec Steady
Rec Steady Prije 15 dana
I forgot how unbelievably hot Carla Gugino was/is. My god.
Adri Prije 16 dana
I watched this movie as a kid and didn't rewatch it until like a decade later, but I always remembered the "One snap from my fingers" scene very clearly because of the pun
黑龍 - Hắc Long
黑龍 - Hắc Long Prije 16 dana
16:08 Same director, though. Alex Rodriguez.
bland Prije 16 dana
As confused as 5 year old me was, I loved the hell out of it and I still have a special place in my heart for the first 2 movies. And only the first 2 movies.
Jared Brown
Jared Brown Prije 17 dana
I was thought it was hella cool that juni could mimic people like that
Ricky Trevino
Ricky Trevino Prije 17 dana
You were 12 in 2001, hold up so youre 32??
Xsjd Nxkx
Xsjd Nxkx Prije 17 dana
your animations look sooooo ghetto someting m highschool mexican/latino drugedealer liked
Stephen Stern
Stephen Stern Prije 19 dana
This what bipolar looks like
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Prije 19 dana
as a kid i hated the Spy Kids movie, it was to damn silly, stupid sound effects, bad acting, horrible cgi, horrible set design, i just could not get in to it.
Dumb Dinghy
Dumb Dinghy Prije 19 dana
Alex if you have kids you’ll be cool cause that’s how that works
Jonathan Riojas
Jonathan Riojas Prije 19 dana
5:36 oh nostalgia! If I’m not wrong, that line was in the trailer for this movie.
Fafikommander Prije 20 dana
Can we talk about this cast of people in this movie? I mean, it has George Clooney, Danny Trevo, Antonio Banderas and a whole lot of really high class actors casually showing up for like five minutes each?! Why is this so absolutly highclass?!
Devin White
Devin White Prije 21 dan
that mans thumb was huggeee
TheVikinator Prije 21 dan
Shushhh Spy kids was the best movie ever shhh
Em Cruz
Em Cruz Prije 22 dana
This review is fantastic! Thank you lol
Imran Abbasi
Imran Abbasi Prije 22 dana
No I'm not gonna check out your Spanish channel And I also don't fricking care about honey. Stop.
The 8th Outer God
The 8th Outer God Prije 23 dana
The fuckin t1000 is in the movie lol
Attraction Spot
Attraction Spot Prije 24 dana
They way I got it wasn't that they werent choosing the virtual room as there only way out. I think more it was excitement. OMG a virtual room and they couldn't resist to try it before they left because I mean who wouldn't want to go into a room that says Virtual Room lol.
kemuri No Kami
kemuri No Kami Prije 24 dana
I wanna watch this off shrooms
Freddy Meissner
Freddy Meissner Prije 25 dana
Spy kid ZZZ is RRALLY BAD!!
TheUwUPotato Prije 25 dana
I paused at 9:33 that face lol
Austin Harris
Austin Harris Prije 25 dana
It's a kids movie. Who ...gives a shit if it didnt make sense ? Nastalgia is enough to defend "it doesnt make sense". No one cares if it doesn't make sense. We watched it as kids. Stop talkin shit about my "shit, shit!!!, SHIT!!!!"
Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal
Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal Prije 26 dana
I remember seeing it in cinemas as a kid it was ok but it isn’t a great action movie by Robert Rodriguez at all
Trent DeVlaminck
Trent DeVlaminck Prije 26 dana
Carmen is a bedwetter
amwfan88 Prije 26 dana
I'm the same age as Alexa Vega - she's actually exactly six days older than me - and I remember having the biggest crush on her when Spy Kids came out. I've never seen the sequels, though, and I honestly don't want to.
rjd1922 Prije 27 dana
Wow, I never realized how wooden Daryl Sabara's acting as Juni is. But overall this movie holds up pretty well. I always loved the insane design of Floop's castle.
youcan'tfindme Prije 27 dana
Spy kids is like my fav kids movie ever
Dual Rayguns
Dual Rayguns Prije 27 dana
as a kid it didnt have to make sense to be entertaining. but as an adult its hilarious to watch because of how irrational, bizzare and ridiculous the logic of these movies are.
Johnny Sparkle
Johnny Sparkle Prije 27 dana
Roger Ebert: "Movies like Spy Kids are so rare. Families are often reduced to attending scatological dumber-and-dumbest movies like See Spot Run--movies that teach vulgarity as a value. Spy Kids is an intelligent, upbeat, happy movie that is not about the comedy of embarrassment, that does not have anybody rolling around in dog poop, that would rather find out what it can accomplish than what it can get away with." He also called it a treasure
Hugo Segal
Hugo Segal Prije 16 dana
Ironic considering that a decade later, “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” would reduce the franchise to such antithesis of the original.
Baiba Prije 27 dana
“he was charming and intelligent” him: 🧍‍♂️
Curtis Steele
Curtis Steele Prije 28 dana
Jesus Christ you saw this in middle school??? This shit came out when my son was whatever age lol I didn’t know you were that young. Bonkers lol
C.O.M. Prije 29 dana
I literally watched this movie this morning
The squirrel r/c
The squirrel r/c Prije 29 dana
Like the spinal tap reference at 11:55
Stream Customs
Stream Customs Prije mjesec
I just realized the actor for the dad acts Zorro lol
Demon Slayer 561
Demon Slayer 561 Prije mjesec
What makes no sense is how stacked the cast is like wtf
hobicore¡! Prije mjesec
the incridibles reference haha!
Haya Lakkis
Haya Lakkis Prije mjesec
This is like spy kids mission critical ish well some difference
pogodziej Prije mjesec
Spy Kids was fun. It's different watching it now obviously but I respect it.
wooferwafler Prije mjesec
is this movie a squid game reference?
Let's Find Out Why
Let's Find Out Why Prije mjesec
I think I still have the DVD that I got from a box of cereal.
Reva Prije mjesec
recently found out juni is married and has a child with meghan trainor
Tam Prije mjesec
Eli Gold :o
em7565 Prije mjesec
Will you do the other spy kids movies?
Ashleigh Rose
Ashleigh Rose Prije mjesec
I feel like if I dropped acid as an adult this movie would be WAY better... almost like that's what it was meant for... a crappy kids movie that adults would wanna sit through as long as they're high af.
Drew Rahall
Drew Rahall Prije mjesec
2:46 lol joe from YOU
Bostumo Prije mjesec
no not my childhood Alex please I beg of you
Liliana Lopez
Liliana Lopez Prije mjesec
The 🧠 lives 😒😩😒😩😄🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣
Liliana Lopez
Liliana Lopez Prije mjesec
Make a spooner-man video plssss😔🥺🥺
SpadesOfPaint Studios
SpadesOfPaint Studios Prije mjesec
It’s been years since I’ve watched but the movies always seemed to make sense but looking back it feels so thrown together.
Jacob Breuer
Jacob Breuer Prije mjesec
first of all the Spanish channel is such a big brain move :)
Homeboy_Brando Prije mjesec
12:50 “Get more fingers in here if you have to.”
BigNerd George9000
BigNerd George9000 Prije mjesec
What does Ingrid say in Spanish.
awsomespecs Prije mjesec
Spy kids was my child hood and now I feel like it still holds up well and it has this charm that holds all this stuff together , its this stupid dumb plot that works at what it's trying to do. I would give it a 7/10 as it's not the best thing but it's a nice thing that achieves the goal it set and can be enjoyed slightly unironically which I can't say about shark boy and lava girl.
Mark dumernik
Mark dumernik Prije mjesec
Are you the ode1stsout
Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...
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