that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you'll ever see...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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how is Teen Beach 2 a real movie...

The Kissing Booth 3 is hilariously dumb...

Riverdale is back, but at what cost...

He's All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

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Komentari: 9 062
Kyia Symone
Kyia Symone Prije 3 minuta
Not the tacky earing 💀
Patrick Mcgavin
Patrick Mcgavin Prije 2 sati
Disney for some reason can't allow villains to be villains anymore. Unless you've been living under a rock you know disney kinda took what happened with prince harry and meghan markle. Where the prince was an alpha male then meghan turned harry into a beta male.
Christopher Reichart
Christopher Reichart Prije 3 sati
We need to stop hate it tv and movie it need to Alex Meyer is lieing about your tvshow and movie stop him right is poop pants donst tv away
EGG Prije 9 sati
My biggest gripe are the costumes. They obviously wanted to allude to the Brandy movie but they just doesn’t look good in any sort of way. Completely bland. Also why is Cinderella’s hair at the ball just a flat braid? You have a whole sparkly dress (that really isn’t that special tbh) and you make her look especially awkward by giving her some basic hairstyle??
Timothy Martinez
Timothy Martinez Prije 11 sati
"This is definitely one of those girls who gets mad at you because of, like, what you did in her dream. Or something." Facts, she's Cuban.
MewsHeart151 Prije 12 sati
With a smile on his face like he feeds on the blood of children🤣
Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant Prije 17 sati
I don't think Hollywood has realized that a woman's femininity is a strength. All these feminists trying to act like men just end up being rude and insufferable.
brusslesprout99 Prije 17 sati
Alex meyers: "this is a huge, very high profile movie that everyone is talking about." Me: literally just found out it even exists and came here to see just how bad it was.
Bobinoz Prije 18 sati
This movie is Terrible
robbie strawbridge
robbie strawbridge Prije 19 sati
This movie was actively terrible, however not the worst movie I have seen. It embraces many good qualities about the characters and explores different topics throughout the movie. Although the movie is classified as a musical, if there was no singing or any of that stuff in this movie I think it would be way better.. The cast choice isn't so great as well and the effects are literally terrible. There are many pointless scenes and terrible humour as well. Overall i'd rate it 4.5/10..
mushpurple Prije 19 sati
I early choked when he cut to the stuttering little kid
Neimenovani Prije 21 sat
Step mother wasnt eaven that bad, i am on her side and isnt this europe? and what cenrury is that in???
Janetd25 Prije dan
Honestly we didn’t need another Cinderella. But since they did. They should had have casted someone else as Cinderella. Camila was not it. There was way too much singing and I love musicals but this was just annoying. Yes there was some funny parts to it but I wouldn’t watch it again.
emily harrison
emily harrison Prije dan
this is a complete distortion of the original story
emily harrison
emily harrison Prije dan
lol, why are there so many British comedians in this film
Junko Natsumizaka
Junko Natsumizaka Prije dan
Thanks a ton, Meyers! Watching your reviews gives me just enough info to talk with people who HAVE seen the movie, and at the same time, I'm saving the time and irritation I would've gotten from actually watching them. Your reviews are awesome, and for the movies I HAVE seen that you've reviewed, I usually agree with you on most points. That's when I know I've found a good reviewer: when they're not kissing the @$$ of a movie I despised.
King Donut
King Donut Prije dan
I can’t believe that Alex that get that Princess and the Frog reference.
◇ DarlinqDalia :(
◇ DarlinqDalia :( Prije dan
This movie is honestly so Freaking pointless to be made. It's so DUMB!
r j
r j Prije dan
The godmother was a flaming black guy? Check those boxes Hollywood.
Thomas R
Thomas R Prije dan
This movie is the embodiment of cringe.
Tyler Crain
Tyler Crain Prije dan
Like.... I so much rather be a peasant and starve than be a king.... muhahahah. Lol Even our fairy tale movies are becoming whiney cringe fests.
Kendo 2
Kendo 2 Prije dan
What about bibbidy-bobbbidy-do?
crayons Prije dan
Gotta admit, Camilla looked stunning in her dress at the ball. If only the rest of the movie wasn't a mess
Lenda Yibza
Lenda Yibza Prije dan
out of all disney movies why cinderella WHYYYYY
Jaydon Winger
Jaydon Winger Prije dan
godmother?? 😂. bruh dude has a BEARD. haha.
Dad Cooper
Dad Cooper Prije 2 dana
I swear- why can't people just keep their thoguhts to themselves-
Ware bro studios
Ware bro studios Prije 2 dana
Preach girl power 🤣🤣🤣😂
TailsNTales Prije 2 dana
We’re not always in pain! I’m not in pain right now! :> …. Weight…. I HAVE A BRUISE WERE MY BRO PUNCHED ME TODAY!
Sophie Magdalena
Sophie Magdalena Prije 2 dana
I actually enjoyed the movie. Yeah it’s very silly at times but I feel like it was always meant to be a cute family movie, nothing more… and can we please stop this narrative that Camila is a bully when she was literally bullied out of Fifth Harmony….
Sophie Magdalena
Sophie Magdalena Prije 2 dana
@alex ツ She never said anything bad about Normani, those were fake screenshots. Normani herself confirmed that they were good friends while in Fifth Harmony. Camila did repost some insensitive posts on Tumblr before she was in the group but she apologized for those.
alex ツ
alex ツ Prije 2 dana
Didn’t she say racist things about Normani and black people in general?
Alice Frankenfield
Alice Frankenfield Prije 2 dana
7:23 Most relatable thing I’ve heard
MrMo456 Prije 3 dana
This Cinderella feels like the kind of girl I'd highkey avoid in school And what happened to the gentle and nurturing godmother? :( She gave off such soft and comfortable vibes Everyone in this movie feels like an asshole in one way or another
Hiraganaかたな Prije 3 dana
where's the strawberry blonde hair that my only question
Caleb Yun
Caleb Yun Prije 3 dana
10:35 Cinderella had a frickin stroke
William Jaussi
William Jaussi Prije 3 dana
While watching scene with her fumbling words with that other queen, I said out loud “have you ever had a dream that..” only to be followed by that clip. I laughed so hard 😂
borders90 Prije 3 dana
The fabulous godmother because fairy would've been too hilarious and on point is a man in a dress.....right.
Broke Mr Turtle
Broke Mr Turtle Prije 3 dana
Here I am at 33, barely keeping it together. yep... me too..
The Destroyer Of Worlds
The Destroyer Of Worlds Prije 4 dana
They ruined the movie by making the fairy godmother a man. I ain’t gay Edit: taken I haven’t watched this, but the feminist man already shows that the movie sucks
Lex Prije 4 dana
8:09 Is the face i. make knowing this movie exists
Ylissandré Prije 4 dana
This whole movie seems like a parody of the original movie.
Okabe Rintarou
Okabe Rintarou Prije 4 dana
For the first time ever, Cinderella is uglier than her sisters.
Random Content Uploader
Random Content Uploader Prije 4 dana
The Snek Artist
The Snek Artist Prije 4 dana
this new cinderella is kind of a prideful jerk.
Anaïs B.
Anaïs B. Prije 4 dana
Still think that EverAfter is the best live action adaptation of the tale of Cinderella.
Jonathan-Paul Marois
Jonathan-Paul Marois Prije 4 dana
*BUT... BUT... BUT...* Why doesn't _EVERYBODY_ get a fairy godmother? Why only Cinderella? Can somebody explain that to us?
Jonathan-Paul Marois
Jonathan-Paul Marois Prije 4 dana
4:10 Isn't this were kings execute simple peasants just for making them raise their voice at them? Like public-style with a day of torture beforehand? You know... to set and example... to keep the peace, law & order and above all to enact fear and respect for the king? Lame!!!
Jonathan-Paul Marois
Jonathan-Paul Marois Prije 4 dana
All bow for Lord GigaChad
Alexa Murphy
Alexa Murphy Prije 4 dana
I have never disliked a video before- this is the first
Alexander Greene
Alexander Greene Prije 4 dana
Peasants have been killed for less than desecrating a dead kings honor, btw! Not to mention not calling the king “Your Royal Highness”. Not to mention the equivalent of waking, talking, dirt speaking to what’s supposed to be the descendant of God directly is uuuhh… She’d be tarred, feathered, put in stockings, and later executed.
Katelynn Cramer
Katelynn Cramer Prije 5 dana
when we watched it it was on a projector showing against like some weird ass white curtain that was like making folds and shii so when me and my friends watched it everyones noses looked huge and weird and they looked like their faces were made out of i dont know what so we were too busy laughing our asses of straight through the movie to even notice how bad it was
chevon1920 Prije 5 dana
Why did he make Camilla cabello black in the cartoons, lol. She’s white af 🤣🤣
Michelle Myat
Michelle Myat Prije 5 dana
And you should’ve put that part where Fab G asked Ella if you wanna go to that ball and she replied “Yes! I was just singing and crying about it like 2 minutes ago!”
Michelle Myat
Michelle Myat Prije 5 dana
Ummm… I feel like an alien cause, I actually enjoyed this movie! Because, it was actually pretty hilarious and in my opinion this is telling us a different moral, which is we can be who we want and how we will not stand on someone telling us what to do. And for Ella’s place is two morals, which is you don’t need no men to achieve, you can actually do what you want if you try and that you don’t need anyone to tell who you are gonna be! So…… it’s a pretty hilarious and great movie in my opinion……………..
silverblade357 Prije 5 dana
4:10 And that's how Cinderella got imprisoned or executed.
Sung Jin Woo
Sung Jin Woo Prije 5 dana
So you're 33 years old huh?
Zheka Zheka
Zheka Zheka Prije 5 dana
I love how this movie was made as “progressive” and to “empower women” yet all I see in this comment section is women saying it’s garbage
Lazslo L
Lazslo L Prije 5 dana
10:11 Yep. We are
Andrew K
Andrew K Prije 5 dana
This movie is a feminist Woke crap.
RemovedRhino381 Prije 5 dana
As a person who loves historical accuracy, this movie pisses me off.
Wesley Leigh
Wesley Leigh Prije 6 dana
I get that this movie seems so surface level and thus any critique of it will appear similarly mundane, but it just appears that you don't care to engage in any elaborate analysis. It seems like you just aren't here anymore because you care to compose this work but instead are driven to continue your following and just make more money.
A Vanilla Coke
A Vanilla Coke Prije 6 dana
I like to imagine the day a Cinderella movie starts playing in theaters some new movie company starts making another one.
Yoli MG.
Yoli MG. Prije 6 dana
The only two good Cinderella remakes in my opinion are Ever after: A Cinderella story with Drew Barrymore and A Cinderella story with Hillary Duff. Both of them portrait strong women that are suffering abuse from the ones that should be protecting them, but they kept on being caring, they were sweet and smart, in spite of what they were going through. To portrait a strong woman you don’t need to be sassy or annoying, the fact that the prince can say that he wants to choose her over the throne and that, that makes him a good a man, is mind blowing, but if she was the one giving up the throne for a man, the movie would have been cancelled and condemned as misogynistic.
Life's Ups and Downs Podcast By Asma
Life's Ups and Downs Podcast By Asma Prije 6 dana
It was such a weird movie they need to stop making Cinderella movies🙄
col06007 Prije 6 dana
I feel like Alex spent more effort thinking about this plot than the entire writers room.
Elsie Prije 7 dana
My favorite part about this movie, that baffles me so much, is their inexplicable decision to _downplay how bad Cinderella's home life is._ Alex already pointed out her absurdly clean, spacious, and brightly-lit basement bedroom, but that's not all. Cinderella is shown serving the stepfamily breakfast, like, once at the very beginning, and that's basically the only chore we see her do. Meanwhile, the stepfamily is shown out in the yard hanging laundry on the clothesline in _three separate scenes!_ Sure doesn't look like Cinderella's been made a servant in her own home to me! She's visibly clean as a whistle the whole time too, despite the narrator's claim that they call her Cinderella because she's always covered in soot from the fireplace. Like, bitch where?? Not to mention how she apparently has plenty of money to buy materials for her dresses, infinite free time to hang out in her room and work on said dresses, and no problem at all going out to the marketplace to try and peddle said dresses! Literally her only problem in life is that she's inexplicably not allowed to be a business owner in this bizarre society that's modern in basically every other way.
Anhellsin Prije 7 dana
You have to do sneakerella next lol
Blair Brown
Blair Brown Prije 7 dana
Actually, according to the all-knowing HRpost Algorithm,this show being reviewed here is far,far, worse than Cinderella and the Algorithm has been right thus far.
gaming zone
gaming zone Prije 8 dana
You roasted makeup youtubers 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Christer Andre
Christer Andre Prije 8 dana
Man you Just got a new subscriber😁👍
Isabella's Cool Channel
Isabella's Cool Channel Prije 8 dana
Tis movie Cinderella 2021 is really strange
J_G Prije 9 dana
J_G Prije 9 dana
J_G Prije 9 dana
J_G Prije 9 dana
J_G Prije 9 dana
J_G Prije 9 dana
Pea Nuts_Ma
Pea Nuts_Ma Prije 9 dana
A feminist Cinderella? I think 1998's "Ever After" did it far better and with much more finesse.
Whyjustwhy Prije 9 dana
Hey your hairs a mess go brush it isn’t mean it’s just parenting
Ben Prije 9 dana
How did amazon get to make this movie? Isnt cinderella owned by disney?
Mr. Slugman
Mr. Slugman Prije 9 dana
Who else though bust down Tatiana
Pro Potato
Pro Potato Prije 9 dana
I’m just glad I grew up with the OG Cinderella and not whatever this is
Jasmyn Delavega
Jasmyn Delavega Prije 10 dana
Were To?
Were To? Prije 10 dana
In the older days life spans were shorter
Dalisa Ramos
Dalisa Ramos Prije 10 dana
I’m sorry but the basement/Anthropologie comment took me out 😭
Top Arriveria
Top Arriveria Prije 10 dana
Ofc a movie that put a singer as an actress is gonna suck
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Prije 10 dana
Would have been more interesting if she got executed right after disrespecting the kings dead father’s statue.
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo Prije 10 dana
This movie was just so damm unnecessary
Janus Initiative
Janus Initiative Prije 10 dana
We got the Feminist Cinderella/ Beta Male Prince we didn't know we need...we didn't actually ever ever want OR need this, scratch that.
TDItaly98 Prije 11 dana
Idina Menzel simply is the best part of the movie
Oluwadamilola Akintewe
Oluwadamilola Akintewe Prije 11 dana
All I'm reading in this comment is "why are you stripping Cinderella of the qualities that makes her a girl; softness, kindness and make her masculine, bla bla Y'all better get out of that gender role Metaverse you're in. Girl doesn't mean softness, quiet, girl also means loud, opinionated, ambitious etc. This is what the new Cinderella is and I loved it!
BigMac Prije 11 dana This youtuber basically summarized it perfectly.
E N Prije 12 dana
The scene at 4:09 is so stupid. Honestly if this were realistic at all, Cinderella would have been executed right then and there for disrespecting the King. But, whatever. Its fine, she's the main character of course. She cant die and they needed some way to establish that Ella isn't "just like other girls."
TOM FOOLERY Prije 13 dana
Even my 10 year old daughter says this movie is gay
Roadkill Sarny
Roadkill Sarny Prije 13 dana
Dude, you attack people who like feet way too often. You can say 'it's just a joke' but it still comes across as you just trying to cover up the fact that you're into it yourself, like those dudes who are gay but try to cover it up by constantly spewing homophobic crap. BTW...this guy looks like he's into feet, because...why exactly? Because he looks weird? Is this seriously how you see people who are into feet?
NJ Prije 14 dana
I wanna see a movie where people don't make stupid decisions for people they met for 5 minutes. Robert abdicated (ABDICATED) the throne for a girl. Seriously? You couldn't just like find a different solution? You are literally the future king. I am positive you could have found a different solution.
SuperYumi1000 Prije 15 dana
I dont think this movie is all that good. Bc it makes no sence at all. 1. Cinderella is known that she did not have time to make even one dress, and here she is with all the free time in the World only makeing dresses and where did she get the money from to buy all the fabrik, fabrik that shoud not be there jet There holl time line is a mistere in it self... its all over the place
Higunner6 Prije 15 dana
"the dumbest thing you have seen", You obviously underestimate what I watch
C M Prije 15 dana
This movie is so unnecessary. Best description. But also weak poorly acted unfunny and completely transparent/false. It was marketed as a “girl power” movie. But she was strong bc she was loud and “quirky”!!? That’s the most one note insufferable female trope out there!! And she not quirky! She hot!!! Beautiful people are accepted regardless of personality, so it’s not believable that she’s a “normal” girl. And another review pointed out, all problems were solved by a man For Ella, she literally never fixed her life grew or solved problems. Disney did same crap with mulan!
Haveagoodday! Prije 15 dana
The prince legit sounds like George not found lmauuuu
Katie M
Katie M Prije 16 dana
The worst thing about this movie is that Cinderella is supposed to be this genius dressmaker and all the dresses she makes are uglier than every single other dress in the movie
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