Alex Meyers: The Musical

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 13 dana

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Komentari: 1 052
hii_im_trash Prije 24 minuta
The animation, the music, the lyrics and just the pure work put into it is AMAZINGGGG! Great job Alex👏
serotonin Prije 15 sati
when will “shut up you’re not my real dad” be on spotify? please i need it for my “hopeless emo reflecting on life” playlist 🖤😔
MrTigriuS Prije 19 sati
Amazing! :D
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra Prije 22 sati
The start is literally every bleach opening lmao
Jackob Abiy
Jackob Abiy Prije dan
The first song is genuinely catchy to me like howww
Anaiah Belgrave
Anaiah Belgrave Prije dan
SACKBOY Prije dan
I can’t tell if this a joke or actually supposed to be like a “cool” thing
Julie Ureña
Julie Ureña Prije dan
Oh, how I wish "Shut up, you're not my real dad!" came out when I was a kid. My mom had... Uh... Few boyfriends AND a few partners that would be so bossy and annoying... Ugh. I could see it now, that song being my anthem. My cry for freedom!!✊🏻 Still an anthem and a bop though. 🤣
Otakuroki Prije dan
Better than Hamilton? I think so my good sir I think so.
Patricia Valencia
Patricia Valencia Prije 2 dana
you say "shut up your not my real dad " I say " uuuuuuuh should I go
Logan here
Logan here Prije 2 dana
The instruments,the voices,the dancing. Is so exquisite I can taste it.its just bone appetite
Kimberly Bogert
Kimberly Bogert Prije 2 dana
These songs are too good 🤣the 1 and 2 ones I like the one😂👍✨
The Best Friend of Diamonds
The Best Friend of Diamonds Prije 2 dana
Great, these songs are gonna be stuck in my head
layansworld Prije 2 dana
Can u please turn to God before its too late? He doesnt want to see you burning in torturous fire. You dont have to do this but it brings up God’s happiness. I dont want to force either so im just saying, can you?
the_quite_kid silence
the_quite_kid silence Prije 2 dana
From which video is the songs "shut up your not my real dad"
chaa watts
chaa watts Prije 2 dana
is my brother making eggs or is thease songs FIRE
chaa watts
chaa watts Prije 2 dana
plse be on spotifey
rebekah Prije 3 dana
So many emotions..
shomey the rush
shomey the rush Prije 3 dana
He had "the worst childhood" with his "real friends"
Nicerrf99 -
Nicerrf99 - Prije 3 dana
Alex Meyers is an icon at this point.
Fiona Okimoto
Fiona Okimoto Prije 3 dana
Wow... These are all just so beautiful😭👌
gaming zone
gaming zone Prije 3 dana
Shut you're not my real dad is a classic
Lucy Miles
Lucy Miles Prije 4 dana
Archies abs > wwbbd
Monsiuer Froggy
Monsiuer Froggy Prije 4 dana
Best songs I’ve heard all year 😂😂
AZRAEL Prije 4 dana
Can’t wait for the next album
BaRbZillA Prije 4 dana
"shut up your not my real dad" is so deep
blehcora Prije 4 dana
🤣🤣🤣🤣this is dope
bob billy
bob billy Prije 4 dana
This is great
Vann Dutch Marek
Vann Dutch Marek Prije 5 dana
What you did basically sum's up every Disney channel movie
Saima Shaikh
Saima Shaikh Prije 5 dana
We finally got Abs The Musical🔥
cian174 Prije 5 dana
☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁☁☁ ☁😊😊😊😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁
T- 47
T- 47 Prije 5 dana
Bianca Goldstein
Bianca Goldstein Prije 5 dana
Fredy LovesGames
Fredy LovesGames Prije 5 dana
This video is so funny I laughed so much, I watched it like 4 times already and it’s still funny 🤣
Fredy LovesGames
Fredy LovesGames Prije 5 dana
This is exactly how teenage bands in musical movies be singing 😂 on point 👌🏽
Natalia Chigne Saud
Natalia Chigne Saud Prije 5 dana
The amount of songs dedicated to Archie’s abs really says a lot about riverdale 😭💀
Gamer United
Gamer United Prije 5 dana
Wait till next season
Asha Jenkins
Asha Jenkins Prije 5 dana
i NEVER want this to end
Lover Prije 5 dana
Do big time rush
Maria Eugênia Cury
Maria Eugênia Cury Prije 6 dana
i do think you are a pretty good singer tho lol
Skinney Bob
Skinney Bob Prije 6 dana
Lights camera abs still gets me
Skinney Bob
Skinney Bob Prije 6 dana
Hi here for the alg
Lavinia Snow
Lavinia Snow Prije 6 dana
Alex REALLY LOVES Riverdale.
pao cat
pao cat Prije 6 dana
There's another princess switch movie
Hetansh Shah
Hetansh Shah Prije 6 dana
Too funny!! Laughing for 6 minutes straight even after the video completed!!
Griffingirl Prije 6 dana
Alex I am B E G G I N G you! Pleaaseeee put these bangers on Spotify!!!
lea17 Prije 6 dana
a musical masterpiece
Fishie Prije 6 dana
Y'know, I've watched a lot of musicals like Heathers and Beetlejuice, but this, this has to be the best one of them all
Robert Beisert
Robert Beisert Prije 6 dana
Musical of the year. Take that however you will, but it is.
Alexa Kristian
Alexa Kristian Prije 6 dana
I just love how most of the video was songs about Riverdale making no sense 😂
Sarafina Bowen
Sarafina Bowen Prije 6 dana
Gugu Gaga
Gugu Gaga Prije 6 dana
I am always amazed by how creative you are
Pop Nsg
Pop Nsg Prije 6 dana
i like netflix shows
i like netflix shows Prije 7 dana
I'm not even a minute in and I love it
Yuan Wei Yu
Yuan Wei Yu Prije 7 dana
the first song is from one of the most tramutizing vids i'l see from this man
Ahhh Prije 7 dana
I love this
masterloltroll Prije 7 dana
possibly te best anime OP ever
andromeda331 Prije 7 dana
You did such a great job!
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 7 dana
Please don't make evil normalized please! GOD IS COMING REPENT! BEFORE IT'S LATE!!!! Be baptized with Holy Spirit and water. Deuteronomy 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." God isn't an monster God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Alexz rawr
Alexz rawr Prije 7 dana
Amazing 😁😁😁 😍 it was so beautiful keep it up with your work
Sugarbear Prije 7 dana
This is absolutely hilarious 😂
Precious' Moments
Precious' Moments Prije 7 dana
This is a masterpiece for real! Great job! Loved it! 🤎🍿🙌🏾
PawPaw Panda
PawPaw Panda Prije 7 dana
HRpost rlly said: mhmmm, how about give you the notification, five days late.
Emilio Clinton
Emilio Clinton Prije 7 dana
I’ve replayed “Red Flag Love” probably several hundred times now. Would you be willing to put it on iTunes so I can continuing listening to it until I go to the grave. 😂😂😂
Fe lyne
Fe lyne Prije 7 dana
Sometimes i forget that alex was a theater kid
HotBeanJuiceCOFFEE Prije 8 dana
So when the christmas song collection
Lourdes González
Lourdes González Prije 8 dana
Someone show the redflag song to the After producers, it's gonna be the best addition to the movie soundtrack
wolfee wilkes
wolfee wilkes Prije 8 dana
1st song emo
sir bartholomew jameson richard the third
sir bartholomew jameson richard the third Prije 8 dana
this is a cinematic masterpiece
Sweta S
Sweta S Prije 8 dana
Hank Shiffman
Hank Shiffman Prije 8 dana
The age-challenged among us desperately need liner notes. I got Still Alive (have seen Jonathan Coulton on way to many occasions, usually at sea) and What Would Brian Boitano Do? but couldn't identify the originals for the rest. And I gotta know. I gotta!
prince lawrence
prince lawrence Prije 8 dana
Shut up you're not my real daaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!✌✌😩😩😩😩
Hannah Card
Hannah Card Prije 8 dana
Alex I need this as an album on Spotify asap please
shadow locks
shadow locks Prije 8 dana
Now I understand the poster in almost every video ... abs:the musical
prettybird Prije 8 dana
It's beautiful-
Matthew Cubbage
Matthew Cubbage Prije 8 dana
What is the "hirim is still alive" a cover of?
Ssleeepyheadd Prije 8 dana
(The first song) 13 year old me to my mom's now ex boyfriend:
Suxie Fernandez
Suxie Fernandez Prije 8 dana
*slight pause for emotional reflection * lol
Nikita Varpe
Nikita Varpe Prije 8 dana
No thoughts mind empty just shut up you're not my real dad!!!
Paula-Ann Williams
Paula-Ann Williams Prije 8 dana
Finally he did it
Jlove16 p55
Jlove16 p55 Prije 8 dana
u know he put his heart and soul into this
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown Prije 8 dana
Is the "Archie's abs" song supposed to be a parody of What Would Brian Boitano Do from South Park?
unfriended Prije 8 dana
these songs are surprisingly good i- 💀
bebe star
bebe star Prije 8 dana
“Movies always make it like fighting is the how to do it right find a broken guy with no maturity fixing get him is your responsibility” Sums up basically all “quirky girl teen romance dramas”
Skele Plays Roblox
Skele Plays Roblox Prije 8 dana
SHUT UP YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD best song of 2021
simonboi20 Prije 8 dana
So this is what he was doing g instead of finishing harry potter
Intensive Purposes
Intensive Purposes Prije 8 dana
The thumbnail alone had me cackling 😂👏
Maryam Liyaghat
Maryam Liyaghat Prije 8 dana
That fifth season was soooo dumbb...
Yasmine Francois
Yasmine Francois Prije 8 dana
Do Chucky the series
banana boo
banana boo Prije 8 dana
Megumi be like
Zadie Cutmore
Zadie Cutmore Prije 8 dana
Since now we have *Still Alive* (or whatever it's called), he needs to update RIVERDALE: the MUSICAL! When he gets time, ofc Imagine if RIVERDALE:the MUSICAL was a real thing, but it was *JUST* Season 1?
Kássia Prije 8 dana
Why is “Shut up you’re not my real dad” not on Spotify? 😌
Tanisha Solanki
Tanisha Solanki Prije 9 dana
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Prije 9 dana
Daniel Akinsola
Daniel Akinsola Prije 9 dana
"Shut Up, You're not my real dad" is feeding my inner teenage emo.
the Matthias 5000
the Matthias 5000 Prije 9 dana
This is amazing
cubbleshasreturned Prije 9 dana
He may be stuck in that back of the car but that song is stuck in the front of my heart
מעין ללי
מעין ללי Prije 9 dana
Another verse for shut up you're not my real dad!!!! My life are full now.
Bubbly_ 3unny
Bubbly_ 3unny Prije 9 dana
christina Prije 9 dana
whats the movie at 2:50 ?
Legally Blonde is a weird movie...
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