riverdale season 5 was an absolute mess...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Komentari: 3 403
Sophie Rottensteiner
Sophie Rottensteiner Prije sat
It's really embarrassing that I once enjoyed watching Riverdale
Alistair Kirk
Alistair Kirk Prije 9 sati
Excited to see you react to Rivervale. (season 6)
Blondu 24
Blondu 24 Prije 20 sati
I just don't understand why they started singing...This is not highschool musical
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman Prije dan
Okay but are we going to look past Alex’s singing? 👀
Chris F
Chris F Prije dan
Just wait till season 6
no1cares about evan
no1cares about evan Prije dan
watch the first 2 episodes of riverdale season 6
Shambhavi Tripathi
Shambhavi Tripathi Prije 3 dana
Bro you ain't ready for season 6. (SPOILERS) Kj apa and archie don't have to deal with this nonsense show anymore
Sultana Dipper
Sultana Dipper Prije 3 dana
Dude if you think season 5 was a mess wait until you watch season 6
Myriam 5ise
Myriam 5ise Prije 3 dana
he'd be shocked with the beginning of season 6 ans how shitty it is. I'm confused with the paranormal side of the season and all those messy thing that's been invented in this season ,but whatever.
Alicia Nelson
Alicia Nelson Prije 3 dana
You’d think Veronica would have taken her dad down by now and take over the company leaving her spoiled brat phase but these writers can’t give a cohesive story let alone a character arc
Yousef Ahmad
Yousef Ahmad Prije 3 dana
Dude season 6 is an absolute fuckery, they actually made it go paranormal
Quicksilver Prije 4 dana
Hail Hiram
Alfredo Yanez
Alfredo Yanez Prije 4 dana
Ahhh portal end song
Aasimah Prije 4 dana
I’ve got a question because I’m a little lost what happened to Jason Blossoms kids all I remember is they floated over the fire
✨my.life.has.painful.jokes✨ Prije 4 dana
The actors got pulled into a kpop contract 😂😂😂
Kianne of Troi 's Gaming channel
Kianne of Troi 's Gaming channel Prije 4 dana
They should of ended the series after season 5 and after getting used to Archies obviously bad hair dye from season 1 and 2 i got in to it ... just binge watched all 5 seasons and finished yesterday... Season 6 Episode 1 was terrible and i don't think i shall be watching anymore. Also i was very cross and confused when archie joined the army ( not because he joined the army but because they put him in ww1 ffs ) why the heck did the writers write the story in the 2012 era then put archie in the bleeding Trenches in the dang first world war..? That absolutly didn't make any sence what so ever!. Mobile Phones and Laptops in the first world war!!
Millie Wadey
Millie Wadey Prije 4 dana
Season 6 is weirder SPOILER AHEAD Archie gets sacrificed and Toni is now a spirit thingy that drowns children? Like wtf
red lemon boy
red lemon boy Prije 4 dana
Ngl the song was so f-ing good
Devin Ashby
Devin Ashby Prije 4 dana
It's just not the same without Jugheads iconic hat
Vanessa Myrie
Vanessa Myrie Prije 3 dana
Yeah how else are we gonna know that he's weird and that he doesn't fit in
Overly Positive Fanboy
Overly Positive Fanboy Prije 5 dana
Given Sabrina's appearance in Season 6, are we about to get some actual supernatural shit in Riverdale?
Sonny G
Sonny G Prije 5 dana
At paused the video at 9:12 went to throw my food away AND STARTING THINKING ABOUT THE ORIGINAL SONG FROM HALO
VidiaPhoenix Prije 6 dana
*Veronica:* Go ahead and divorce me! You can take the house and all the money too! All I need is Archie! *The next day* *Veronica:* Let's break up Archie. It's not working out.
209_ JC
209_ JC Prije 7 dana
They need to get rid of the musicals
Kaylee Wilcox
Kaylee Wilcox Prije 8 dana
Surprised that Alex COMPLETELY slipped over the whole Literately ONE episode after varchie breaks up , Archie and Betty get together thing …
Monalisa Singh
Monalisa Singh Prije 6 dana
Exactly! Even when they Both realised that they are better off without a relationship after that whole friends with benefits thingy. I mean how Quickly do their feelings of "Love" appear and disappear for each other?!
A P Prije 9 dana
the plot was messy there’s so much going on and just when i thought it was the last season they left a cliff hanger
K G Prije 9 dana
Lmaaaaaaoooo this video is better than the entire series.
PaintSplash1712 Prije 9 dana
Can the show just end... PLEASE!!! No one bts sounds like their enjoying it anymore and no one's even watching the show so what's the point of continuing?
Sisig 67
Sisig 67 Prije 10 dana
we were not ready for season 6
Jay Arby
Jay Arby Prije 10 dana
Rivervale is gonna absolutely break this man
Greg Wodzynski
Greg Wodzynski Prije 10 dana
Had to rewatch this before starting Season 6. Thanks Alex
Olivia McGowan
Olivia McGowan Prije 10 dana
My boy you gotta update the riverdale is a mess playlist
maha younis
maha younis Prije 10 dana
Magdalena Kwiecień
Magdalena Kwiecień Prije 10 dana
9:15 if someone wants to listen to the good music
Elise M
Elise M Prije 10 dana
Absolutely LIVING for the slightly unhinged “Still Alive” cover
Blakely Mathis
Blakely Mathis Prije 11 dana
Some TV shows are only meant to have one season.
Cosy reading
Cosy reading Prije 12 dana
Has anyone watched the latest episode of River Dale it's gotten werider and omg worser I can't wait till I see what Alex says about this cus omfg
Sophia Etka
Sophia Etka Prije 12 dana
I just watched the first episode of season 6. I can’t wait to see your reaction to that nonsense.
Accio_Firewhiskey Prije 12 dana
At this point, all riverdale's viewers watch alex meyer
BeepBeep Prije 12 dana
Cheryl is the Avatar, I'm calling it now 😂
Michael myers
Michael myers Prije 12 dana
Bro nice vid and all but why is this guy such a weirdo???
Emma Hlz
Emma Hlz Prije 13 dana
please just cancel this show.....it's killing brain cells left and right
Pan Prije 13 dana
anyone know what song is playing in the outro?
I actually really liked this season. They incorporated alot more scenarios, names, and personality switches to reflect their comic counterparts more. Doing the Sabrina crossover and confirming the existence of magic. It gives so many possibilities to adapt more from the comics. Some of the changes might seem like character degradation, but I definitely enjoyed it
Fasiha G
Fasiha G Prije 13 dana
I hate jughead name like why in the world did you have to name him this.
banana boo
banana boo Prije 14 dana
The song at the end is saying it all
Victoria Jjonsen
Victoria Jjonsen Prije 15 dana
As a matter of fact its a new episode 17tg
JohnnyMartini Prije 15 dana
It’s so bad it’s kinda good, but the most annoying episodes to get through were the musicals, gosh the musicals were so bad, I never in my life wanted an episode to end so bad
Noor Prije 15 dana
I mean do people still watch riverdale?
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira Prije 15 dana
What about the dude Betty left in the foresr
It’s Z
It’s Z Prije 16 dana
She- wolf of wall street was said way too many times like I’m sick
MAD Prije 16 dana
This dude archie is a musician, football player, wrestler, firefighter, construction worker, teacher, gangster, bodybuilder and vigilante Edit: oh and don't forget about avatar Cheryl
Bingo Life
Bingo Life Prije 17 dana
Why... why does she call him daddy why...
Joseph Daniel Jireh Dimacali
Joseph Daniel Jireh Dimacali Prije 17 dana
Wait until Alex hears about Netflix Bollywood produce in partnered with Netflix version adaption of Archie comics. And unlike the series it will be full musical. 😂😂😂
Emily h
Emily h Prije 17 dana
I really hate how riverdale turned out.. I havnt even wanted to watch the 4th or 5th season tbh.
Cecilia D Carreòn Hdz
Cecilia D Carreòn Hdz Prije 17 dana
Season 6 really ??? Why 😭
lil zakar
lil zakar Prije 17 dana
They could’ve did so much good storylines and twists after season 1 and they ducked it up by writing bullshit
N.A. Castro
N.A. Castro Prije 18 dana
Not the vibrato at the end 😂
Alex Paea
Alex Paea Prije 18 dana
they could've named riverdale season 5 high school musical because every 3 damn minutes there would be singing, I can't imagine how terrible season 6 is going to be
Ali D.
Ali D. Prije 18 dana
Do people still watching the show ? Lol
dersunset Prije 19 dana
Hiram is still alive is the best song I've ever heard like seriously omg I can't stop laughing 😭😭😭
Anthony Watson
Anthony Watson Prije 20 dana
Is the alex Meyers avatar what happens to the odds1out avatar when he grows up and becomes more cynical
External Shockwave
External Shockwave Prije 20 dana
Love that Barchie is finally together
Husckle2 Prije 21 dan
I only watched up to the end of season 4 but kinda glad i didnt watch 5 . imagine be a grown man trying to kill a kid.
Avatar Momo
Avatar Momo Prije 21 dan
Season 5 riverdale was pretty bad.. Why was there so much singing? Nothing happened all season.. And where’s jughead’s dad? I’ve been watching this show since season 1 but I think I’m done
jessilyn allen dilla
jessilyn allen dilla Prije 21 dan
when Riverdale first aired I just thought it was another teen melodrama and didn't watch it glad I missed this clusterfuck
giveme5mins Prije 22 dana
Wait....WTH is going on?
Ware CISS Prije 22 dana
I love this old game animation !!
Filipp mit F
Filipp mit F Prije 22 dana
You're singing mid-video reminded me of how annoying it was during season 5 when like 2 whole episodes were just singing... literally skipped all the singing scenes lol (in the show, your singing was fire!)
Ingrid Keegel
Ingrid Keegel Prije 22 dana
Good Singing i have to be honest
Sarah Love💫
Sarah Love💫 Prije 23 dana
The actors are miserable...please free them from their contracts. I think the kids that use to watch it grew up ..not sure why it's still on air every week I people dragging it on twitter
sztabskapitan Prije 24 dana
I haven't watched Riverdale for years now, but always come back to your videos, super entertaining stuff, good job man
ForeverTherapeutic Prije 24 dana
It was the worst !!!!
Linezrodrigez 02
Linezrodrigez 02 Prije 24 dana
Am I the only one waiting here for Alex to mention in these videos the long forgotten character that is Archie's Abs, to somehow, someday make a grand return?
Marta Melnyk
Marta Melnyk Prije 24 dana
only 12 days left till the next season. how cool is that :D
Santeria Prije 25 dana
I cannot BE-LIEVE Alex is still watching this mess!
Shae Bubblegum
Shae Bubblegum Prije 25 dana
The last thing i remember watching on tv there was a brother of Betty and the dad was revealed to be someone and was arrested at a game. So maybe season 2 or 3 was my last
mood . . .
mood . . . Prije 25 dana
there is a fifth season!!!??
D.O.A Prije 25 dana
Iris Prije 25 dana
What even happened to that Ethel girl anyway ? 🤔
Aria Krys
Aria Krys Prije 25 dana
That song at the end of the video was lovely 10/10
fernando moreno
fernando moreno Prije 25 dana
Show hasn’t been good since season 1 season 2 wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t very good either went downhill from there
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia Prije 26 dana
I don't know what I expected but it certainly wasn't a "Still Alive" cover
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. Prije 26 dana
I actually enjoyed season 1-4 but now I’m finishing up season 5 and it wasn’t bad the first few episodes but the more you watch it the more dull it gets. I especially hate all the singing they been doing as if it’s high school music, literally halfway into a regular conversation and they just randomly start singing. Also randomly bringing back the “pussy cats” band just to get rid of them again just seemed like a waste of an episode.
Doodler :D
Doodler :D Prije 26 dana
The fact that you added that 8bitbigband portal parody in there just surprised me and delighted me to no end. You have a very nice singing voice!
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman Prije 26 dana
Ok the musical number was so dope
E WF Prije 26 dana
Tbh I only still watch the show to enjoy your videos on it more
Viki B
Viki B Prije 26 dana
I never going to watch Riverdale, but I will always apreciated Alex's sacrife for all of us, may the inbred gladiators carry you into glory my friend ;), Also Cheryl is a withc now, wen did this happend!! please let Cher became the ruler of hell with Tony by her side
Rising Of the Thorn
Rising Of the Thorn Prije 26 dana
I know every CW show since smallvile has been a Supernatural knockoff, but why couldn't they have done an Archie show about the group going on tour as a band you know like their original incarnations?!? maybe have them meet other groups like Sabrina (the non C-list Supernatural antagonist version), Josie and the Pussycats or Jem and the holograms, or maybe the gorillaz or the powerpuff girls?
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. Prije 26 dana
Josie and the pussycats aren’t really main characters and the episode they did dedicated to them was honestly the most boring episode in the whole show..
Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams Prije 26 dana
Please review sex life
Claire and piper 💜
Claire and piper 💜 Prije 27 dana
Riverdale isn’t the same anymore because it’s just singing 🙄
tgelite 6
tgelite 6 Prije 27 dana
I could get a group of 8 year old that could write Riverdale better than this
tgelite 6
tgelite 6 Prije 27 dana
After the second mid season finally not even the whole second season show just immediately went downhill
KConfess Prije 27 dana
Can we talk about Alex’s songs at the end that was incredible
Ginger Derp
Ginger Derp Prije 27 dana
Another pandering youtube person.. I would rather smash my face into a wall than say I like this for views. Just to keep the sheep coming back. You really do review some AWFUL and shallow drivel. And it is getting so much worse.
Rado Prije 27 dana
One of the best reviews I have ever seen !!! So much passion ! The track about ending got me hooked !
antony BRISSON
antony BRISSON Prije 28 dana
Dude you have to appreciate the chaos and the mess that's what makes this show so good.
Eva Prije 28 dana
OMG I LOVED YOUR JAZZ SECTION 👏 idk why buy whenever Veronica says daddy it makes feel so awkward and weirded out
Christian Auldridge
Christian Auldridge Prije 28 dana
I love this show so much. So fun to watch because of its INSANITY for real I love cringing at every single minute of this season and it’s mothmen secret blossom cousin roadside family in the woods murderers shenanigans and I hate that they did this to me
Mat Prije 28 dana
Now don't get me wrong but season one was good it should have stopped there but then....
Mecha Jay
Mecha Jay Prije 28 dana
If you ever think your writing is terrible always remember that there are people who write for Riverdale.
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