Mean Girls was a weird movie...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 6 mjeseci

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Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb

Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey guess what?? The video got copyright claimed anyway haha. If you enjoyed it, please consider watching a few of my other videos. These videos take a long time to make so you can probably understand how rough it is for me to have one of them make zero revenue heh heh 😥
Sara Prije mjesec
@Omari A Primary cringe.
Teacher Cyndi
Teacher Cyndi Prije 2 mjeseci
This makes me so sad. Don’t worry, binge watching your videos lol!
cloudi Prije 2 mjeseci
Can u do one about liv and maddie
Phoebe Livesay
Phoebe Livesay Prije 2 mjeseci
Good job. You talked about how sexist school dress code is and how weird male teachers are. I applaud you
sjahbw Prije 3 mjeseci
Nanner Prije 4 sati
“Yeah same thing happened when I was in high school and I spent 90% of my time jerki..” Cmon finish your sentence
Katertot Prije 4 sati
The real question is if she lived there for what, 12 years, wouldn't she have an accent?
Elite_user Prije 5 sati
5:43 you already know its gonna be bad when theres a group called the furries
Parkat Dev
Parkat Dev Prije 20 sati
i hate rom coms but i like this guy
Reaversal Prije dan
Binge watching went away to watch something else and somehow came back to Alex Meyers very good content man good job
D. DIAZ Prije dan
One thing I noticed that I dont think I ever got an answer to from the opposite sex was that pretty much all the pressure to look a certain way or do a certain thing was coming from the other girls. Who were often. supposed to be their friends. The guys rarely seemed to give a shit. Are girls really that toxic towards each other?
Sara Noor
Sara Noor Prije dan
aNd ThE hOmOsExUaLs😭😭
Lauren Kilpatrick
Lauren Kilpatrick Prije dan
Me being a lesbian-…….. 💀 2:02
starbo44 oder so
starbo44 oder so Prije 2 dana
4 good ones. Aka (at least) Heathers and Mean girls
Belda Williams
Belda Williams Prije 2 dana
One time the pretty girls in my class were presenting a project on egyptian landmarks. I chose the Hippodrome in Alexandria and the pretty girls chose the pyramid. I said "Which one?". That caught them off guard.
lorelle french
lorelle french Prije 2 dana
5:45 just look at those tables it made me laugh
Tyler Kochman
Tyler Kochman Prije 2 dana
FYI, it was not “wherevertown USA”. It was explicitly Evanston, Illinois on Chicago’s North Shore, if I recall correctly. The school is the fictional “North Shore High”. They specifically mention local institutions like Walker Bros and Hecky’s, and Old Orchard Mall. Tina Fey had spent some time in her young adulthood working in Evanston.
Osaki Prije 2 dana
The fact you can’t criticize this show on its stereotypes because they created a ton of these stereotypes ☠️
Abby Prije 2 dana
Its actuallt funny
_Avaa_ Prije 2 dana
"So we could fight the dinosaurs, and the hOmosAxuals"
Dandy Dabber dude
Dandy Dabber dude Prije 2 dana
KhanhKe Prije 3 dana
Swimmy Blitz
Swimmy Blitz Prije 3 dana
I was today years old when I realized that regina is christine palmer from dr strange 😭
Brett Y.
Brett Y. Prije 3 dana
umm it's just a remake of's not ground breaking
Trinity Wr
Trinity Wr Prije 4 dana
He’s funny😂😂😂
Fard__king👑 💨
Fard__king👑 💨 Prije 4 dana
Here is an advertisement skip ⏭ 1:43
Levi Tanner
Levi Tanner Prije 5 dana
Yeah, I genuinely always felt bad for Cady because she had to apologise at the end as if she was the only one who made mistakes, but Janis pushed her into hanging out with Regina and the others - Cady was scared to say no. I don't remember, did Janis ever apologise for that? Because she really should have - it was partly her fault. And then also, obviously, Regina herself behaved horribly, but was made out to be a victim at the end. Just because she was in an accident doesn't mean she shouldn't have to apologise for her appalling behaviour. I dislike this "be the bigger person" mentality - it always blames the victim. The person who behaved the worse should really try their best to apologise, get help, and change - we need to expect that from them.
Oni Prije 5 dana
Fun fact, teachers aren't allowed to not let u use the toilet. It's against t he geneva convention, literally a war crime
Karma's Pimp
Karma's Pimp Prije 6 dana
Hey, almost everyone in HS back in 2004 dressed like a 5 year old.
Loafy Sloush
Loafy Sloush Prije 6 dana
One of the best movies wver
Legion221D Prije 6 dana
I love that this movie had actor who si now in The Blacklist he dated Regina
ETPS Prije 6 dana
3:37 Tell me about it. In seventh grade, I think, too many kids were skipping class and hanging out in the bathrooms, so the school started a new thing where you could only leave class to use the bathroom three times a semester. A _semester._ You could go in between classes and before and after school, but god forbid you were like me and had, ah, personal issues, and you had to go quite frequently. And I constantly wonder why I left regular school. :'D
Flimango Prije 6 dana
3:36 What I'm about to say get me sad all the time,my teacher always get so mad that I want to go to the bathroom,cause she says;"you should have gone on break",like dude!?,How could Ik that it's just in the time she wants me to go I will go!? BRO I HATE MY TEACHER,IM NOT "JOKING"
Luisa Godinho
Luisa Godinho Prije 6 dana
Don’t worry Alex, you were a cutie (for real tho) and all those girls got no taste 🤙🏻
𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖞
𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖞 Prije 6 dana
I liked Regina even tho she was a ass deep down inside she was going though a lot and she didn’t know how to face her emotions almost every mean girl is a bully bc they’re insecure and probably lived with parents with high expectations so every time ur bullied try and notice if the bully is sad or acts weird around you other than being mean
mish mash
mish mash Prije 7 dana
Good report cards or I high IQ is bad for some jobs one being a police officer. IF you have a high IQ then there's no becoming a uniformed officer for you....why ? To be accepted as an law officer the reason as to why a lower IQ is required is cuz the evil scum sucking pedophilia butt knockers who literally control the world want a man that's obedient easily suggestible (easy to program) follows orders without question even if it's wrong dont question nothing ignorant as all hell. Basically someone that can be programmed into a universal soldier (john claude-van damn movie) for the streets. What's the biggest street gang ? If you've done ur research & stopped accepting the lies repeatedly told to you at birth & no longer ignorant of "crazy" things & TRULY seeing for the first time with your eyes of this world & how things work what's going on ect. Then you'll already know that it is police force lol.
Caroline Mary
Caroline Mary Prije 7 dana
You wanna feel old? The people born when Mean Girls came out are graduating high school in June. I should know, I’m one of those 2004 babies
Alexandra S.
Alexandra S. Prije 7 dana
Im learning English, can someone tell me what the j he says in the minute 0:44? Pleasesss
Daf Prije 8 dana
looool!!!i know this is a movie, but we definitely have good schools in Africa for her not to be home-schooled
Lunar_inky YT :/
Lunar_inky YT :/ Prije 8 dana
The dislike button looks great today……
𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕒...𝔸𝕖𝕡 Prije 8 dana
14:54 I can feel her pain
𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕒...𝔸𝕖𝕡 Prije 8 dana
11:06 Well I did that but, it was a piece of hair-
Dr. Chef Draws
Dr. Chef Draws Prije 8 dana
8:52 Me: it’s TomMYInNiT
Beaster the mad man!
Beaster the mad man! Prije 8 dana
Hahahaha HahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahaha
Yanni Hugo
Yanni Hugo Prije 9 dana
Zebra Prije 9 dana
Man that old German teacher has a weird ass pronounciation, barely understandable
CRUPSY Prije 9 dana
i thought mean girls was a kids moive until they said that (3:00) either that or im rlly dirty minded
yerination Prije 9 dana
i havent even seen this movie, but judging by the clips, this is the best teen movie ever.
TechnicalManz Prije 11 dana
2:05 lmao
Mathwiz 314
Mathwiz 314 Prije 11 dana
3:36 On your point about asking to go to the bathroom when in school, I thought the rule was in place to minimize multiple students pretending to stay out for time in the bathroom to skip class while having an excuse like “oh, I had a sore stomach” when they just lied to ditch class while minimizing the consequences by showing up for attendance. Having that said, is there a better alternative to let people freely go to the bathroom for actual bathroom use without people abusing the privilege to skip class?
ian sebastian
ian sebastian Prije 12 dana
Yall talk crap on John Huges yet No teen movie later then 2004 been able to pull off a WEED smoke sesh in a HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY
SpaceLlamas 17
SpaceLlamas 17 Prije 13 dana
What does he mean by Ja
Nightmare Doxies
Nightmare Doxies Prije 13 dana
I'm pretty sure this is suppose to be in Skokie, Ill or near it 🙂
mikail shakes
mikail shakes Prije 14 dana
oddsmack1972 Prije 14 dana
LiLo looked good before all the drugs and gangbangs.
Natalie Prije 15 dana
no, it was ✨iconic✨
Tina Crisostomo
Tina Crisostomo Prije 16 dana
Him explaining the beauty standards today had me rolling XDD
No Prije 16 dana
*sees table chart* Oh god roblox or furry.... This is a joke-
Brote McA
Brote McA Prije 16 dana
Teens in movie: Woah, thats totes amaze babes. You look like such a fetch chick in that fit. Actual teens: thats not poggers dude, can i get a bruh moment?
Jeff is Jeff
Jeff is Jeff Prije 16 dana
Xsjd Nxkx
Xsjd Nxkx Prije 16 dana
Jolie Fille
Jolie Fille Prije 16 dana
Shes not a lesbian shes Lebanese that was the biggest joke in the movie
Finz Prije 17 dana
are schools in US really like this ?
stepsis sophia
stepsis sophia Prije 17 dana
I have this movie downloaded on my phone
shrimpified Prije 17 dana
wait so to make regina turn like a normal student she had to be ran over a bus?
ANISUR RAHMAN Prije 17 dana
My guy you think everything is strange
Aadilah Abrahams
Aadilah Abrahams Prije 18 dana
This movie always makes me feel like I never went to high school
Juan Morazan
Juan Morazan Prije 18 dana
Super bad is the best teen high school movie
Justa Guy
Justa Guy Prije 19 dana
The reason many of these movies really don't work for me is the romantic goal in many of them. Usually it's the dorky "Ugly girl" who wants to get the hottest and most popular boy. We are supposed to learn that stereotypes are wrong and all that as she takes off her glasses and is suddenly beautiful. Except if we are talking about not following stero types why do they always want the hottest guy? They complain about the guys only wanting the hot girls but they do the exact same thing....
Jeff is Jeff
Jeff is Jeff Prije 16 dana
I mean I don’t think this movie has to do with that. I mean I don’t get how this conversation happened though so if you’re not talking about this movie then I completely agree with you. The only dumb thing to me is the MC being all sad and mad for a guy and taking it so seriously. Although I’ve never fallen for real people before so I guess I wouldn’t know. It would be fun if the character didn’t fall in love but just not date anyone at all. Or like changes cause they want to and no strings attached.
Polina Lee
Polina Lee Prije 19 dana
Don't read ahead is a very stupid rule
Bunny_DaChristian09 Prije 19 dana
10:06 👁️👄👁️
Cj Boriotti
Cj Boriotti Prije 19 dana
clueless was great. change my mind.
iris.mp3 Prije 19 dana
LovelyViolet Prije 20 dana
I loved when Gretchen said “It’s been a month and we all we’ve done is made Regina’s face smell like a foot”
Akin Turhan
Akin Turhan Prije 20 dana
you actually do not nned permission to go to the bathroom in jail, just saying.
Scott Dassler
Scott Dassler Prije 20 dana
"You've become the very thing you swore to destroy! You were the chosen one!"
DahliaRoseComedi Prije 21 dan
I love mean girls all thou some scenes were weird though
Hi Prije 21 dan
Boy: got created the bull action rifle so that mankind can fight the dinosaurs, and the homosexuals Me being a homosexual: well f-
Møøđśwïńğ Prije 22 dana
3:41: *it's worse in British schools.*
Boblobblah4 Prije 22 dana
I love this movie! It was a hilarious and smart chick flick. Tina Fey is a rock star!
Kenzie Waltz
Kenzie Waltz Prije 24 dana
Your videos are hilarious. I'm cracking up over here with the jokes and the animations. Way to go, man. Love your channel.
Isattathecreator Prije 25 dana
Everyone is saying this was so realistic to their high school experience. I grew up in the hood. Regina George would’ve gotten rolled on in 9th grade.
Romee Olivia
Romee Olivia Prije 25 dana
you missed the whole joke. she told regina she was “lebanese” and she twisted it and said she was a lesbian
dante&janet Elupre
dante&janet Elupre Prije 26 dana
Adrian Castro
Adrian Castro Prije 26 dana
I mean, yeah Regina is a horrible person but I had an instant crush with Rachel McAdams
Field Of Carnations - Check out MY CHANNEL
Field Of Carnations - Check out MY CHANNEL Prije 26 dana
I really don't understand this movie or the point it's trying to prove. I guess if someone was mean to you in 8th grade you get a new girl to be fake towards your middle school bully in order to get dirt on her. The funny thing is every character in this movie is equally awful including katie and her goth loser friend.
Minecraft Matthew
Minecraft Matthew Prije 26 dana
Look up what “queen” is in Latin.
ImalentStan Prije 29 dana
Havent you noticed that they make fun for being virgins but in that state you have to be 17 to concent. So it would be illegal if they weren't.
ItzNancy! #tysmFor50!!!
ItzNancy! #tysmFor50!!! Prije 29 dana
Love the 'abs: the musical' poster in his background 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
bruhh Prije mjesec
mean girls is dramtisized but some of the issues and the way the characters dealt with those issues WERE PERFECTION. i loved it so much I wish I could brainwash myself to be able to watch it again
freegameskidsteens Prije mjesec
You aren't wrong with what you say at the end. That Y2k / early aughts era wasn't so nice to female celebrities, and the entire Free Britney era has gotten people to talk about that again
Its me dio
Its me dio Prije mjesec
you should have hired me for the spanish channel lol i watched disney as a kid on tv so... plenty of memorised spanish disney quotes lol (still think english ones are better)
Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar Prije mjesec
regina is such a queen!
Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar Prije mjesec
gawd, i love this movie so much!
Mariale1997 Prije mjesec
I keep thinking that this will only happen in North America, I mean, I’m not seeing this happen in Latin America 🤔
Madeline Sartori
Madeline Sartori Prije mjesec
I thought her mum got tenure in America so they moved 🌍 Hahaha. She's been absorbed.
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN Prije mjesec
Finally! Someone who gets me
Incite Prije mjesec
Alex: "2004, what a time to be alive." Me, born in 2004: "Yeah... I mean I don't remember any of it but sure"
Lelanie Liebenberg
Lelanie Liebenberg Prije mjesec
the trope of popular girls being stupid might not be accurate for your school but it sure was for mine
Tiniest of Jesus
Tiniest of Jesus Prije mjesec
I dont care. Mean Girls is great
Meike Prije mjesec
I don't know if you only watch movies that are hyped at the moment but honesty I think Heathers is the best high school movie because it is just so f*cked up 😂
Randy Crawford
Randy Crawford Prije mjesec
Her mom didn’t lose her job she got a job somewhere else
Afrodite Vapes
Afrodite Vapes Prije mjesec
My only gripe with this movie is that they say Africa as if the continent is 1 country.
Storm_the_beast Prije mjesec
It’s funny tho
alana Prije mjesec
u should do the human centiped lmaoo
Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...
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