Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Mean Girls was a weird movie...

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Shadow and Bone is pretty great...

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Komentari: 6 160
amrita singh
amrita singh Prije 10 sati
Giving me very 'im not like other girls' vibes
CW Bookworm
CW Bookworm Prije 12 sati
I’m glad I watched this instead of the movie 😂
Spooky Doo
Spooky Doo Prije 20 sati
This movie is the 8th deadly sin
Brimigants Prije dan
Is this a mf jojo reference
Lauren Kilpatrick
Lauren Kilpatrick Prije dan
This movie is sooo sexist, it’s an insult to the original movie
Omega Mysterio
Omega Mysterio Prije dan
Mean Girls 2. You know... if you're going to only follow the basics and miss the point of the original mean girls and the plastics in that film, why not just make the title the twist and it's not the plastics that are the films focus... it's the victims like Abby who finally snap and torment them over the course of a year in progressively darker ways heading towards straight up murder attempts? Like a straight up slasher film? It'd at least be different from the first film!
AveragePotato Prije dan
"Yeah Mandi farts when she pees and watches dubbed anime so like pshh" Me who watches dubbed anime sometimes: Ouch-
Dulanga Kekulawala
Dulanga Kekulawala Prije 2 dana
Jo is the definition of a pick me girl lol-
Dulanga Kekulawala
Dulanga Kekulawala Prije 2 dana
Love how Jo's supposed to be tough and "not like the other girls" and if u mess with her ur dead and how she's like "she messed with the wronnngg girl!!!" and then.. a football game-
Dulanga Kekulawala
Dulanga Kekulawala Prije 2 dana
bruh fr what with the plastics in this movie, the plastics in mean girls was the iconic
Amethyst Drake
Amethyst Drake Prije 2 dana
The social hierarchy has changed allot and is kind of a blend tbh. A bit broken down.
Osaki Prije 2 dana
Mean girls one wears It’s stereotypes proudly. But this, this doesn’t work-
Paletro Prije 2 dana
yo review never have i ever
NaFyne Prije 3 dana
I’ve never seen the movie and will probably Google this in a second but is that Tess from Camp Rock?? It’s very possibly not because I lost count of how many beers I’ve had in this short Alex Meyers watch session but
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson Prije 4 dana
Hahaha-sock puppets! I’m stealing that one.
Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson Prije 4 dana
Haven't seen the first one and i didn't know about the second but not seeing it
aronian22 Prije 5 dana
Her voice-over is maybe the worst thing I've ever seen. I'm sorry, there's bad acting, and then there's THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARS.
DorkieShorty Prije 5 dana
the only thing i was thinking was.... omg stiles has a sister? XD
DomoNzt Prije 6 dana
Am I the only one that had the impression to listening to sims talk when the girls did?
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Prije 7 dana
Can you please stop saying this video is brought to you be what ever because it takes up to much time and I’m not a hater I’m just saying I actually really like you’re show
xemon neon
xemon neon Prije 8 dana
This movie cringe AF
ARMY-ATINY-stantalents Prije 8 dana
Alex: On this side you have girls who wear *black* and there are girls who wear *pink* Me: *in your area* Sorry not sorry
dudashisu Prije 9 dana
15:10 I’ve actually always wondered what guys do…
dudashisu Prije 9 dana
I gotta say I’m in robotics club, and I’m the only girl. It’s a bit awkward really, but this movie is just terrible
John Childress
John Childress Prije 10 dana
sick of seeing that dumbass ad for meta but other than that we lit
sineadbradyfan Prije 10 dana
So ... basically Sydney White meets Mean Girls.
balloonie toonie
balloonie toonie Prije 11 dana
I knew Mandi looked familiar lol that’s Meena from Cory in the House
PanicGiraffe Prije 12 dana
A girl that rich would never have no friends.
hihi acc
hihi acc Prije 13 dana
the movie is a burn book worthy stuff
The goat
The goat Prije 13 dana
Jo is trying to hard to be cool I feel like tbh-
Cryax The Fellarm
Cryax The Fellarm Prije 14 dana
yo dat sock puppet is litty on a stack
Shamyl A
Shamyl A Prije 14 dana
7:21 look at the god damn search... Alex no, jusg noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ceilin is a Legend
Ceilin is a Legend Prije 14 dana
Red vs Blue who? It’s all Black vs Pink now
Egg Head
Egg Head Prije 14 dana
I hate how so many movies make the mean girls be more “ girly “ as if it was a bad thing and the main character is a tom boy... like the world nowadays glorifies more masculine things and makes fun of more feminine things.
Vanesa Ayala
Vanesa Ayala Prije 14 dana
As a girl I HATED this movie because Jo was so called calling out sexism when she had internalized misogyny herself by always thinking that girls were beneath her or thinking they were all back stabbers and then the whole "Do I look like most girls?" is so annoying like girl just because ur into mechanics and engineering it doesn't mean anything I know A LOT of girls that are into that.. Regina was actually ICONIC because of the things she said and how differently she would get ppl back THEN Jo goes "Screw being ladies and screw being girls" then proceeded to saying "Lets settle this like men" she wants to fit in with guys so bad its pathetic and embarrassing
Sebastian Prije 14 dana
Wait. I think i got the idea why its flopped. First of all the story itself. But the most important one is the character. Its kinda flipped. The blonde must be the mean one, the brunnete should be the cady's version. If its switched then its not gonna be that flop.
No No
No No Prije 15 dana
7:22 dude is that sonic 💀💀
No No
No No Prije 15 dana
"Do I look like most girls?" Yes
Stephan Saunders
Stephan Saunders Prije 15 dana
“I didn’t have any friends either and look how good I am at making sock puppets now” 💀 💀 💀
babytae Hyung
babytae Hyung Prije 16 dana
✨Do I look like most girls? ✨ Yes you do😊
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan Prije 18 dana
Ya know no hate but this movie really ok but the fist one is way better than the second
Jack Bandit
Jack Bandit Prije 18 dana
7:51 that's the fakest money I ever saw in my life.
Project NAMKA
Project NAMKA Prije 19 dana
7:21 I'm questioning everything I'm seeing here
Sweet and Sour Pizza
Sweet and Sour Pizza Prije 19 dana
I love mean girls but when I watched the second I had to stop because of how annoying her voice was
Bunny_DaChristian09 Prije 19 dana
16:01 Balalalalalalalalaa
Felicia Baxter
Felicia Baxter Prije 19 dana
i think jo is ragenea and shanes kid
Morgan C.
Morgan C. Prije 20 dana
There should be a teen movie filled with “not like other girls” and they fight to see who’s the least like “other girls”.
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Prije 21 dan
the movie wasn't even that bad, but it didn't live up to the standards since it had no deep meaning or storyline whatsoever, if it wasn't named a sequel id probably watch it as a typical teen comedy.
Swelihle Funekile
Swelihle Funekile Prije 21 dan
Alex is really funny but I couldn't finish this video, I still need my brain cells to finish school.
Anna Shimon Korol
Anna Shimon Korol Prije 22 dana
"I'm gonna put some pickles in your chocolate milk"
Anonymous Nomore
Anonymous Nomore Prije 22 dana
Imagine being able to fart in Morse code
*/ evening \*
*/ evening \* Prije 22 dana
Halfway through the video I forgot this was supposed to be mean girls
ENTER A NAME Prije 23 dana
Why are the "plastics" wear just like my mom
kenneth dzengedza
kenneth dzengedza Prije 23 dana
Im so glad I didn't watch it .... Or I forgot
Critica 77y
Critica 77y Prije 23 dana
I didn't like Mean Girls 1. I am getting nervous.
Lady Blake
Lady Blake Prije 24 dana
Ha. I didn't know that crocodiles can't move their tongues.
WeiYinChan Prije 25 dana
Mean girls more like Criminal Girls
Brielle De Martin
Brielle De Martin Prije 25 dana
Honestly, I actually love this movie 😂😂
Louis Jefferies
Louis Jefferies Prije 25 dana
It's the bimbo from Until Dawn
staaaaaaaaa Prije 26 dana
The girl who is getting triggered because of sexism at the beginning says "lets solve this like men" and plays football like this isn't sexist enough for both male and female
Cami Potter
Cami Potter Prije 26 dana
who names their dog coco chanel. lIke, really.
Minallutii Prije 26 dana
I legitimately don’t want to watch this movie XD
Khaan Sulu
Khaan Sulu Prije 27 dana
Wait, does Tim Meadows play the same character in this one?
𝔗4𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔡𝔇!𝔞𝔪0𝔫𝔡§ Prije 27 dana
Look i seriously can’t see Meaghan Martin aka Tess the same after watching Until Dawn like, it’s crazy how you cover like 3 shows that includes the same actors from Until Dawn
IMnotF1NE Prije 27 dana
Mandi also looks like the girl from mean girls 1 which is “fetch”
Sakina.B Prije 27 dana
' i'M nOt LiKe oTheR gOrlS ' ok y/n 🙄
TheDounutIsHere Prije mjesec
"do i LOOK like most girls?" I mean, yeah
heh Prije mjesec
"Do I look like other girls?" ma'am, MA'AM! *coughs* this ain't a Wattpad.
liana liana
liana liana Prije mjesec
No one ask for your opinion
Woofzynskier Prije mjesec
original mean girls to mean girls 2 be like: Oh my god i love your script where'd you get it?
bbqdrumsticks Prije mjesec
I can actually agree alex
12345 67890
12345 67890 Prije mjesec
It's funny when people (women) blame white men on their gender and race when they create something bad, but don't talk about their gender and race if they create something good like movies they like, cars, technology, etc. 🧐
12345 67890
12345 67890 Prije mjesec
To those blaming white men for this *cough* extreme feminists *cough* this was directed by a woman and 2/3 of the writers were women.
Sterconium Prije mjesec
The original movie was also interesting because the main character was totally estraneous from the American High School world, so everything was a new discovery. To her (and the non US viewer) every single interaction was like venturing on a new planet; to the US viewer was like... the first day of High School! Also it is just better written, better casted, better everything.
Madeline Sartori
Madeline Sartori Prije mjesec
Why did they drag the principal into this?! Get him OUT of this movie _now_
Elora Michniak
Elora Michniak Prije mjesec
Ok, but the fact that this movie centers around Jo being a tomboy, when she so obviously isn't...
Strawberry Prije mjesec
She is a pick me girl 🙄
Incite Prije mjesec
As a kid I completely understood Mean Girls 1 But Mean Girls 2 made 9 or 10 year old me so lost. Like I went to my mom & aunt explaining that I didn't know what was going on that it just felt like a fever dream (cause I learned what fever dream meant)... Then again I also preferred Jacob (really Alice but I just picked between the maim guys) from Twilight cause Edward scared me & gave me nightmares. Crying to my mom that Edward was just staring at me & wouldn't leave me alone. So cool... My sisters preferred Edward but why... Idk
Forshame 4737
Forshame 4737 Prije mjesec
I feel like this movie could have done better if it wasn't under the mean girls title. Because it is considered mean girls 2, the bar is VERY high and nonetheless this movie didn't meet it.
Marina DE BURGOS MEDEL Prije mjesec
One of the weird facts about Mean Girls is that Lindsay Lohan played the 'I'm not like other girls" simply using the cultural differences since she was raised in Africa and not America, so it could look like any girl going through the adaptation process
Vivian Violette
Vivian Violette Prije mjesec
Abby's parents are both TRUE to be crazy! NO parent(s) would actually PAY for their child(ren) to have FRIEND(S)! So Mean Girls 2 also seems NOT RIGHT to me. And plus rich people would have any of their children attending private schools.
Caio Ronnau
Caio Ronnau Prije mjesec
I thought 365 was the worst movie you had ever seen...
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Prije mjesec
probibly the reason why they apeal to the broadest audiance by saying they are not like other girls is because most girls think that while mot boys are confused when they are unique
TheR3alAcorn Prije mjesec
Is it just me or does chick in the green shirt at 10:19 look like Harper from Wizards Of Waverly Place
Isaiah Caston
Isaiah Caston Prije mjesec
How did I never notice the principal was the same lol
lil diva
lil diva Prije mjesec
the first mean girls very accurate with the type of bullying you see in high school. and the way the girls acted and talked too. this on the other hand…
Kara Williams
Kara Williams Prije mjesec
I couldn't even finish this movie it was so bad😭
Claire Anselment
Claire Anselment Prije mjesec
"maybe youre right...girls arent so bad" stfu pick me girl
Frank Dufek
Frank Dufek Prije mjesec
“Ignore the pigtails... I was more naive back then.” Wut?
Kara Williams
Kara Williams Prije mjesec
Right!?😭 All of us had pigtails!!
KamoDoge Prije mjesec
I have replayed 3:53 like 20 times and I cannot understand a word of what she says.
Alissa Carter
Alissa Carter Prije mjesec
"Ugh. Oh my God. Who fed Coco Chanel?"
JenniferCoolidgeisLife Prije mjesec
I own her exact same red Vespa, probably same year too. So I’m a bad ass biker chick now huh ?
Manoftomorrow79 Prije mjesec
I didn't even know that a sequel for Mean Girls happened until I came across this video so that should tell you how forgettable the sequel must be.
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije mjesec
Don't make evil normalized please! GOD IS COMING REPENT! BEFORE IT'S LATE!!!! Be baptized with Holy Spirit and water. Deuteronomy 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." God isn't an monster God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past. God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Zainab Bharmal
Zainab Bharmal Prije mjesec
Could you do a review for easy A
_curlsss Prije mjesec
the only good part was having the OG principle
Slein 105
Slein 105 Prije mjesec
So, she just admitted to commiting a crime? To her face?!
Red Wolf BG
Red Wolf BG Prije mjesec
How to make a horrible sequel:just drop the first ones storyline
Haley Lightcake
Haley Lightcake Prije mjesec
They all want to go to the same college as their mom but I’ve never met a person who only talks about going to the same college as their mom
Liv Wilson
Liv Wilson Prije mjesec
This is very odd. My entire group is just gay kids who are neither popular nor unpopular (although there really isn’t “popularity” in high school) this whole “men do man stuff and woman do girl stuff like wear pink and start drama” thing doesn’t really make sense. Nor does the “girly”+bitchy=popular thing. I AM VERY CONFUSED BY THAT ASPECT OF THE MOVIE
Unusual Username
Unusual Username Prije mjesec
Honestly even back then it didn't make much sense. I still remember some dude thought cooking for yourself was "girly" and the rest of my male classmates were just, "Dude, how the hell are you going to feed yourself if you can't cook?".
red lmao
red lmao Prije mjesec
sucks that i now have to add mean girls to the list of those who suffer from shitty sequal/reboot-itis
I_am_lowkey_weird .-.
I_am_lowkey_weird .-. Prije mjesec
Mean girls 1 was good because of how true it was Regina took revenge on people by ruining their reputation in school. Bootleg Regina(cant bother to learn her name) went over the edge to do something harmful and stupid. Gretchen was someone who couldn't be without a leader which was true but she was her own character she wanted to get revenge on Regina. Bootleg Gretchen was just a mindless minion. And the one they did so dirty was Karen she was the kind of stupid that would be funny the bootleg version of her is the kind of stupid that just makes you wonder what the hell happened to her Karen is your average ''slut character'' because of how she acts for example the thing with her cousin but her bootleg version is simply just the character who gets a new boyfriend all the time the nice thing about Means girls 1 is that it was realistic how school can actually be and feel like Mean girls 2 is a wattpad fanfiction written by a 11 year old
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