that new Home Alone movie is worse than you could possibly imagine...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 11 dana

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Home Alone literally makes no sense...

Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 11 dana
Hope you all enjoyed the video. And thanks Morning Brew for sponsoring - sign up for free here
Windows 95
Windows 95 Prije dan
Actually, the kid was in a movie called mojo rabbit, it’s about a kid who has an imaginary friend who is hitler, but the kid in this movie is in that movie and does a very good job, but he didn’t fit in this one.
Fleks Prije 2 dana
I did not enjoy it
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston Prije 2 dana
Four words I'm angry at you
L Prije 2 dana
Hey, Maybe next you could do Unnatural history from 2010 from Cartoon Network and it's only one season, thank you.
Haven Babin
Haven Babin Prije 2 dana
It’s s chubby kid , if the robbers offered him a stinky he’d just let em steal whatever.
Socko Jr
Socko Jr Prije 36 minuta
They tried to take the anime villain route and failed miserably
Roley Prije sat
Knew it
Ryan Roper
Ryan Roper Prije 2 sati
Man I have been waiting for years for this remake to come out and it was such a huge disappointment. Its worse than home alone 4, 5 and 6.
Tony Boi
Tony Boi Prije 3 sati
I saw like half or a little less than half of the movie because the cringe was just too much
Tom Kevin
Tom Kevin Prije 4 sati
Thats nor pam thats arrin
Lamaahru Loma
Lamaahru Loma Prije 4 sati
I am still waiting for Casablanca 2
Connor Luetkenhaus
Connor Luetkenhaus Prije 4 sati
They should Arnold to play the kid
Alê Maluf
Alê Maluf Prije 5 sati
I want to know who gave the idea to have a full compelling back story to the “bad guys”! This entire “franchise” only works because you don’t care about the bandits’ safety… When you see a couple of parents trying to keep their kids from being evicted it is suddenly not as funny as it used to be
negotiator bingus
negotiator bingus Prije 5 sati
You sound like something familiar.....
BIG STR Prije 5 sati
Why tf would they break into the house? They could have simply asked the kid for the doll or even call the police to investigate. They simply don't know how to properly communicate. How are you going to solve a crime with a crime😂😂
MaxiRo Prije 5 sati
My opinion the movie is a lit Bored lol
Big Skiddy
Big Skiddy Prije 5 sati
Hey it’s yorkie, from JoJo rabbit
Please enter a name
Please enter a name Prije 5 sati
I’m sad your not on my recommended videos
RoryTGN Prije 5 sati
I thought it was quit good
M. Dedy Supryadi
M. Dedy Supryadi Prije 5 sati
There's a new home alone movie?
SlothGamer TV
SlothGamer TV Prije 5 sati
It wasn’t the worst movie though I actually kinda liked it
Alexander Zack
Alexander Zack Prije 5 sati
@ 7:09 isn´t that kid a bit young to have seen scarface?
Ahmed Tawbi
Ahmed Tawbi Prije 5 sati
It really starts with the movie poster, that I don't wanna give the movie any chance...😑
Alexander Zack
Alexander Zack Prije 5 sati
@ 3:42 mccallister security is that kevin from home alone protecting other people´s houses? did he make his success from the first 2 movies into a moneymaking business?
Camilla Marie Helle
Camilla Marie Helle Prije 6 sati
I suffered through this movie, it was soooo bad…
RSG Usopp
RSG Usopp Prije 6 sati
Home alone 3 wasn't bad I never seen 4 and 5
Nick C
Nick C Prije 7 sati
I just want to scream into the endless void in pain because these movies exist. Should've stopped with Home alone 2
Stillresting Prije 7 sati
"Gen pop" tf. am i stupid? Be honest.
Xaltar Prije 8 sati
Home Alone, excessive PC edition.... 0 thought went into this outside of checking as many of the currently trending boxes they possibly could. I want proper characters, decent storytelling and well executed humor back. This is what cancel culture gets you, tentative, afraid to color outside the lines, formulaic garbage. So sick of this trend 🤢🤮
amogusmoment123 Prije 9 sati
home alon e is sopposed to be just a memorie stop milking it
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
Cyclonado Thunderclaw Prije 9 sati
tbh it's much better than I thought it would be
Dangit •
Dangit • Prije 9 sati
i felt really bad about the robbers that werent just selling the kid just a doll but when i saw this i was surprised for a new one and how is it gonna be on disney but its weird that i skipped 30 minutes of it
Maddix Adams
Maddix Adams Prije 10 sati
Liked the kid in jojo rabbit however I feel like he doesn't fit in well with home alone
dbspaceoditty Prije 10 sati
it was legit a good movie. had the first one never existed this one would have been it.
Xersys Prije 10 sati
My wife put this movie on and after 30 minutes I walked out of the room.
OddPoppet Esq.
OddPoppet Esq. Prije 11 sati
This film should never have been made, same as Home Alone 3, 4 & 5..... Its like the Terminator franchise, It peaked after the 2nd film and has gone sharply downhill since, stop flogging the dead horse!!
jordan roberts
jordan roberts Prije 11 sati
I heard the ad for this movie on Spotify so many times it makes me never want to see the movie. It gives me like ptsd flashback’s.
X_HiddenGhoule Prije 11 sati
I actually liked it it wasn’t better than 1 and 2 but it was better than 3 and 4 and 5
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud Prije 12 sati
In regards to the new Home Alone film seen here- "I wouldn't be watching this film, if it was growing on my ass!"
MrViking2 McAll
MrViking2 McAll Prije 12 sati
At least Home Alone 5 (released in 2012) had a semi-decent cover for the whole internet-age plot hole. A snowstorm knocked out the phone lines and internet services, and prevented the kid from travelling far from the house.
Tom White
Tom White Prije 12 sati
Okay this is not a reboot and you do not know how ginger hair works as it is nothing to do with genetics
Charles Patenaude
Charles Patenaude Prije 12 sati
"Only a dumb company would want to migrate my SQL database without human supervision" bruh who was their IT consultant haha, that made no sense
Josh Prije 13 sati
This is what happens with woke Hollywood trying to remake classics that was pre woke Hollywood
Giggs-Chan (Alex Archer New Channel)
Giggs-Chan (Alex Archer New Channel) Prije 13 sati
Fun Fact: This is actually the SIXTH movie in the Home Alone film series. Like Home Alone 4 and 5 in how they failed, this one is no exception. ARE MORE MOVIE FAILING THAN EVER BEFORE?! DO YOU THINK THEY’RE NOT TRYING ANYMORE?!
Inverse wheel35
Inverse wheel35 Prije 13 sati
I don’t even need to watch the movie to know it’s awful
Drew Long
Drew Long Prije 13 sati
The background music for your ad spot is FUCKING SHINING FORCE 2 and it made my whole day.
randomersif86̶̫͖̓ 78
randomersif86̶̫͖̓ 78 Prije 14 sati
I like how I got a disney us ad before this starts lol
Dumcan Prije 14 sati
haha yes
Jake King 401
Jake King 401 Prije 14 sati
Home sweet home alone is the most useless home alone reboot thank gosh I did not watch it
Some Person
Some Person Prije 14 sati
You know what’s funny? Max is British while his family is American…
Hatty Hattyington
Hatty Hattyington Prije 15 sati
I refuse to watch British home alone
Issac Colvin
Issac Colvin Prije 15 sati
ur mom
XDcreator Prije 15 sati
I like the old one in my opinion the new one is way way worst.
TenNine D
TenNine D Prije 15 sati
Anyone else think it’s funny as the girl in this movie named Pam is the girl that played Erin in the office
HookMaster10 Prije 15 sati
I love how this guy is roasting all of our favorite movies and shows and we like it
Slushy Gaming
Slushy Gaming Prije 15 sati
You should do Ben 10
ben top 10
ben top 10 Prije 15 sati
Who needed a video to prove this? I mean it went downhill after home alone 3
B33T #1
B33T #1 Prije 15 sati
this movie could have been 7 minutes if the adults just asked the kid instead of BEING BURGLERS
Jahziel E
Jahziel E Prije 16 sati
Nightmare Prije 16 sati
So true
Phuk Uoy
Phuk Uoy Prije 17 sati
F disney
SirWeirdtheSquire Prije 17 sati
I always hated whenever the main character is trying to get their moms attention who’s on the phone. Like dude. Shut your damn trap she’s doing something.
NoodleMaster Prije 17 sati
Home alone 69: The kid kills the robbers
CKZ Connect
CKZ Connect Prije 17 sati
Have u ever noticed in the beginning of the first original home alone, that the police guy is Harry?
Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Diamonds Prije 17 sati
My friend and me decided to watch this to make fun of it, but it was so bad that we couldn’t get past the 40 minute mark.
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Prije 18 sati
Oh No, ShE’s GoT ShArK sTrEnGtH
go4ko Prije 18 sati
The only thing cool about this movie was buzz.
BowlCan Prije 18 sati
This is a late comment but I’d like to see a sequel where Kevin is in college and on the campus there’s something in campus that has gold in it, and robbers then try to rob it, but basically, Kevin wakes up randomly from his dorm and realizes nobody is there, and finds a newspaper that says spring break is here, so he thought, oh well my mom better be here, then he checks outside and basically doesn’t see her and then robber beating upping sequence then end
ĐΔŘŦĦ ƤŘ€ĐΔŦØŘ Prije 18 sati
Always hate this channel this guy hates all movies just let people experience it for themselves we all know your just doing this for money
Pedro droults
Pedro droults Prije 18 sati
the new home alone is so bad i hate it
ElephantRanger Prije 19 sati
this movie was trash!!!!!
Milk Prije 19 sati
8:40 ive never heard of gen pop either- the other two though I agree
Moah Prije 19 sati
2:31 I know u put tiktok dancing as a joke but they’re for real offering that at my high school
Ryland Mott
Ryland Mott Prije 20 sati
I’m pretty sure the icicle thing is attempted murder. Since they are like super sharp and could impale you
TMan Prije 20 sati
I agree
James Bond
James Bond Prije 20 sati
Hollywood is too busy virtue signaling to make actual quality entertainment. These garbage people just keep cranking out garbage movies.
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter Prije 20 sati
reminded me of an episode of Three's Company... big misunderstanding that could have been rectified if they had just talked a lot earlier
Dane Bryant Frazier
Dane Bryant Frazier Prije 20 sati
We've gone from electrocuting the robbers to hugging the robbers.
Charlie Strohm
Charlie Strohm Prije 21 sat
This kid is more of a Nazi in this movie that him in JoJo Rabbit
pink beard shrine🎗
pink beard shrine🎗 Prije 21 sat
how bad can it be- oh. welp,I'm out.
OneMoreMinute05 Prije 21 sat
Hot take : I actually didn't mind this movie too much. I liked it better than Home Alone 3 at the very least :)
Lauryn Blake
Lauryn Blake Prije 21 sat
Jam and peff JAm aNd PeFf? JAM AND PEFF??? 12:16
Lauryn Blake
Lauryn Blake Prije 21 sat
Even with you explaining this movie still has me confused. Like I don’t know who is who
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge Prije 21 sat
☹️ I'm so glad I don't have Disney Plus, I mean no disrespect but they're starting to get too carried away with a lot of their stuff. Most of it ain't even good. I think that Disney is losing their touch.
BakudekuStorys Prije 21 sat
When i looked at this i asked my self " Why did disney think this was a good movie!?"
Admiral Avocado
Admiral Avocado Prije 21 sat
They didn't, they just thought it's gonna make money
Abigail Violette
Abigail Violette Prije 22 sati
I saw the movie and the only thing I found funny was when the dad went somewhere and his excuse was to get milk yet they already had a lot of milk. Plot twist he never came back
J P Prije 22 sati
I actually forced myself to watch home alone 3... it actually wasn’t that bad. Nowhere near as good as 1, but it has its moments.
Robert Prije 22 sati
Bro I didn’t even know there was a third home alone 3 till few weeks ago now I’m finding out there is like 6? Wtf
JoyfulJay Prije 22 sati
In my opinion the movie wasn’t that bad, I laughed a few times
Garchomp Productions
Garchomp Productions Prije 22 sati
Who else felt bad for robbers and hated that a hole kid
91.5, the phoenix!
91.5, the phoenix! Prije 22 sati
Who else is gonna need a morning Brew after this one and yes I mean a large black coffee.
Peridot Prije 22 sati
The fact that you actually watched this whole piece just to expand our basic knowledge of hell on earth is one incredible act of self sacrifice. Thank you sir
R C Prije 23 sati
The kid looks like a young gender confused Rachel Maddow. What did you say the movie was called?? “Woke alone” sounds about right.
Blackknight animations
Blackknight animations Prije 23 sati
I liked this movie. how is it bad?
SeerFloat Prije 23 sati
Wait there’s home alone 3 4 and 5?? How did I not know about them I knew about 3 but 4 and 5??
Joshua McMillan
Joshua McMillan Prije 23 sati
Your sad
TNLhype Prije 23 sati
How is this a bad movie 🤨
Likeucutg Prije 23 sati
home alone 1 and 2 are goated 3 is ok and this is just dog sh--
SonicAndMcQueenAdventures Prije dan
Is there any movies that you actually like?
Eduard Peeter Lemming
Eduard Peeter Lemming Prije dan
We have pshycopath kid and villains who arent even villains but in bad financial situation
SPY KIDS literally makes no sense...
Alex Meyers
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Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
Mean Girls was a weird movie...
Alex Meyers
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Chamber of Secrets doesn't make any sense...
Home Alone literally makes no sense...
Alex Meyers
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Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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