Jessie was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Miraculous Ladybug is the dumbest show...

Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...

Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb

Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 5 mjeseci
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Venom Prije mjesec
@PinkCutie515 sorry I was in a streak also I don’t really think he was first but OK
Venom Prije mjesec
@PinkCutie515 Ok😁
Venom Prije mjesec
@Albert Ismalaj You’re a fourth grader if you think miraculous is a great show it’s a horrible show and you should never watch that for that show for fourth graders
PinkCutie515 Prije mjesec
@Venom Oop, I didn't really give context about that. I was congratulating Alex's comment for being first, not mine. Also, the comment I made was 3 months ago- I wouldn't really consider a comment made by the creator to be a big achievement now lol 😅
Venom Prije mjesec
@PinkCutie515 nobody cares if you’re number one and you’re probably not the first comment
Music Lists
Music Lists Prije 17 sati
After seeing #Grammarly on this video I want to gouge my eyes out
Mythalieon Prije 20 sati
7:52 Define the word “plot convinience”
MAL Verc
MAL Verc Prije dan
In Texas we do not eat armadillos lol
Rodolfo Garcia Torres
Rodolfo Garcia Torres Prije dan
No hate I understand how you can see it weird but in my opinion I loved it I also love your videos and the options in them
Kid Glitch09
Kid Glitch09 Prije dan
Alright. I'll give this one to you. But not the Henry danger one
tucker hutchison
tucker hutchison Prije dan
this shows goated
The channel
The channel Prije 2 dana
did you know that bunk'd is a follow up tv show to this show.
Blonp Prije 3 dana
2:51 took a bit to realize the reference
Johny Boy 2.0
Johny Boy 2.0 Prije 3 dana
4:02 lmao
peppernsal Prije 4 dana
8:32 binda kus sro
Legion221D Prije 5 dana
Parents have so many kids they don't even parent them at all and live them with butler
Nik Tri
Nik Tri Prije 7 dana
7:12 Eternals (2021)
Opal Prije 7 dana
growing up watching this and then someone pointing out it weird:
kashif zia
kashif zia Prije 7 dana
Do bunk'd
data 0oo0o
data 0oo0o Prije 8 dana
I've always thought Jesse was supposed to be like 25. I can't believe she's supposed to be a teenager
Jack Lannie
Jack Lannie Prije 8 dana
Really fucking weird and confusing fact: This show takes place in the same universe as the Ultimate Spider-man show
Just J
Just J Prije 8 dana
cotwix Prije 9 dana
do bunked next
Possessed Potato Bird Official
Possessed Potato Bird Official Prije 9 dana
Jessie was my CHILDHOOD
Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar Prije 10 dana
dude you dont know how to draw black people fr
Possessed Potato Bird Official
Possessed Potato Bird Official Prije 9 dana
How else is he supposed to draw them
Adam Blastedq
Adam Blastedq Prije 11 dana
Hey I like this show
Typsy Prije 14 dana
I have grammarly 🤣🤣🤣
The_man markevion
The_man markevion Prije 15 dana
Bertram’s nightmare: Ms.Chesterfield
agnes,, Prije 17 dana
"I've lived in Japan for twelve years, I know where this is going" how come no one is talking about that??
Kinley Lyons シ
Kinley Lyons シ Prije 17 dana
Do you think you could do the maze runner please!!!
robert kristiansen
robert kristiansen Prije 17 dana
We all know Emma is the best character because of how hot Peyton List is.
Katz Prije 18 dana
emma when ravi says violence is not the solution: get outa here nerd
Crazy Snake
Crazy Snake Prije 18 dana
Chicken Ala
Puffy The Unicorn
Puffy The Unicorn Prije 19 dana
0:38 Grammarly actually worsens your grammar.
Possessed Potato Bird Official
Possessed Potato Bird Official Prije 9 dana
entername Prije 19 dana
Holy crap, it’s Chirag Gupta, god king of the universe
CyborgNinja Prije 19 dana
Rip we miss you Cameron
Tophatter's Music
Tophatter's Music Prije 20 dana
I live in texas. Can confirm we *definitely* eat armadillos at school
the - n00bie
the - n00bie Prije 21 dan
Angelina Jolie can't kill the space squid because he is fighting deviants at marvel,
shhhh Prije 21 dan
pls why do the jokes have me rolling
shhhh Prije 21 dan
AmyX Prije 22 dana
I think the point was, teen girls wanted to BE Jessie. And the guys wanted to date her.
Jaime Abaya
Jaime Abaya Prije 23 dana
Can you do Girl Meets World, Liv & Maddie,.The Thundermans, and Stuck in the Middle please and thank you
Rowan Conway
Rowan Conway Prije 23 dana
me not knowing there was a litaral GRAMMARLY add
Andrew Tillapaugh
Andrew Tillapaugh Prije 24 dana
origamipein18 Prije 25 dana
Cameron. 😢
jessiah marielle
jessiah marielle Prije 25 dana
my new hobby is to pause randomly on alex meyers' video AHAHAHAH THE FRAMES ARE SO COOL & SO FUNNY TO LOOK AT
needles1987 Prije 25 dana
The oldest girl is Tory from Cobra Kai.
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson Prije 25 dana
Which show was better? JESSIE or The Nanny?
no Prije 25 dana
3:58 god that was so funny i remember why i loved this show
Hippie81 Prije 27 dana
Fun fact: my school didn’t allow us to do grammerly on our cromebooks :)
Random channel
Random channel Prije 27 dana
I thought I would just get random videos when I searched “Jessie”. I was wrong.
Kairav. M🦋🦋
Kairav. M🦋🦋 Prije 28 dana
Say what you want, this show was💅💅💅
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 29 dana
I forgot how much I enjoyed this extremely cringy show.
♡ • s p a g h e t t i  g u t s • ♡
♡ • s p a g h e t t i g u t s • ♡ Prije mjesec
It was my childhood. Rest In Peace Luke
one shotguy
one shotguy Prije mjesec
The show is stupidity fun because it not make any sense
Rosie Couvillion
Rosie Couvillion Prije mjesec
Ur like my favorite youtuber! Love your videos you're so funny!!
Gabriella Saab
Gabriella Saab Prije mjesec
Can you do Faimily reonion???????????????
Kakak Zarra
Kakak Zarra Prije mjesec
Alex ,Jessie is from the military
Kakak Zarra
Kakak Zarra Prije mjesec
wow Alex that okey for school lunch ,for me at my high school lunch is plain french toast cut third 1/2 and original chicken nugget and Milo box
Smogget Prije mjesec
Tew bad you can't fly a helcoptah I'm from New York badda bing
MinecraftCosmic Prije mjesec
Y'know this show is pretty good, back then AND sometimes now whenever I watch it, but this show isn't flawless. It's kinda stereotypical, and the laugh track/pause during "jokes" and dialogue is kind of annoying, but it's still a pretty good show to watch.
Dylan thomas
Dylan thomas Prije mjesec
Yes but wierd is necessary bad
Knight Mare
Knight Mare Prije mjesec
Sorry but no. Although I respect your opinion, Jessie is one of the best disney shows ever and a very funny series
Essence Tune
Essence Tune Prije mjesec
This is a big way of saying think twice before you become a parent.
A_arini Prije mjesec
4:39 comedy gold
ChikaChika Prije mjesec
I remember being like 10-11 around the time my age group got into Harry Potter. The episodes had several references to the franchise which made it cooler in my 10 year old mind.
Darby the gamer
Darby the gamer Prije mjesec
I never saw the first episode and thought jessie was their older sister since I watched this video
allison rivera
allison rivera Prije mjesec
I thought I could practice my listening with that video but he speaks too fast ahhhhh. Sorry for my bad grammar 😅
Latedozer Prije mjesec
I learned to hate this show because of the intro song. My name is Jesse, so I had to hear this song sang to me sooo many times.
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth Prije mjesec
Murder is never the solution, mass murder is
sxnset_vybz Prije mjesec
it not weird its magical
Venom Prije mjesec
There any shows that you’re fine to go to because it’s not a weird show it’s just a regular show that’s good and it got famous nothing Weird
Marinus Willett
Marinus Willett Prije mjesec
This show had alot of good stuff, but I was never able to overlook the nerd-bashing. Ravi was my favorite character due to how EVERYONE (including the show's writers), kept screwing him over.
oopsie its henka
oopsie its henka Prije mjesec
Low key best Disney channel show The actors still genuinely make me laugh
Paxton Gerhart
Paxton Gerhart Prije mjesec
I’ve been binging Disney shows lately. Started on Hannah Montana, and Then That’s So Raven, and went to Raven’s Home, and now I’m on Jessie. It’s pretty good
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz Prije mjesec
Do you need help on your spelling no I pass 1st to 5th grade I don’t need help on the spelling specially you gramarly and Alex Myers
Abrusselsproutenthusiast Prije mjesec
Bertram is the best character in Disney gistory
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Prije mjesec
Idk why but in tv shows & movies I hate when random characters try & tell ppl”oh you need to love your family more or spend time with your kids more” I’m always like shut up mind your own business
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Prije mjesec
I saw a traveling nanny post and it paid 6 figures. It was for a rich family like in this show and if I would have saw it when I was single I would be on it like white on rice
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Prije mjesec
Just realized I’ve been unsubscribed from this channel
Hannah G
Hannah G Prije mjesec
Thevindu D
Thevindu D Prije mjesec
2021 Oct 6
sam brown
sam brown Prije mjesec
Bertram is basically the white Phillip banks.
Oscar Johnson
Oscar Johnson Prije mjesec
I knew Ward from Outer Banks looked familiar
Anderson Luttrell
Anderson Luttrell Prije mjesec
As a kid who watched Jesse because I was that age when it came out, it’s fairly funny and enjoyable
sai nikam
sai nikam Prije mjesec
dude, there is the same show in India too lol it has the same characters
Conor Cecil
Conor Cecil Prije mjesec
My school didn’t even have lunch food and we had to bring lunch
Labo Prije mjesec
Alex Meyers also said that he lived in japan for twelve years in the we can be heros movie
Water Fall
Water Fall Prije mjesec
weird = good
Lucy Prije mjesec
I'm gonna cry over Cameron
Lucy Prije mjesec
R.I.P. Cameron Boyce you made me laugh so much as Luke
Lucy Prije mjesec
I loved Jessie
SirBoba5161 Prije mjesec
how dare you im 14 and i still watch it
Smt64 Productions
Smt64 Productions Prije mjesec
How dare he what?
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Prije mjesec
3Donkerlokje3 Prije mjesec
Yes i want to watch Cardcaptors its my favo show :D
Mitchell George
Mitchell George Prije 2 mjeseci
Bertram is the only character I remember because he carried the show.
Troll Prije 2 mjeseci
okay you be a critic to literally anything but you do put hate on jessie.RIP camreon boyce
Smt64 Productions
Smt64 Productions Prije mjesec
Have you not watch the whole video? Or are you just trolling???
Tessa Barnes
Tessa Barnes Prije 2 mjeseci
Catcalling isn't really hitting on girls or trying to compliment them. It's about insecure men trying to assert their dominance over women, who can't stop them. Because what women who values her life insults a man or group of men? It's about men having power and women not. It makes them feel strong to make others weak.
olga Aguilar
olga Aguilar Prije 2 mjeseci
Para cuando esto en español
Bark Prije 2 mjeseci
2:53 only a few people get this joke
Simply Jaz
Simply Jaz Prije 2 mjeseci
uhmmm Tony’s accent definitely changed over the show
TAEKOOKIE!!! Prije 2 mjeseci
now you need to see bunk'd XD
tehct Prije 2 mjeseci
top show from when i was young
Spidey Indi
Spidey Indi Prije 2 mjeseci
I like bunk’d
Spidey Indi
Spidey Indi Prije 2 mjeseci
OMFG I just now realize this is a prequel to the show Bunk’d
the new iCarly is utterly bizzare...
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