KC Undercover was pretty weird...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 3 920
Liliana Flores
Liliana Flores Prije 2 sati
Zendeya had I glow up she looks better in Spider-Man homecoming
demonslash _overlord
demonslash _overlord Prije 13 sati
Whats left on her bucket lift Dat Leonardo descaprio
Jose Pineda
Jose Pineda Prije 13 sati
I loved the Ernie neglect funniest shit ever
Boltz Prije 14 sati
"Isn't there anything you aren't good at" LMAOOO She literally committed forgery
Jamari Curry
Jamari Curry Prije 15 sati
cap this is the best show
Scout Prije 2 dana
This show is 99% sass 1% spy shit
Drew Linton
Drew Linton Prije 2 dana
Alex Meyer and Alex Clark?
Abigail Gossett
Abigail Gossett Prije 3 dana
So when will the finger face get its own channel? Tru Confessions AND Under Wraps starred the AWESOME Clara Bryant, who was also later in the final season of Buffy. She also went to the University of Georgia school of Law, as well as Barnard College!
mia martinez
mia martinez Prije 3 dana
I wanna see you do total drama even if it's not Disney
Hailyebear Prije 3 dana
Chaos with Microwave
Chaos with Microwave Prije 3 dana
Kc more like king crimson can time skip so you can skip this movie
Die - Hearts
Die - Hearts Prije 4 dana
When you wanna be Kim Possible but realize you suck at remakes Disney in a nutshell
sign of the crimes
sign of the crimes Prije 6 dana
oh shit i just realized i'm the ernie in my family
Thevindu D
Thevindu D Prije 6 dana
2021 Nov 22
Donniel Footman
Donniel Footman Prije 6 dana
Pretty pretty pretty please make trolls blood tour video😭
That guy again
That guy again Prije 7 dana
I want a reboot where instead earney (I don’t know how to spell his name)gets as much respect as her sister and is as good as her and he is also the main focus
Bread and Jimin's lost jams
Bread and Jimin's lost jams Prije 8 dana
Imagine seeing some random girl talk to her bracelet 9:12 lol
i will ruin everybody's childhood
Paul Nuuyoma
Paul Nuuyoma Prije 11 dana
I never liked KC Undercover, Sorry if I sound soft but I kind of hate it when shows use child neglect as a joke
Julia Pursell
Julia Pursell Prije 13 dana
This has major beef with Disney. I don’t like a few of the shows either but u don’t see me making a video and complaining about it
MoonIsUgly Entertainment
MoonIsUgly Entertainment Prije 14 dana
It’s the fact who goes after every show and calls it weird a dumb
Backpack Prije 16 dana
Surprisingly, no one is talking about that super annoying little girl robot that was trying way too hard to be sassy.
abby new
abby new Prije 20 dana
don't use vpns my reason is a lot of hackers know that most people use vpns vpns are never proven to be hack free so what if somebody hacks into there if you trusted it to much it will say maybe more that how much you get when your normally hacked
puddles puddles
puddles puddles Prije 21 dan
I am pretty sure that when this show was made they had the roles of the switched as in the boy was the loved child and the girl was the neglected one, it probably would have gotten more backlash. Regardless of what you think of the show, the way the brother is treated is disgusting, and IMHO should not be in a show that is aimed towards children as it has the potential to normalize such behavior in their minds.
Frogie Frog
Frogie Frog Prije 24 dana
Surf shark is like every video
Kehlani Jauregui
Kehlani Jauregui Prije 24 dana
The things that’s really funny about this is that you said her makeup is flawless but the show emphasized that she doesn’t wear any in the show
Joel Harris
Joel Harris Prije 25 dana
Stop Sgt urban heir Duxbury UT DVD u
jennifer andrade
jennifer andrade Prije 25 dana
Can you do starstruck?
Charlie Bradshaw
Charlie Bradshaw Prije 26 dana
Did you do thundermans?
Random channel
Random channel Prije 27 dana
I really need to finish season 3 of this…
skiffy mcguggles
skiffy mcguggles Prije mjesec
what the hell is with those disney shows! all these type that are sum kinda meth fever dream mixed w plot armor an halmark card philosophizing. how much heroin were the writers chugging 4 breakfast.
👩‍🍳 baking  with Lisa
👩‍🍳 baking with Lisa Prije mjesec
When he said zendaya galls in love with three plastic surgeries Zach effron I froze😱
Viral Reels
Viral Reels Prije mjesec
Who else came here after watching Alex Clark's video about Zendaya's show?
Incite Prije mjesec
Ernie was my favorite character in that show as kid... I think I understand why *laughs in shared trauma*
Dr • KB
Dr • KB Prije mjesec
Surprised to see Alex lmao🤣🤣🤣
Quivix Prije mjesec
People thought it was good?
DANIEL Prije 26 dana
Because it was?
Dorienna Raine
Dorienna Raine Prije mjesec
We all wanted to be Zendaya but ended up being treated like Ernie
Mathieu Vassal
Mathieu Vassal Prije mjesec
8:55 lol
MrsFishiii Prije mjesec
I loved it
Kritagya Nep
Kritagya Nep Prije mjesec
Brooo u r not getting the reach u deserve. Ur videos are soo fun but i recently noticed ur channel.
Hansika Reddy
Hansika Reddy Prije mjesec
Exactly I
Valesca Prije mjesec
The HRpostr is always talking about stereotypes. Like, if you're a nerd no guy will want to date you shit like this xdd really dumb
Jeremy Metrita
Jeremy Metrita Prije mjesec
I would much rather watch your commentary than have to sit through a full episode of a lot of these shows. You help me stay hip with my teenage daughter and provide a lot of laughter 😂
E6DITSS !! Prije mjesec
she’s like kim possible except she hides the fact that she’s a spy..
White Gaming
White Gaming Prije mjesec
7:15 Never watched the show, haven’t finished the video, but can tell y of that, “That boy” is the enemy spy. Disney channel predictability.
Dead Gamer
Dead Gamer Prije mjesec
alright alex meyers is good but i hate when he does almost all my favorite shows
Antivaxxasaurus Prije 2 mjeseci
only reason i watched this was Zendaya she a baddie frfr
Thandeka Kwiyani
Thandeka Kwiyani Prije 2 mjeseci
Is anybody gonna address just how much of a Mary Sue KC was? Even as a child, I found her being good at literally everything SOOO IRRITATING!
Si vis pacem para bellum
Si vis pacem para bellum Prije 2 mjeseci
Ernie:DIES His parents:OH NO,Anyways…
She's a Keeper of the lost cities
She's a Keeper of the lost cities Prije 2 mjeseci
Wally's actor also works for nick
Selna Dashe
Selna Dashe Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow!, I never realized that this many people actually disliked the show.
Selever Prije 2 mjeseci
I like kc Undercover lol
Jonah Rajesh
Jonah Rajesh Prije 2 mjeseci
we all love Ernie is the only thing good about the show
CandyThePuppy Prije 2 mjeseci
KingNyx Prije 2 mjeseci
Looking back, the show was alright. It wasn’t as good as I remembered, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty ridiculous. 5/10. still better than twilight
imaniixo✰ Prije 2 mjeseci
Alright but it actually got kinda interesting when they brought in Zane
Avacorn The Last Ponybender
Avacorn The Last Ponybender Prije 2 mjeseci
skulltattoo664 Prije 2 mjeseci
alex ur vids are so cool and awesome , keep up the good work
Thomas Thorne
Thomas Thorne Prije 2 mjeseci
wow it seems like u hate every show that ever existed
A Door
A Door Prije 2 mjeseci
Theres 2 jojo reffrences in KC Undercover KC Stands for king crimson which is a stand in jojo. Undercover In part 2 joseph the mc went undercover to know more search up tequila joseph
Tushita Pandey
Tushita Pandey Prije 2 mjeseci
i hated this show so much lmao, the acting was horrible and the jokes were literally so awful
Mafer Tron
Mafer Tron Prije 2 mjeseci
2:23 at highschool I used to made my mom signature for the stuff like the dumb notifications of he school that they printed and made the parents sign And the time I get caught the teacher compared “the false signature” _with another signature that I did_
sad.. Prije 2 mjeseci
I forgot about this show
Hallie Celestin
Hallie Celestin Prije 2 mjeseci
I used to watch this show, until it didnt make sense ...
Kitten Tuson
Kitten Tuson Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we just talk about how unrealistic or unrelatable this show actually is.
Reign Quiddaoen
Reign Quiddaoen Prije 2 mjeseci
He tried
Max Smit
Max Smit Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this show
Lux Luther
Lux Luther Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved this show as a kid
Potter Fan
Potter Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
ummmm, my uncle wrote scripts for that show. His name is David Tolentino
Potter Fan
Potter Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
@Loocie ok i will
Potter Fan
Potter Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually went to the set of No Good Nick, if you look at the pizza boxes you see they say Tolentino's. That my uncle's last name. We are Filippino
Loocie Prije 2 mjeseci
Potter Fan
Potter Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
to be honest idk, he just wrote scripts, but maybe he did and I just forgot, I know he met Dove Cameron
Loocie Prije 2 mjeseci
Orange Biscuits
Orange Biscuits Prije 2 mjeseci
It wasn't weird it was the third Disney show besides That's So Raven to have a whole black family and that was everything it had no singing no stupid enemies and great storylines but to each is own I guess 🤷🏾
tony lu
tony lu Prije 2 mjeseci
I have never heard of this show and now I'm kind of glad I haven't. Even the clips here are hard to watch.
xSimplyy_Gracex Prije 2 mjeseci
My childhood has been ruined by this video 💀
Renee Vazquez-Anderson
Renee Vazquez-Anderson Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like I missed out on a whole heck of a lot of TV back in ye olden times
Olusimbo Olowookere
Olusimbo Olowookere Prije 2 mjeseci
Suker!!!!!!!!!! Idiot!!!!!!!!!
Olusimbo Olowookere
Olusimbo Olowookere Prije 2 mjeseci
You have a terrible taste
Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
“plunging the world back into the 90s” 😂
Aidan Ryder
Aidan Ryder Prije 2 mjeseci
The only reason I watched this show was: it had zendaya, and I made a abuse count the amount of times the parents (or anyone else) abused Ernie.
Moon Wrld
Moon Wrld Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved this show... From the first episode to the last...
HMDA 11 Prije 2 mjeseci
ah yes the spy girl that goes to RJ brazil where i Live
REVIL_ AMV Prije 2 mjeseci
Seems pretty dumb
Palak Rokde
Palak Rokde Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that show , I spent my childhood watching that and I really enjoyed it . It was very funny . You should not say that
Orange Biscuits
Orange Biscuits Prije 2 mjeseci
We all know he has terrible taste in shows
Johnathan Holmes
Johnathan Holmes Prije 2 mjeseci
No joke. I thought this was a live action Kim Possible when I saw it on TV.
Darth Serenity
Darth Serenity Prije 2 mjeseci
'cause she's an international superspy
BlackLightning4Eva 🖤⚡
BlackLightning4Eva 🖤⚡ Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this show so much!!! That i have the theme song as my ringtone
meum nomen
meum nomen Prije 2 mjeseci
Ernie is definitely going to be a serial killer
•Txoshy• Prije 2 mjeseci
I watch k.c undercover in my tv and like bruh some of it is boring but I like that one episode of when Ernie gets kicked out of the house but not actually and he eats his mothers plants like literally starvation
0 Prije 2 mjeseci
Kc undercover wasn't WEIRD. It was one of the first Disney shows to have an entire black family. It was one of the first Disney shows to NOT include singing and made the protagonist, (a female) strong (physically as well mentally) and kick butts. I found that really empowering. So NO. it wasn't WEIRD. but each to their own ig ...
Anthony Kwesi Okyere
Anthony Kwesi Okyere Prije 2 mjeseci
Isn’t the way they portray her inherently mysoginistic because the only way they seem to be able to portray a strong female character was by giving her all the characteristics associated with a boy
Orange Biscuits
Orange Biscuits Prije 2 mjeseci
Exactly it's like he completely undermines the great things about the shows he hates and it seems to me like he thinks to hard on a damn kids show!
Missy Bernal
Missy Bernal Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate erney
Missy Bernal
Missy Bernal Prije 2 mjeseci
She's funny
Missy Bernal
Missy Bernal Prije 2 mjeseci
No she's not weird
Young child
Young child Prije 2 mjeseci
Am I the only one who has actually been saying her name right my whole life
Young child
Young child Prije 2 mjeseci
@Orange Biscuits I'm white bahshhddhd
Orange Biscuits
Orange Biscuits Prije 2 mjeseci
It's usually only white people who say her name wrong
The Flipside with Flicka
The Flipside with Flicka Prije 2 mjeseci
i just think you're one boring man, you must be fun at parties o marete
Ella Prije 2 mjeseci
Dad: abuses his son for no reason 2000s kids: Ha what a loser how hilarious
Ella Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex: My cute little arsonist Me: Now that’s something I thought I would never hear
The One
The One Prije 2 mjeseci
I always felt sorry for poor Ernie. And i also constantly found myself thinking how lucky I am to have a sister who's NOT like KC. Like dang girl, he's your brother ya know
TORI Prije 2 mjeseci
i haven’t even watched this yet also new subscriber here i can tell it’s finna be a good time HOWEVER i just re watched KC undercover for the 4th time… i’m 25 years old 🥴
Nosheen Khan
Nosheen Khan Prije 2 mjeseci
Poor Ernie
stunna uchiha
stunna uchiha Prije 2 mjeseci
Going through the comments I'm glad to know nobody agreed wit the Ernie neglect even the robot sister was more loved n appreciated then him
KC Undercover
KC Undercover Prije 2 mjeseci
Max Glaysher
Max Glaysher Prije 2 mjeseci
Peter: so I’m Spider-Man. MJ: I’m a spy Peter: 😳
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