After We Fell is literally the dumbest movie...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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AFTER is the dumbest movie I have ever seen...

After 2 is hilariously dumb

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He's All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you'll ever see...

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets doesn't make any sense...

YOU is the most insane show...

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Komentari: 4 985
Jerome Thompson
Jerome Thompson Prije 5 sati
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love the song !!!
WHY YOU CAME Prije 15 sati
They keep making these, and I keep on bleeding to death.
Genocider Prije dan
The song at the end is a banger, why is no one talking about it
ribbinwrappedmoonn_ Prije dan
Like most rational people I do not like Hardin mans needs go get sum help and tessa needa go reevaluate her taste in men
Thuthuka Prije dan
Honestly, I'm happy when Alex Meyers points out dumb movies. This movie is dumb and shudve been made 🤣🤣
MusiC MateY
MusiC MateY Prije dan
I watched the first 2 movies in like 10 mins...yea that's how boring it was. But you know while Hardin is explicitly worse than that typical bad boy type, Tessa ain't all that goody goody either
Samiyah Williams
Samiyah Williams Prije dan
Dam Alex that song was actually funny and pretty good
Wing Flower
Wing Flower Prije 2 dana
Tessa and Hardin are both toxic. Tessa literally cheated on her boyfriend and blamed it all on Hardin and not take any accountability. They're made for each other.
Anjounet Leavell
Anjounet Leavell Prije 2 dana
I literally have problems getting pregnant… so this movie is a disgrace -___-!
Kimberly Bogert
Kimberly Bogert Prije 2 dana
That song was the best ngl🤣😅🤣also...yeah this relationship is not healthy at all😐😓
Dk random
Dk random Prije 3 dana
Who is singing?
Cristian Ojeda
Cristian Ojeda Prije 3 dana
She a fucked up person for what she did to other guy who was actually better than this one. Hope her and people irl like her go through pin constantly in life. They take the greatest people for granted and hurt those same people
precious nelson
precious nelson Prije 3 dana
Just goes to show a lot of people give shitty advice under the idea of being woke. 😒
idk man u decide
idk man u decide Prije 3 dana
This is probably the worst series of movies ever made like, it was was based off of a book on Wattpad, it was never going to be good anyways. I hope that they don't make any more after the next 3 and if they do like, why would they do that but it gives you content so, ya win some ya lose some.
chasingtheclouds Prije 3 dana
What I don’t understand is how everyone of the parents/adults/grown-ups supports their relationship so much and keeps urging them to get back together. Seriously, their relationship is soo obiviously toxic. Talk some sense into these two kids please ^
S c
S c Prije 3 dana
These modern films are so shit. These characters seem like.they were written by 15 year olds
Fuli Chak
Fuli Chak Prije 19 sati
The scariest thing is that it was written by a grown adult woman
Floppa Prije 3 dana
Now I want to see Harry Potter fanfiction but a movie
Joy Prije 4 dana
Nearly 1M views
Jeremy McAndrew
Jeremy McAndrew Prije 4 dana
Those Final Fantasy references are great! Can we get some FF related content?
Bread Prije 4 dana
bro the writing of this relationship makes 0 sense, Hardin continues to be a manipulative whiny bitch and Tessa's dream is to move to SEATTLE? Why?!
hahahahhano Prije 4 dana
the fact i used to like after
Isa Vargas
Isa Vargas Prije 4 dana
The ending song…you guys basically turned the movie(s) into a song😎✨
Loafy Sloush
Loafy Sloush Prije 5 dana
I live in Seattle and now I want to eat something out of a shor
Karla López
Karla López Prije 5 dana
The acting in this hurts, like physically hurts😑🤧
Damon M
Damon M Prije 5 dana
These movies should be called fight and fuck
Lara Jost
Lara Jost Prije 5 dana
Gosh. I feel completely drained just hearing about them fighting over and over again. It's not the least bit romantic. So if you excuse me, I'll go back to my fluffy sunshine and rainbow romances. I don't care if they're realistic or not. They are way better for my mental health than this mess.
Rome Prije 5 dana
He's not kind, talented, sensitive, or extremely attractive wht else is pulling her towards him???
Worthie Emm
Worthie Emm Prije 6 dana
Wait! Wait! Wait the *firetruck* up! Wasn't the while company moving away to Seattle in the last movie and that was the whole point that Hardin went back to Tessa at the company going away party?! 🤔
Aingeal Jackson
Aingeal Jackson Prije 7 dana
After is why the one direction fandom has such a terrible reputation *facepalm*
Paige Thompson
Paige Thompson Prije 7 dana
He read her diary, WHO DOES THAT?????!??!!!!
3DJ777999 Prije 7 dana
Did he just say that there making three more movies!?
A Vanilla Coke
A Vanilla Coke Prije 7 dana
The scariest thing about the after trilogy is that this stuff happens in real life.
Adam Hodgins
Adam Hodgins Prije 8 dana
why are most of the actors have british acsents ????
Sweet Suga
Sweet Suga Prije 8 dana
The last song was really cool and eye opening😂😍
Mark Gucor
Mark Gucor Prije 8 dana
This franchise is probably one of the movies that satan uses to torture people in hell
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Prije 8 dana
The adults in this girl’s life fail her miserably. They are literally telling her that it is okay for her to stay with a guy who gaslights and manipulates her. Very sad. Even sadder that these types of relationships are glorified everywhere nowadays. It’s some pretty dark sh*t.
Bread Prije 4 dana
its not sad its just horribly written lmao
Zangetsu Prije 8 dana
Can you watch Suits and give a vid for it pls you in,y have to watch te first out of 9 season
Brown Girl
Brown Girl Prije 8 dana
No fr tho in all honesty Hardin is toxic but Tessa is also equally toxic. Most people stick up for Tessa which is understandable but not lets forget who cheated on Noah and told her mom to F off so she can be with Hardin a guy who causes her emotional trauma but shes equally toxic because she assumes stuff throughout the whole series and acts irrationally because of it. Both of them are childish and kind of deserve each other
Helene Nebiwa
Helene Nebiwa Prije 9 dana
honestly there is no difference between all of the movies there is no character growth or maturation in tessa or hardin it is a never ending loop of fighting , miscommunication and dishonesty it is a very toxic portrayal of relationships they need to break up for good , grow up, learn to act their age and then start dating again and by all means OTHER PEOPLE you are not working out so after maturing find someone you are compatible with to date and get your happily ever after call me when they break up
aisha safar jaafar
aisha safar jaafar Prije 9 dana
Damn, I thought cookie and lucious from empire were toxic but this is just top tier mehn😂
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito Prije 9 dana
The song made me finally subscribe.
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito Prije 9 dana
They can’t talk to each other, but reading her private diary somehow makes clear to him things that were impossible to communicate by word-of-mouth from the same source, being Tessa.
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito Prije 9 dana
If they didn’t have Hardin and Tessa constantly fighting, breaking up and getting back together, this franchise would literally have nothing going for it. Even as matters stand, it still has nothing going for it. From now on, I’m rooting for the villain that manages to break these two up permanently.
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito Prije 9 dana
8:04 “You’ve changed his life…” Me: “Well that’s a bunch of BLEEP! I’ve literally seen no character progression in him at all. Regression, yes, but not progression.”
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito Prije 9 dana
At this point, I kind’ve wish Tessa would cheat on Hardin, he is such a jerk! Very few people in this world deserve that kind of pain, but now I think he is one of them. He holds resentment towards her for literally everything! The only time they seem to have anything in common is when they are having sex. It’s about time she did something that any decent person could see is wrong! Then at least the franchise could be over. He is such a butt because, you know, stuff is always coming out of him, and she just keeps taking it. She could have any man she wants but chooses this pathetic little spoiled brat of a boy instead. There are some Disney villains that are more mature than Hardin!
Maria Calabrese
Maria Calabrese Prije 9 dana
Oh my God listen I know it’s movies and they have to make money but if this was real life and I was Tessa I would’ve dropped Harden in like four seconds Also when hardens like hey did you love Trevor it’s like every time a kid asked you in school hey do you like blah blah blah and you’re like no and they’re like do you like them and you’re like no And then they and then they’re like all suspicious about it and tell everybody you have a crush on blah blah blah Also I just noticed they had cinnamon toast crunch in the movie so is automatically the best movie ever
TY 2
TY 2 Prije 9 dana
I almost wanna watch these films just so I can see how dysfunctional tessa and hardin really are🤣also respect to Alex for putting himself thru so much for us, ur sacrifice won't be forgotten
_ Kyla_
_ Kyla_ Prije 9 dana
I have a joke - Why didn't the Hardin finish the joke? -because he was going to "after " the movie.
Evoli 934
Evoli 934 Prije 10 dana
Joshua Hsiung
Joshua Hsiung Prije 10 dana
F*ck After movies
RMK_ARTS Prije 10 dana
Not the devils tango
Xariah Bruce
Xariah Bruce Prije 10 dana
U gonna run out of red flags from this story...
Cici Prije 10 dana
Jenia Wilson
Jenia Wilson Prije 10 dana
The way it ended i guess kinda shows they are developing but the movie reminds me of 50 shades 🥲
Nena Salahuddin
Nena Salahuddin Prije 11 dana
Can you react to ending beginnings?
Indira Rodríguez
Indira Rodríguez Prije 11 dana
The song 😅👌🏼
Indira Rodríguez
Indira Rodríguez Prije 11 dana
These movies got dummer and dummer. And besides that For the 3rd they changed all the cast.
MuxToon Prije 11 dana
hardin is like a 6 year old boy who throws temper tantrums
강지연 Prije 11 dana
As Alex said before: Hardin has more red flags than the Beijing Olympics.
Sophie Jade
Sophie Jade Prije 12 dana
I hate that relationships like this are romanticised. This is what it was like with my ex and it was toxic af. Getting out of it was the best thing I did and these movies should be burned
Elsie Schultz
Elsie Schultz Prije 12 dana
Me (at the theatre seeing a different movie with my boyfriend and noticing screen with list of all movies currently showing): Is that After 3?!? Boyfriend: You wanna see that one next time? Me: Oh, gosh no! I’m just excited for the Alex Meyers video coming out! 😂
Manganra7 Prije 12 dana
Song is awesome, dude. You should write more!
Raccoon! Prije 12 dana
Jennifer Meier
Jennifer Meier Prije 12 dana
Ur animations are the epikest lol
Annie McDonald
Annie McDonald Prije 13 dana
There should be a Hardin gets angry or yells compilation. Also Tessa and Hardin argue/fight Compilation.
Annie McDonald
Annie McDonald Prije 13 dana
“ Now I’m grumpy “ Hardin in a nutshell.
SparklingMadness Prije 13 dana
Why is harden so cringe in the last two movies lol
Jess Morgan
Jess Morgan Prije 13 dana
I live in the Seattle area. We're mostly off flannel. We're all about fleece now.
Valentina Mendes
Valentina Mendes Prije 13 dana
OMG Alex I love your Channel so much I was laughing this ENTIRE video. Also the music at the end was so hilarious and genius props for the amazing work.
The Donahue Twins
The Donahue Twins Prije 14 dana
Hardin is the worst boyfriend I’ve ever seen in a movie
suya mirembe
suya mirembe Prije 14 dana
Not the DEBBL TNGRRR😭😭😭😭
XKimRhX Prije 14 dana
i am curious about your opinion on the walking dead!
ToyaLeeJB Prije 14 dana
Welp. Time to suffer
Erwin Pietersen
Erwin Pietersen Prije 15 dana
Haven't watched this channel in a while... Are musicals the norm now 👀
Mary Banzon
Mary Banzon Prije 15 dana
"If i wanted to sabotage a good moment i would have brought up your moment with Trevor" already did 😀
owen singene
owen singene Prije 15 dana
are we just going to ignore that he read her Diary😤????who does that lol🤣
darcy Prije 15 dana
whats w the audio quality…
Esi Prije 16 dana
After watching the third movie I have figured out that this movie is basically a compilation of all the impossible scenarios you make up in your head before you go to sleep. And that's why they're so bad because they have no proper storyline. It's Anna Todd's fantasy(weirdly enough) and that's just it. It's all the scenarios she imagined happening with Harry Styles. Hence, nothing makes sense. It's traumatizing to think that there's three more of these on the way.
Esi Prije 16 dana
Just to clarify for you, Alex. The other guy is Hardin dad and Landon's stepfather. That's why they were on a trip together. It was a family trip.
LadyLunarPhoenix Prije 16 dana
Movies and novels are messed up aren't they? The whole idea is to sell a romance, but a romance with a normal guy isn't 'flashy'. So they sell these unhealthy, unrealistic 'relationships' that always 'end up with a happy ending' that isn't how it ever really ends given the portrayals in the movies. Which is a gods send to an abuser cuz they just have to find some low self esteem chick or some brainless one who has her head stuck in the clouds and they're set. Also about not having kids. In a lot of circles a woman's fertility is tied to her value. If she can't have kids she's not a 'woman', and its trained into women so that even the hint that they're sterile is treated with shame. Which goes hand in hand with women who opt to NOT have kids being treated like there is something mentally wrong with them that they don't a kid.
T. F.
T. F. Prije 16 dana
Jesus lived, died and resurrected for you. He loves you and wants to have eternal life 💜
Wyatt Drexler
Wyatt Drexler Prije 16 dana
7:15 Uh oh she escaped from the dungeon
Vardan Rastogi
Vardan Rastogi Prije 17 dana
I mean to be honest Tessa has a longer history of cheating than Hardin.
ptr andin
ptr andin Prije 17 dana
13:34 mike wazowskiiii😭 btw the song was hilarious
Barbara Czerwonka
Barbara Czerwonka Prije 17 dana
The only thing more stupid than the films we already got is the title for the next instalment: After Ever Happy.
Julija Prije 17 dana
Alex should make a compilation of all of his songs they're hilarious 😂😂
bloodyrippah Prije 17 dana
I didn’t even watch any of the shit
Riya Prije 17 dana
Why isn’t anyone talking about the song at the end? It was a banger
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara Prije 15 dana
Better than the featured songs throughout the film
Whynot ?
Whynot ? Prije 17 dana
The most horrible part is that people like Hardin actually exists
Turbo Idiots And Slow Smarts
Turbo Idiots And Slow Smarts Prije 17 dana
As a person who lives in Seattle its only rain and snow (depending on where you live because some places we only have rain). So I don't know what he means by "flashy".
Jager baby
Jager baby Prije 17 dana
I wish they would realise their relationship is awful and by the last movie they break up.
AsterOrca Prije 17 dana
This movie was so bad, but hearing My Mind play in the background (which I'm guessing was your choice since no way a movie would actually have the rights to play that song, right?) made me so happy. Thanks for injecting some joy into my brain while it was short-circuiting from how this was somehow worse than the second movie.
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara Prije 18 dana
Wallahi their relationship are getting ridiculous
Sim Babs
Sim Babs Prije 18 dana
I loved the song at the end. 🤣 Tessa deserves better! All the adults encouraging her to stay is sad.
SnowAngelLunar Prije 18 dana
That dude is one bad day from beating her face in. Isn't toxic relationship so romantic. Also he ain't even cute.
Wegig Prasasti
Wegig Prasasti Prije 18 dana
The fact that she got job (like really easy) it's irritates me 🙄
TANISHQA Prije 18 dana
Reading these books was a total nightmare like you can just tell it's a very predictable and awfully written and fanfiction for pre teens with no plot whatsoever. It's just fights and makeup sex 10 million times. I gave up reading it after the 3rd one
sketchedbylanya Prije 18 dana
did they draw that tattoo at 3:29 on with a sharpie??
Evelyna Aspidov Ravlo
Evelyna Aspidov Ravlo Prije 18 dana
This is literally the definition of a unhealthy relationships. 😂 High schools can literally use this as educational material.
disgirldoe _
disgirldoe _ Prije 19 dana
i liked the first movie. there was this simplicity to it that 2 and 3 couldnt match with.
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