the Riverdale writers have officially given up

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 2 736
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 2 mjeseci
Just a heads up, this video was made a little in advance so I dont cover the most recent episode. Turns out that episode explains more about the mothmen, but Im saving it for the season 5 finale video
Mini Me
Mini Me Prije mjesec
Can you please do Outlander?
Happening Good
Happening Good Prije mjesec
Can you do video reviews about not Nickelodeon tv show call The Thurman ?
Happening Good
Happening Good Prije mjesec
Canadian prepper
Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson Prije mjesec
You neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to do girl vs monster for halloween
SkylexHacks Prije mjesec
Do squid game
Miss Booklady
Miss Booklady Prije 3 sati
Ha! Holy moly I was saving these videos to watch after finally seeing the new episodes and decided to give up on catching up on Riverdale and just watch these anyway, but now I think I might need to reconsider 🤣 Queen of Bees? 🤦‍♀️🐝
MYLES MULDER Prije 21 sat
CsGo Maps
CsGo Maps Prije dan
4:20 hmm so many jobs , reminds me of a bald guy we all know..
Cp1 waberjåk
Cp1 waberjåk Prije 2 dana
I’ve never seen his last videos on river dale nor ever seen it and I am very very very confusé
Georgiana Sirbu
Georgiana Sirbu Prije 3 dana
do an episode about the mess they have in season 6 with the ”rivervale”
kentrell Prije 3 dana
“They graduated in 2020 and did a time jump 7 years alllll the way to 2021”🤣🤣
kentrell Prije 3 dana
5:16 Alex is ridiculous 🤣🤣
Spideyfan X Gaming
Spideyfan X Gaming Prije 10 dana
Remember Archie's Weird Mysteries? Why couldn't we get more seasons of THAT instead of whatever edgy fanfic Riverdale is?
A M Prije 13 dana
I literally stopped what I was doing so I could listen to what the truck driver told Betty because I thought i was missing something. Lord.
just me with my foot in my mouth
just me with my foot in my mouth Prije 19 dana
I genuinely think more people watch these videos than the actual show
reo Prije 22 dana
wtf is even going on anymore
Whitney Lashe'
Whitney Lashe' Prije 24 dana
It’s the musicals for me I just can’t 😭
Laiba Malik
Laiba Malik Prije 26 dana
Its the worst show ever but you still watch it but you only watched two episodes of The 100 and criticised it like you watched the entire show... Seriously dude🙄Either watch the entire show or don't criticize it... That's how you do it right 🙄....The 100 is one of the best shows ever but you criticised it so much it makes me mad🙄And you haven't even watched the first 5 episodes of the show...You just watched 2 episodes and made 2 videos criticising the entire 7 seasons show🙄And it's the only reason why I unsubscribed you
Jeffrey Tsao
Jeffrey Tsao Prije 26 dana
This show is a comedy right? The writers must be doing this so they can find the most insane ways to deliver the most absurd lines they can think of. Honestly, I think it might be fun to try writing for this show
Baileigh B
Baileigh B Prije 26 dana
Eww the Josie episode was awful.. any singing in this series is horrendous 🙄 I skipped through it all so plz tell me know if I missed anything.. I literally couldn’t deal✋🙉 the bad lip-syncing was beyond irredeemable IMO
E WF Prije 26 dana
Since supernarural is done we need someone to fight the yearly apocalypse. Maybe that'll be season 6.
Russell Ball
Russell Ball Prije mjesec
cant believe theyre doing a season 6 after that dumpster fire
Cassidy Mckenna
Cassidy Mckenna Prije mjesec
I have to agree 100% this season was painfully boring.
Ivo Petrov
Ivo Petrov Prije mjesec
The show is just so cringe now… damn
No Na
No Na Prije mjesec
Riverdale is when theater kids have collective fever dreams
Zara Bryant
Zara Bryant Prije mjesec
If they’re gonna have the seasons that close to each other they might as well just have one very long convoluted train wreck, but ofc they can’t miss out on all that good PR
Marina McKay
Marina McKay Prije mjesec
I no longer watch the show. I watch this instead. It's more fun.
MidoriBlade Prije mjesec
my fav part of this channel is the copy pasted ads
Maeve Fitzgerald
Maeve Fitzgerald Prije mjesec
Oh god and I thought cult-y D&D was taking things too far into the stupid zone
Jam Tom
Jam Tom Prije mjesec
eri koff
eri koff Prije mjesec
I agree, it was so boring
Sage 🌿🌻
Sage 🌿🌻 Prije mjesec
Who even knows you guys.
Mr Greeny
Mr Greeny Prije mjesec
HOW did I only just get the sexual pun when Cheryl said to Kevin “there’s a hole inside you that you’re trying to fill” NO😂
Sophia Connell6910
Sophia Connell6910 Prije mjesec
I actually love this show
Plush maker fan
Plush maker fan Prije mjesec
Cobra Kai seasons 2-3 because season 4 is coming priddy soon!
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli Prije mjesec
Shows like Hannibal get cancelled while mediocre shows like Riverdale, Supergirl and the Flash get 4, 5, 6 seasons.
Sage 🌿🌻
Sage 🌿🌻 Prije mjesec
Mimsy Prije mjesec
8:47 Alex not censoring this with some joke really caught me off guard
Jeorgette Perry
Jeorgette Perry Prije mjesec
The comics were boring too, so...way to go for following the canon?
Hailey Roberts
Hailey Roberts Prije mjesec
Archie is like Barbie at this point. So many careers.
Smogget Prije mjesec
I was in a medically induced coma earlier this year and the things I saw while I was under made more sense than Riverdale
Jesus Solange
Jesus Solange Prije mjesec
I like ur voice more at the end of the videos more sounds like you not what youtube asked of you
Jesus Solange
Jesus Solange Prije mjesec
Kranky. K!
Kranky. K! Prije mjesec
Kevin: Life is for Ass and dicks only!!! Also Kevin: Let's not do that and join a cult.
SV7 2100
SV7 2100 Prije mjesec
I'm pretty sure rabies has 100% mortality rate
Aizaia __
Aizaia __ Prije mjesec
Ya know those paintings where one person draws for 5 min and then swaps with someone else a couple times for a really random pic. Well thats the riverdale writers who write a page then sends it to the next guy until it comes back to them in the circle lol
Sea Snek
Sea Snek Prije mjesec
I haven't seen Riverdale since Gargoyle god it got even more screwed up...
Govind M.
Govind M. Prije mjesec
Riverdale is just built different
Isabel C
Isabel C Prije mjesec
wow didnt realize riverdale had full on gone blaspehemous on top of being absolutley insane
The Grove Collective
The Grove Collective Prije mjesec
People love sh***ng on this show 🤔 I've never seen it but I always watch these videos on HRpost. It sounds like a dumpster fire but I can't tell if it's one of those situations where it's just 'cool' to hate the show or not
Linh Cam
Linh Cam Prije mjesec
ok i used to not hate jughead bcus even it's cringy he's still quite logical but this seasons, come on, rat king, oh god lmao
Carl Aramouni
Carl Aramouni Prije mjesec
No one: Skype notifications: 2:37
FisforFenton Prije mjesec
how does this show still exist?
Faith Price
Faith Price Prije mjesec
"Archie just sounds like what a 6 year old wants to be when they grow up" 🤣
Marinus Willett
Marinus Willett Prije mjesec
Jason........... now Jesus. Ok. What? I hate my life. Also Donald Sanders is real. Because I said so
Liam Collinson
Liam Collinson Prije mjesec
What actually is riverdales plot does anybody including the writers even know
iReal Ghost
iReal Ghost Prije mjesec
i stopped watching at jughead got caught by some aliens
Clumsy Cat
Clumsy Cat Prije mjesec
Riverdale HAS to be a social experiment
Andrew M1911
Andrew M1911 Prije mjesec
Jughead getting rabies is the fakest shit of the entire show bc that shit has %100 mortality rate.
Just Peachy
Just Peachy Prije mjesec
are you explaining what’s happening ?because nothing feels explained 😩 definitely not your fault, pretty sure it’s just the writers, but literally wtf
Valerie Lawson
Valerie Lawson Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who got some Chandler Bing vibe at the beggining of the video? 🤭🤭🤭😂
Greetings Prije mjesec
Theresa Cherco
Theresa Cherco Prije mjesec
I love the never ending story joke
Zach Prije mjesec
Im ChErYl bLoSsOm👹 QUEEN oF tHe 🐝BEEEEEZ!🐝
Red Lemonade
Red Lemonade Prije mjesec
who are you? *I'm the king of the* _UnDeRwOrLd_
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty Prije mjesec
I forgot this show existed and I was so peaceful and now I'm sad. Too tired to sit down and actually watch it
Teresa Prije mjesec
qUeEn Of BeEs
Beauty &‘ Politics
Beauty &‘ Politics Prije mjesec
After years of staying on track: I finally gave up watching this mess, only here for your videos now hahah
Sandro Stegmaier
Sandro Stegmaier Prije mjesec
Still waiting on that "Euphoria is actually phenomenal" video.
GreenMamba Prije mjesec
You should review the show Prodigal Son. I think you will like it.
Helen Prije mjesec
Wait so… Cheryl just got on board and carried on this religion based around Jason?
RICK SAGE Prije mjesec
Wes Anderson ?
🌹 kusuo saiki 🌹
🌹 kusuo saiki 🌹 Prije mjesec
I watched the show to the point Cole sprouce “died”, but I never saw it I think that was season 3 or 4 but I guilt at that moment, I was bore
Sam Green
Sam Green Prije mjesec
i offer my deepest condolenses in advance for the careers of every actor/actress/writer/director/producer/....../gaffer EVER to have EVER worked EVER on this show EVER
Reginald Prije mjesec
Josie and the Pussycats giving a MLB pitcher run for their money. Makes me so grateful Josie left town, Veronica’s “signing” is enough
dashialanai Prije mjesec
This show is still on?! WHO IS WATCHING THIS
Nylothar Prije mjesec
Can't wait for the next riverdale video after the season finale lmao
Charly Prije mjesec
Why is Jason still a thing in this goddamn show
Livaël Prije mjesec
But... but they found a fricking alien skeleton in the maple syrup, they can't just brush it off as a "metaphor for trauma" bullshit, can they?
Shannon Bullock
Shannon Bullock Prije mjesec
dare I say…riverdale might be reaching that train wreck point where it’s so bad it’s good
Ben Simon
Ben Simon Prije mjesec
I am kind of getting there. It is turning more into a comedy like a "we can we get away with".
lararama Prije mjesec
It's going to get even more insane, bc they just announced sabrina is joining the cast next season. So now they are introducing witches and the devil 😆
Phillipa Kemi
Phillipa Kemi Prije mjesec
4:02 no but I actually gasped at how good Madelaine looks. She's fucking stunning
Just Beats 'n Beats
Just Beats 'n Beats Prije mjesec
Riverdale is just a fever dream.
martianmilktv Prije mjesec
I watched the first season - I kinda enjoyed it. I watched the second season - I didn’t enjoy it. I watched the first episode of season 3 - I haven’t seen one since. What the actual hell is this show 😂😂😂
MamaMOB Prije mjesec
You know when you hire a bunch of 20 somethings to play teenagers, 5 years later they STILL look like teenagers. Hearing what looks like a teenager say “my mines” is the weirdest thing.
batcat :)
batcat :) Prije mjesec
Can you make a video about Young Royals?
Rose Unicorn
Rose Unicorn Prije mjesec
Just until the finale.. and then ya will be really confused
APV Prije mjesec
As an Indian I can relate Riverdale to the daily soaps in India which go on for years n years and keep taking weird turns in the story making no sense at all 😂
SaftiX Prije mjesec
What the firetruck is this firetruck series
NekoEcho13 Prije mjesec
I literally only leave it on for background noise whenever I'm doing something time consuming. I don't even pay much attention anymore it's so bad. With that being said, I can still notice it has _WAAAY_ too many musical episodes, and *that* needs to stop.
Inaya Salimah
Inaya Salimah Prije mjesec
The doodle Alex watching with us in the corner brings me so much joy 😂😂 just genius
Pluto Prije mjesec
I stopped watching this after s3, my friend still watches and when she talks to me about it I can never understand whats going on anymore.
Angelic Chryzel
Angelic Chryzel Prije mjesec
I stopped watching at the beginning of Season 4…what happened?¿?¿?¿?
Trasen56 Prije mjesec
2:15 tmw you watch too much iasip.
Vera Boukhonine
Vera Boukhonine Prije mjesec
I haven’t watched this show since the first season what the heck is going on. Why’s their an eldritch terror has riverdale just become Sabrina. I’m so confused right now 😣.
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice Prije mjesec
BRO YES!!!! I accepted that Riverdale was crazy and nonsense, but I kept watching cuz it was just so damn addicting and interesting every step of the way. But this season was so damnnnnnn boring that I actually decided to stop watching the show and just watch these reviews from now on lol
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese Prije mjesec
How this isn’t canceled yet is beyond me.
Xavier P
Xavier P Prije mjesec
I used to like to laugh at this show and it was fun to watch but now it really is so bad, it’s not even funny. 40 minutes of boringness…
marimar danzo
marimar danzo Prije mjesec
estoy intentando aprender ingles con tus videos xdd hablas muy rapido
RhiaXtra Prije mjesec
I haven’t watched since S3 and I’m so glad I quit watching. How is this show still on the air? 🤣🤣🤣
Valentina Prije mjesec
Gnomes Prije mjesec
Lit life S
Lit life S Prije mjesec
Better title should be "alex meyers doesnt make any sense"
Kiddeee Prije mjesec
I also enjoyed the pussycats-episode. :D
Retribution Prije mjesec
It's crazy how that I'm watching Riverdale through your videos. I had given up on that show after season 1
But WHY is Riverdale's Writing so Cringey?
Quinn Curio
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the new iCarly is utterly bizzare...
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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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Riverdale is already a mess again...
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