Alex Meyers is pretty dumb...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 5 144
Alexandra Harvey
Alexandra Harvey Prije 14 sati
“I’ve never animated before, but I know it’s easy” yeah ok
Tripp Biosca
Tripp Biosca Prije 16 sati
Sasha Cliché
Sasha Cliché Prije 17 sati
The ad placement got me
Bradley Bruvva
Bradley Bruvva Prije dan
Alex Meyers is the worst. Love your channel btw.
Ori Harel
Ori Harel Prije 2 dana
LOL, you rock dude.
Rachel Edwards
Rachel Edwards Prije 2 dana
Alex Meyers is brilliant!
Tikki Dupain Cheng
Tikki Dupain Cheng Prije 2 dana
He killed me with the "Disney shows and and and *ladybug* " 😭🤣😭
Bonnie Ardrey
Bonnie Ardrey Prije 3 dana
My favorite part was getting an ad in the middle of the video when he was talking about who would put an ad in the middle of a video.
Sweet Suga
Sweet Suga Prije 6 dana
Love ur videos ♥️
Red jet
Red jet Prije 7 dana
He should have posted this for April fools
Meddie’s art paradise
Meddie’s art paradise Prije 8 dana
Everyone: *talking about Alex’s bravery* Me: *laughing at the name of misanthropic mink*
Lucy Roe
Lucy Roe Prije 8 dana
sora~! Prije 8 dana
misanthropic mink
Kellogg's CornFlakes
Kellogg's CornFlakes Prije 8 dana
Jesus bruh they was really tryna take this man kids you don't like it then don't watch fucking A’ alex has roasted shit I love and ill still watch him 😭
RandomGaming Prije 9 dana
“Just barely over 10 minutes so he can put another ad” Gets another ad right after he says that😂
Melina Nadarević
Melina Nadarević Prije 11 dana
I litle bit narcissistic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Noah Bradford
Noah Bradford Prije 11 dana
Dindmind the cat:This is my video.
Kubes Voxel
Kubes Voxel Prije 12 dana
This should be the suggested video for your channel.
Skygazer Prije 13 dana
Plot twist: this wasn’t Alex making fun of himself, but some hacker temporarily taking over his channel. Mink’s going for the reaction channels.
Skygazer Prije 13 dana
I know right! I mean, how dare he make free enjoyable content on nostalgic show and movies! How dare I be subscribed to this 33 year old man! Put the patition for getting rid of him in the description!
Skygazer Prije 13 dana
“He’s the scourge of HRpost” Of god. . With the cat persona. .. *It’s a Warriors fan*
N1ghtm4r3 Prije 13 dana
you rely your channel on hate ngl dont wanna be mean but
ADT Gaming
ADT Gaming Prije dan
He doesn’t though, his content is funny, and he gets lots of veiws
The Real Roblox Rave
The Real Roblox Rave Prije 14 dana
I mean seriously I agree with you 😂✋
Mr Corn
Mr Corn Prije 18 dana
Where’s more misanthropic mink content
Pls sub
Pls sub Prije 18 dana
All the people who complain about alex visible
Deleena Purdy
Deleena Purdy Prije 18 dana
Can you do “the irregulars”?
bulldog1234 Prije 18 dana
Misanthropic Mink
Bianca Kim
Bianca Kim Prije 18 dana
Haters: *want to throw shit on this account* This video: *exists* Haters: 👁👄👁
CoolJeans Prije 19 dana
Misanthropic Minc
All Things Phoka
All Things Phoka Prije 19 dana
Brilliant 😂😂🔥🔥
luz neto
luz neto Prije 21 dan
the way i was born in 2007 and i love aot, rick and morty AND stephen universe...
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Prije 22 dana
This is a clever and funny video but I'm sorry about all the unnecessary hate he gets :(
smevereaux • 4 years ago
smevereaux • 4 years ago Prije 23 dana
I mean I think this whole " Alex Meyers " guy is pretty funny, who would've known millennial humor doesn't make me want to rip off my ears then fry them in olive oil?
Code 9
Code 9 Prije 24 dana
The video we all have been waiting for!!!….and how meta is this video lol
Audrey Hutchison
Audrey Hutchison Prije 24 dana
Nutifafa Zikpi
Nutifafa Zikpi Prije 26 dana
Misanthropic Mink
Jeffrey Tsao
Jeffrey Tsao Prije 27 dana
I'm glad he's gained something like 150k subscribers since he took the screenshot of himself
Faulter Prije 28 dana
3:08 now that you bring it up this artstyle kind of reminds me of that semi-unknown Disney show Boyster
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 28 dana
I love this.
Nic UnHipNic
Nic UnHipNic Prije 28 dana
Misanthropic Mink
Taz Prije 29 dana
Man I was born in 2007... and yet here I am, NOT roasting a 33 year old man who watches nothing but kid's movies and your occasional "other," at least his reviews are accurate lol
ELAS Prije 29 dana
Wow just wow
Alakazella e-Commerce
Alakazella e-Commerce Prije mjesec
For anyone who wants to see who crazy animation is. There is a HRpostr who plays live streams "Dead By Daylight" He also makes funny videos about the game with animating cartoons. He made a few videos of him making a video and how much work goes into animating. I don't want to promote another channel in Alex's comments. So I not going to post the channel name. You can search "Dead by Daylight Parody" you will find it. Also lets help Alex get to to 3,000,000 Subscribers
Alakazella e-Commerce
Alakazella e-Commerce Prije mjesec
I'm only 3 minutes into the video. I think I just died from laughing. The "Man Baby" is the best.
Isaiah Bargas
Isaiah Bargas Prije mjesec
This is really true like really true so like this is like makes me want to unblock him sooo yeah
That_Random_Aussie Prije mjesec
Mridusmita Sarmah
Mridusmita Sarmah Prije mjesec
When I saw this name I was like I think I've heard this name before but where was it in a series or something & then I saw your channel's name. Felt dumb!😐
Anjali Krishna
Anjali Krishna Prije mjesec
I am confused ????????
ana larissa
ana larissa Prije mjesec
You criticize yourself is hilarious, but don't believe in yourself, you pretty amazing 🤗
Jason Beam
Jason Beam Prije mjesec
I actually didn’t know Alex was getting flack like this. But it’s funny to frame his nonsensical criticisms in a satirical way.
Gullible Glassheart
Gullible Glassheart Prije mjesec
This is amazing. I don't know what video or videos it's satirizing, but it's way too specific to not be satirizing something. I've definitely seen these types of videos for other content creators before. I love it regardless.
Sweet Deedee
Sweet Deedee Prije mjesec
This was genius :) I love your videos and your sense of humor.
Shreenath Siriyala
Shreenath Siriyala Prije mjesec
Well that last comment kinda called me out lmaoo. Love ur channel but I watch it on 1.5x or 2x cos I like it when ppl talk faster lol :)
Mac bogus 7
Mac bogus 7 Prije mjesec
I agree mr mink
Celina Kay
Celina Kay Prije mjesec
Lol what prompted this???
Elizabeth Hodson
Elizabeth Hodson Prije mjesec
"So that he can put another ad in the middle of it" *Ad plays*
rii Prije mjesec
the amount of sarcasm ... LMAOO we love you
Karthika AS
Karthika AS Prije mjesec
So self burning is fun too!
aidan Prije mjesec
Yes indeed this man is stoopid
Bebe0142 Prije mjesec
This channel cracks me up. I haven’t watched riverdale or half the the shows he talks about but I watch his videos bc they r so funny
marwanVIDZ Prije mjesec
he probably roasts him self better than what he can roast anybody else
Ria Hastie
Ria Hastie Prije mjesec
"how has youtube allowed this man-baby's reign of terror to go on for so long?" -misanthropic mink 2021
Kriz24 Gaming
Kriz24 Gaming Prije mjesec
Lol!! Funny stuff!! XD
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije mjesec
Misanthropic Mink
Carlos Prije mjesec
wait so.. you guys have been seeing problems with his videos?
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije mjesec
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Anthony Lesley
Anthony Lesley Prije mjesec
Stop this not a god damn church it’s HRpost
Kayla Prije mjesec
Well, this was brilliant. 👏👏
Wesley Warren
Wesley Warren Prije mjesec
Great video. I have always thought the whole why does he make videos about kid shows thing. I mean do you but I'd love to you branch out and make videos about stuff I actually know. The home alone videos are hilarious because I know those movies. Maybe just do more throwback kid shows like Hey Arnold. Or even shows like Smallville. 90s early 2000s kids would love it even though we are adults now.
3D stuff6
3D stuff6 Prije mjesec
LMAO, I do animation and have made an animated 8 minute short film, trust me it's hard 😂😂
Sexy girl
Sexy girl Prije mjesec
did an ad pop up when he was talking about an ad showing up when he posts😂
Captain Michael Studios
Captain Michael Studios Prije mjesec
I think Alex’s art style is unique and works for these types of videos since these aren’t supposed to be serious so this type of exaggeration animation works really well and the jokes always land and Alex I love your channel good job keep up the good work
Just a random Bunny hat kid everywhere
Just a random Bunny hat kid everywhere Prije mjesec
alex meyers outsmarting alex meyers, awesome.
Hust Jere
Hust Jere Prije mjesec
This is alex asking for help
qingxqing Prije mjesec
attack on titan is an anime not cartoon
Rida İkizoğlu
Rida İkizoğlu Prije mjesec
I love this "man child" 😂
Zach Wendling
Zach Wendling Prije mjesec
When he says he is the worst HRpostr he must not have herd of Keemstar
jacalynne puder
jacalynne puder Prije mjesec
Trolling the trolls in this way is beautiful, just beautiful
Sydney Meade
Sydney Meade Prije mjesec
Ad timing was a chef’s kiss
Jonah Rajesh
Jonah Rajesh Prije mjesec
They way he started a war partition on himself is so funny
purple carrots
purple carrots Prije mjesec
i wonder if alex likes any movies... loll but great content btw love ur vids
E M Prije mjesec
lmao half way thru this video, i was on google trying to find alex meyers and realized i’ve been watching his videos for the past week
Minoth Kariyawasam
Minoth Kariyawasam Prije mjesec
"Another ad in the middle of it.." At that moment, I kid you not, this happened.. Genshin Impact - PAIMON...WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?
Magic Mira
Magic Mira Prije mjesec
I love this 😂👏
YnobeSnapdragon Prije mjesec
33 is not old......
That Habs Fan
That Habs Fan Prije mjesec
This is the best
Malevolent Snow
Malevolent Snow Prije mjesec
My favourite part was how the video was timed so that an ad appeared right when he was complaining about an ad being in the middle of a video.
Mike Carvalho
Mike Carvalho Prije mjesec
Alex meyer is dumb why do i watch this. Sike
Cdawg Prije mjesec
Mink : I hate Alex for no reason Alex: I have 1thaousand dollar’s
bodki malone
bodki malone Prije mjesec
youtube comments in a nutshell here...that's why the "I don't care" is used
Bryony Prije mjesec
I little bird told me to do this... Misanthropic mink
Stephen Wedge
Stephen Wedge Prije mjesec
I never thought I’d see the day
•S@mm¥• Prije mjesec
*the man outsmarted the hate comments*
•S@mm¥• Prije mjesec
Skii Prije mjesec
Why does he put another ad in the middle i would never- *ad plays*
Lou Berry
Lou Berry Prije mjesec
im just shocked that there isnt a comment war happening over you calling Attack on Titan a cartoon instead of an Anime 😈
Samantha Morton
Samantha Morton Prije 2 mjeseci
omg! i am dying! laughing and crying so hard right now! love his videos! but he is the only one that can take him self not seriously and take hate comments etc. and make them good! or be able to diss himself!
Swish Major Beats
Swish Major Beats Prije 2 mjeseci
At first I was like "this video is whack" 🙄🙄, but now I see the irony and sarcasm 😌😌😌 People, especially who feel entitled feel as if they need to roast content creators without realising the hard work that goes in. We think it's easy but it isn't.
Ignacio adrian
Ignacio adrian Prije 2 mjeseci
This is just so cringe
IamPumma Prije 2 mjeseci
This man is a genius! I went into this video knowing it was him and then half way through I actually trying defending him and then remember it was him!! The man is amazing
Krisha Patil
Krisha Patil Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that he played the song in outro just to complete full 8 min is absolute perfection.
Andrea Rupe
Andrea Rupe Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh my gosh, I recognize the ending music but I can't place it! Help, what's it from??
Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
Alex Meyers
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Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...
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High School Musical doesn't make any sense...
Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...
Legally Blonde is a weird movie...
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