Jennifer's Body is the craziest movie I've ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 7 mjeseci

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 7 mjeseci
Check out the new The Walking Dead: Survivors:
moop Prije 2 mjeseci
Foxx was hated because she trashed michael bay in an interview. I 'checked out' after that for sure.
Kitan Mani
Kitan Mani Prije 2 mjeseci
THE SEXY GIRLS ARE BIGTITITS.UNO THREE IN ONE HRpost: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. HRpost: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
CONGOR Prije 2 mjeseci
THE SEXY GIRLS ARE BIGTITITS.UNO THREE IN ONE HRpost: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. HRpost: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
Deathless Grasp
Deathless Grasp Prije 2 mjeseci
@9:38 a true man of culture i see Jecht theme is best theme
ChanCeNecK Prije 3 mjeseci
Jeeesus.. fuck..... Desperate for money much?.....
Sleepy Gamer
Sleepy Gamer Prije 12 sati
I think we’re going to need a full version of SUYNMRD ( Shut Up You’re Not My Real Dad) so we can get it to #1 on build boards hot 100’s… #SUYNMRD
ミゲル Prije 13 sati
This is base on true story i think
Flyingpigg Prije 13 sati
meg is bad you can't lie
sean .michael
sean .michael Prije 15 sati
I like how all the girls are trying to give this movie deep meaning lol Shes just a succubus after they summoned one lol
Banana Blast1234
Banana Blast1234 Prije 17 sati
"And then something spooky happens" Gets ad
Turtle728 Prije 17 sati
14:25 I was drinking when that happened and I almost spat out my water that was so funny and unexpected
Gaming Blood Cells
Gaming Blood Cells Prije dan
10:41 ayo mewtwo?
Abraham Covarruibas
Abraham Covarruibas Prije dan
I am to watching at 4AM
IT news
IT news Prije dan
Liked flying part :XD
Aaron Resch
Aaron Resch Prije dan
“And then something spooky happens” Old spice ad starts
D. Herrera
D. Herrera Prije dan
I love this channel, your videos always crack me tf up! I will be singing the chorus to "shutup you're not my real dad" for weeks. Thanks for the laughs man
diamondbrine Prije dan
11:20 damn that's a banger
Timestamper Prije dan
1:17 sponsorship skip
Genrix Firts
Genrix Firts Prije dan
ethan crownover
ethan crownover Prije 2 dana
Man that truck at melody lane is so nice
Space Company
Space Company Prije 2 dana
Osaki Prije 2 dana
1. It’s about rape And stuff 2. NO SHIT GIRLS GET THE PLOT MORE. (This is a poke at the people in the comments btw, some of these comments are ridiculous.)
Jackson Signarowski
Jackson Signarowski Prije 2 dana
Satanist believe that sacrifices will make them famous
IssTrue Prije 2 dana
The jokes in this video are amazing
Harvey Mcdonald
Harvey Mcdonald Prije 2 dana
Where the fuck is the full music video
senior johnl
senior johnl Prije 2 dana
my favorite part is the jennifer-needy lesbian scene
ima potato
ima potato Prije 3 dana
Okay what I don't get is why is this just about Jennifer sure she is a spawn of satan but that was it like needy starts having visions trys and saves her boyfriend all while brutally murdering Jennifer so it kinda should have been about needy also your song was amazing
Toxin Entertainment
Toxin Entertainment Prije 3 dana
I only found out about this movie because it has a trailer in the DVD release of Family Guy Some Something something something Dark Side
Security Guard Ryan
Security Guard Ryan Prije 3 dana
If Jennifer tried to murder me. I would simply use my nasty breath to repel her.
Security Guard Ryan
Security Guard Ryan Prije 3 dana
Did Chris Pratt get killed in the fire?
ieatmypoop36 myfriendeatsmypoop
ieatmypoop36 myfriendeatsmypoop Prije 3 dana
you are the most relatable person i have ever met 0-0
Pari Sampat
Pari Sampat Prije 4 dana
shut up you’re not my real dad😭💃🗣
David Moss22
David Moss22 Prije 4 dana
That was the best emo song ive ever heard!
atsc csgt
atsc csgt Prije 4 dana
Sam Nunnink
Sam Nunnink Prije 4 dana
Was that hollow knight music at the end?
jennyisagoogleuser Prije 5 dana
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂devils tango😂😂😂
Cristi Anleu
Cristi Anleu Prije 5 dana
Why was that a bop and I want to download it on my Spotify lmao
theflowerhead Prije 5 dana
SHUT UP YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAAAD. I love this fucking channel.
Teagan Wiseman
Teagan Wiseman Prije 5 dana
I started singing this song in ELA and I got a standing ovation
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Prije 5 dana
crab 420
crab 420 Prije 6 dana
16:00 that's literally just hollow knight music
just mico
just mico Prije 7 dana
I saw a video Anna solves saying that the movie is inspired by real life story?
Naga Harley Quinn
Naga Harley Quinn Prije 7 dana
I know the music was supposed to be a parody, but it was actually kind of amazing
Peyton Knight
Peyton Knight Prije 7 dana
I literally just watched that movie today because it’s apparently “iconic” and I did not like it. It was so boring. Throughout the entire movie needy saw a red flag with Jennifer and was just like “oh no…” until Jennifer tried to kill her
BakoymaTravels Prije 7 dana
Jennifer's Body deserves to be a cult favourite
Yanni Hugo
Yanni Hugo Prije 8 dana
Okay, all you have to do is take off your glasses Me: okay There! Me: one question, how am I suppose to pick up the guys if I can’t see? Uhhhhhhhhh
D Diamond
D Diamond Prije 9 dana
Ngl all I really know this movie from is the "new perspective" music video and I was ready to swear that the two of them were semi dating and needy was trying to reconcile the fact that her secret cheerleader gf was a vampire and I'm almost sad that *didn't* happen now.
LocoBanzai Prije 9 dana
If i remember correctly the writter or director based the movie in a real murder case, which was creepy enough. And for context the world was way smaller in 2009, and it was impossible not having Megan Fox pushed by every conceivable medium, you had the thirsty guys always posting about her, the guys who thugh she ruined the Transformers movies. Then at school you had the typical girls who complainned about her for whatever reason (Jealousy), her fans. Then on TV there were news about her, trailers for transformers, whatever other movie she was in, ads, etc. So i think you get the idea why this movie was mostly ignored when it came out
Pournami Roy
Pournami Roy Prije 9 dana
It's understandable how Alex describes this movie though, the main audience of Jennifer's Body was teenage girls/maybe women in general. I watched this movie with some of my friends and the guys did not get a lot of things while the girls had a good grasp on the theme and could relate in some ways. Very interesting how men and women react differently to this movie
Sara Brenna
Sara Brenna Prije 10 dana
This movie is still one of my favorite horror comedies.
that tuty
that tuty Prije 10 dana
why does everybody keep saying that jen and needy would make a cute couple? jen was clearly abusive towards needy all the time, they had such a toxic dynamic
zaxy2007 Prije 10 dana
this channel is the dumbest ive seen........... and thats why i love it
GLOW WITH JAZZ Prije 10 dana
Ik the song was just a joke but shit that was lit 🔥
Jacki ChemSlave
Jacki ChemSlave Prije 11 dana
11:00 freaking KILLED me 🤣
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Prije 11 dana
Am I the only one that knows this just by Patrick saying "I WILL CUT OFF YOUR NUTSACK AND NAIL IT TO MY DOOR!!!"
Ola ShaLynn
Ola ShaLynn Prije 11 dana
Who's house, that you pulled from an anime, is this? 🤭🤨🤔
Von Bass
Von Bass Prije 11 dana
Wow I'm ass, cuz I'm not against the music.....It's 2021 I'm hearing crap.......this is better than all that.....shut you're not my real dad..... I'm in
shinoa wife
shinoa wife Prije 12 dana
"i get what the movie is going for" judging by the end of ur video apparently u dont 😭
MarcDivine Prije 12 dana
No it’s cause she can’t act worth a “can I buy you a drink” and is only cast because of her looks then sexualized & complains about it after 😂
Brian CS
Brian CS Prije 12 dana
Omg the song!!! Loved it.
ALostUSB Prije 12 dana
16:00 anyone else hearing that Hollow Knight OST ?
D. B.
D. B. Prije 13 dana
The band tried to use her for their advantage and "k*ll all men mode" became activated....
Lanstus Tekitsu
Lanstus Tekitsu Prije 13 dana
That song is like holy hell. How the hell did you nail it so perfectly?
M D Prije 14 dana
This Movie is absolute Best! So was Megan Fox
Clarissa Rossomando
Clarissa Rossomando Prije 14 dana
not the james charles reference💀💀💀
BubbleDum Prije 14 dana
Xarena Not my real name
Xarena Not my real name Prije 14 dana
Haha I know it was a joke but your joke song was seriously better then a lot of songs coming out right now.
Kimberly Jade
Kimberly Jade Prije 15 dana
Nooo the parody song ended too soon 😭
Sybil Jems
Sybil Jems Prije 16 dana
Apparently it’s based on a true story.
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman Prije 16 dana
The biggest laugh for me was your rendition of the “popular song”.
Miraculus.x.bugaboo Prije 17 dana
11:01 Alex Meyers - Not my real dad (Official music video)
Steph Martins
Steph Martins Prije 17 dana
watch the love witch if you really want to watch some insane cinema
Rosebellie Tineo
Rosebellie Tineo Prije 17 dana
This movie is based on a true story
Ariana Panagos
Ariana Panagos Prije 17 dana
Him explaining the movie was great and all. But what I love most, is that he took the time to do a skit involving a song that says "Shutup you not my really dad!" I started dying laughing!
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez Prije 17 dana
Do "Teeth" next!
Mixedbag 456
Mixedbag 456 Prije 17 dana
I can never look at Johnny Simmons without thinking of Young Neil (not Neil Young).
Irksome Jokester
Irksome Jokester Prije 18 dana
Chris really showed up outta nowhere lamp *lamp was supposed to be lmao but autocorrect got me there so Imma just leave it
Precieuse_ Basilua
Precieuse_ Basilua Prije 18 dana
The movie is based on real events.....
chantal murray
chantal murray Prije 18 dana
Jennifer's body is based on the true story of a 15 y/o girl named elyse pahler.....she was bit of a wild child who liked drinking alot and sneaking out of her house past curfew to hang with her friends..she was suspended from school for drinking and her parents enrolled her in this rehab where she met one of her killers who introduced her to the other 2 killers....she started hanging out with the 3 boys a lot, even against her close friends advises...unknown to her, the boys were planning to kill her and sacrifice her to the devil since she was blonde, blue eyed and a virgin... in order to make their band become famous like the band called Slayer ...after many failed attempts, they finally succeeded in killing her and dumping her body in the woods, after she snook out of the house to meet took cops 9 months to find her body after 1 of the boys confessed to them and took the cops to where her body was...the cops never took her missing case seriously because of her past, so they thought she had just ran away from home like usual
Blue Jay Jenna
Blue Jay Jenna Prije 18 dana
Can you guys please stop spreaind this. Do you really think the writers and directors would make a horror COMEDY about a girl who was actaully brutally murdered. Stop
"What was your favorite part of the movie?"........ "yeah that was mine too." 🤣
AthenianOwls Prije 18 dana
We need “Shut Up You’re Not My Real Dad” on Spotify *now*
just Prije 18 dana
The kiss sec
sasha murashi
sasha murashi Prije 19 dana
This HRpost channels so addictive
Ana Prije 19 dana
Not me trying to harmonize with him on the "shut up you're not my real dad " chorus💀
destini j
destini j Prije 19 dana
This movie is actually based on a true crime. Anna Solves has a video on it
Gobi Pup
Gobi Pup Prije 19 dana
Maybe the best use of Final Fantasy X’s “Otherworld” I’ve seen
Sir Plancelot
Sir Plancelot Prije 19 dana
Can u watch pitch perfect
Josh Swan
Josh Swan Prije 19 dana
The song was beautiful
Liltrix 0
Liltrix 0 Prije 20 dana
Can’t find shuttup you’re not my real dad on iTunes!
Zzareah Rixx
Zzareah Rixx Prije 20 dana
Jennifer’s body was a true story of Elyse Pahler.
Rhiannon Lewis
Rhiannon Lewis Prije 20 dana
I was JAMMING out to that sad music video!
uroborous01 Prije 20 dana
Found some stuff that says this movie is actually sub-textually about rape, I could have sworn it was about vampire/werewolf stuff. But then again: if the vampire/werewolf stuff is actually a subtext for predatory people and jennifers subsequent turning into a vamp/zombie is any major indicator as the damage that is done to the unsuspecting/ naive who fall to a predators sway. Then yeah i can see this movie being about rape and the lasting expansive damage that is done to the victim and their friends/ family.
Basma Mohammed
Basma Mohammed Prije 20 dana
Do you know it is actually based on a true story
Basma Mohammed
Basma Mohammed Prije 20 dana
This is a really good video
emma Prije 20 dana
ok but "been a while, james charles is a pedo-" SENT ME
Kyrah obrien
Kyrah obrien Prije 20 dana
it’s a crazy movie bc its Based on a true story look up Jennifers case
just me with my foot in my mouth
just me with my foot in my mouth Prije 20 dana
I absolutely love this movie and I don’t care what anyone says and it’s totally not just because i think Colin Gray is hot although that is a big part of it Even though the dialogue is some of the worst I’ve ever heard the soundtrack is fantastic
Sofia Guerrero osses
Sofia Guerrero osses Prije 20 dana
Jajaja la canción me mata
hahahahhano Prije 21 dan
i had a crush on amanda seyfriend (needy) since i saw mama mia when j was in 1st grade
Pluto’s Dwarf
Pluto’s Dwarf Prije 22 dana
This movie was based off of a real murder minus the coming back as a demon.
It’s about Drive ist about power…
It’s about Drive ist about power… Prije 22 dana
Why was the song actually god?
Angie Becerra-Flores
Angie Becerra-Flores Prije 22 dana
Megan fox was hated on? By who? What
• Strawberry •
• Strawberry • Prije 22 dana
Not so fun fact: Jennifers’s body was inspired by a real murder case
angry asian dad
angry asian dad Prije 8 dana
The fire at the bar seems inspired by Station Nightclub.
LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It
LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It Prije 16 dana
@Isis Jenkins okay! Thanks for what you shared tho
Isis Jenkins
Isis Jenkins Prije 16 dana
@LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It if you want to hear the full story got to anna opps
Isis Jenkins
Isis Jenkins Prije 16 dana
@LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It basically a girl and I think her boyfriend and his friends killed her thinking that if they kill her they will be famous and they killed her and raped her now when there family got worried about her and called the police but they did nothing eventually one of the guys fells bad and told the police they al went to prison one of them almost got out but he didn't
LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It
LYCWI - Love Yourself Cause you're Worth It Prije 19 dana
Wait what? What's the story?
impretty whenicry
impretty whenicry Prije 22 dana
the movie Jennifer’s Body was actually inspired by a real life murder story like try searching it up the murder behind “elyse marie pahler”
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