Life With Derek was the WEIRDEST show on Disney Channel...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 7 mjeseci

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Komentari: 3 106
fabuluv Prije dan
I couldn't watch past episode 1 because Casey was TERRIBLE.
Anasyub Prije 10 dana
i never knew about this show until this video ...I'm kinda scared wtf is this :D
tristen amerson
tristen amerson Prije 10 dana
babe raider all i'm sayin
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Prije 11 dana
This guy must have not had much of a social life in high school if he was watching Disney channel his senior year lol I stopped watching Disney channel and tv altogether around 7th grade
Savvy Shelly
Savvy Shelly Prije 12 dana
I’m just throwing this out there, this is now on Tubi for free streaming. I just saw that yesterday.
Laura Cerqueira Machado
Laura Cerqueira Machado Prije 20 dana
Something that kind of bothers me is how the whole show was told by Casey’s point of view but if you see it by Derek’s point of view she drives him insane just as much as he drives her insane, I wish there was at least one episode each season told by Derek, the way Casey usually talks about him almost feels like he could be imaginary, like a manifestation of what most annoys her like that theory about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that Ferris would be Cameron’s imaginary friend, I don’t believe that and of course it’s not the case in LWD since their families are in the picture
Duke The Rebel
Duke The Rebel Prije 24 dana
I had no fucking idea this show was so incesty, I guess I have to give these guys more credit for screwing with us
K 98 Sportz
K 98 Sportz Prije mjesec
This show was so dope when I was kid
Let's Find Out Why
Let's Find Out Why Prije mjesec
Get stuck in a washer 😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Belle Prije mjesec
9:10 I've stopped being surprised about the things people write (WAY TOO MANY) fanfics about...
Rainbow Rose Princess Mishti
Rainbow Rose Princess Mishti Prije 8 dana
Paulina H.
Paulina H. Prije mjesec
Okay but all hail Zoombinis xD
Osamu's Tales
Osamu's Tales Prije mjesec
just starte3d the video and will they wont they between SIBLINGS??/
AerynK Designs
AerynK Designs Prije mjesec
I mean, you're 16 and 16, you're adults in many states/countries/provinces, and your parents marry out of the blue. that doens't make you like... genetically related nor like... sibling siblings. idc, I'll ship it. bring on the enemies-to-lovers vibe!
Rainbow Rose Princess Mishti
Rainbow Rose Princess Mishti Prije 8 dana
Dylusional -_-
Dylusional -_- Prije mjesec
Loved this show more than words can express.
Judist Zoinkiski
Judist Zoinkiski Prije mjesec
man cant come up with any new titles just gotta call everything weird, yikes, not good but keep up the repeat it clearly works YIKES
Twilight Percy
Twilight Percy Prije mjesec
Being a Canadian in Canada is NOT a problem, I am slightly offended by this
Nicole preissl
Nicole preissl Prije mjesec
They lived a few hours outside of Toronto, not Vancouver, so that's how they could afford the house.
arjj vlogs
arjj vlogs Prije mjesec
Hell I shipped them too lmao 😂
arjj vlogs
arjj vlogs Prije mjesec
Glad I’m not the only one who sensed that there was something else going on there with Casey and Derek when I was younger bc the way they acted, confused the hell out of me, but now I get it.
Joe Palella
Joe Palella Prije mjesec
i was waiting for the stuck in the washing machine joke and it was still funny
Taode! Prije mjesec
If i recall correctly Life with Derek was not G rated in Canada. It ran on family channel later in the day alongside slightly more mature shows (more preteen) so was slightly older audience then other Disney shows.
mythghost Prije mjesec
You remind me of genie from Aladdin. Your hilarious
peblezQ Prije mjesec
I should say that Canadian censorship laws are very different form America and it was actually quite normal to see shows like this growing up here in Canada. Although, I didn't realize how much this show is like a trashy YA novel targeted towards older teens and young adults. This was supposed to be for small children. *I watched this as a small child.* (Also, side note, pretty sure this show was filmed in Toronto. I can't recall if it was meant to be based in Vancouver, but regardless, both Vancouver and Toronto are expensive as hell to live in so your point still stands.)
Milk man
Milk man Prije 2 mjeseci
No one: *Movie/tv show exists* Alex: bad! Disgusting! Weird!
P A Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm Canadian and I rmbr watching this and I thought they would for sure hookup, I didn't even rmbr they were step siblings i just rmbrd the tension between them. Looking back that's... interesting 😐
TVandManga Prije 2 mjeseci
Great video.
Courtney bridge
Courtney bridge Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do you always trash every single thing you watch? So much negativity.
Soph Prije 2 mjeseci
There's a German TV show (and subsequent movie) called 'turkish for beginners' and it's starts with a German mom and her two kids moving into a new home with her new Turkish boyfriend and his two kids. It's also pretty much a 'will they won't they' with the two eldest kids but slighty more obvious? As in, after a few episodes it's pretty clear they are into each other It sounds horrendous but it's actually hilarious and really good?
Musicandlyrics2400 Prije 2 mjeseci
Welp I guess I’m the only person who watched this show and DIDN’T think there was anything going on between them. I always thought they hated each other 😂
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 2 mjeseci
God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Holly Rylatt-Price
Holly Rylatt-Price Prije 2 mjeseci
Isn't this family situation like zapped?
Blobbert Mcblob
Blobbert Mcblob Prije 2 mjeseci
"Gee mom and dad how about you leave your two 16 year old, yet completely unrelated children alone while you get the basement bedroom?" "Oh ok"
thestaceofspade Prije 2 mjeseci
this show was soooooo different than all the other shows on disney- it was very mature and not the normal campy kiddish stuff disney produces it was more realistic and grounded. Felt out of place in the rest of the line up.
Melissa Hollowell
Melissa Hollowell Prije 2 mjeseci
"Let's be honest-you are probably younger than me." Me: Laughs in 48 years old.
Baller Brahs
Baller Brahs Prije 2 mjeseci
What was the computer game he was playing with the ign joke?
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs Prije 2 mjeseci
I have vague memories of this show and catching it on tv but the only thing I remembered was that the guy and girl lived together but weren’t related, I could not even remember the name! This video gave me flashbacks of memories I didn’t know I had lol I remember one episode where the little brother had a crush on a girl because, and I may be misquoting “if the other girls were with the grapes, she was with the melons”. Did I make this up? Idk it sticks with me.
First Name
First Name Prije 2 mjeseci
George is a Lawyer so..
Asia Prije 2 mjeseci
Iambestunicorn Prije 2 mjeseci
This show makes me actually sick no wonder we are all f*cked up
Angelina Winters
Angelina Winters Prije 2 mjeseci
Bruh I had and still have a crush on Derek in elementary literally now I can see I had a type cause Derek's actor literally looks almost like Evan peter or even Evan peters brother and I got a crush on him too since I started middle school now I'm in college with a type complex lmfao 😂 Jesus fucking christ
Mangobrain Prije 2 mjeseci
"A will they, won't they between the main siblings" *Excuse me, what?*
Just Some NEW Guy With A Mustache
Just Some NEW Guy With A Mustache Prije 2 mjeseci
Disney desperately wants us to forget this, but it'll never be forgotten
Tien Shinhan
Tien Shinhan Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t remember Marty being a girl.
Nonsense Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm older than you! HAHAHAHAHA ha...
Isabellabutterbagel Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you just leave my childhood alone 🙄
Al Prije 3 mjeseci
"What, are you trying to get stuck in a washing machine?" NOOO i wish i didn't understand all these jokes man the internet is sick 💀💀
Alex Knickerbocker
Alex Knickerbocker Prije 3 mjeseci
I absolutely loved this show! I literally screamed at this tv multiple times per episode, "Just kiss already!"
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles Prije 3 mjeseci
He should do Beverly Hills 90210 (the orginial). I'm only on S1 but like Brenda and Brandon's dynamic in the beginning was something. They just seemed to close to me to be siblings. Plus they were also suppose to be twins but Brenda literally looks nothing like her family members. So far I like the show.
xxkulsumaxx Prije 3 mjeseci
You should also check out the show *the fosters*
xxkulsumaxx Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember this show just the fights between derek and Casey 😭
Ákila Lee
Ákila Lee Prije 3 mjeseci
Dude, how much i wish Casey and Derek were together when I was 9 but like...they're step-BROTHER AND SISTER! so where did i get it? Oh yes, they hide it through their parents' marriage...Im so Sorry but there's something strange in the script of this series...or simply the chemistry of the two was too genuine, aside from the rumors that they dated in real life...anyways...and a tip, don't watch the movie... it's kind of """""""unsavory""""""""'..bye
AlyaTheLadyBlogger Prije 3 mjeseci
I kinda laugh how the ones who play Casey's biological sister, the stepdad and the mom all ended up on Degrassi.
Dxs4all Prije 3 mjeseci
........................... ............... ............ "what are you doing, stepbro?" (I'm so sorry)
Ashley Mufasa
Ashley Mufasa Prije 3 mjeseci
I never thought they acted couply or anything like that.
artxii Prije 3 mjeseci
I grew up in Spain with a show that literally was about ALL the step siblings dating (not hinting, actually dating) so when I saw this on Disney as a child it didn’t weird me out, didnt event realize
Sabina Lopez
Sabina Lopez Prije 3 mjeseci
I never shipped I was too busy being excited about Casey and Sam.. To be fair though, they aren’t related so it’s not like it’s gross. They didn’t grow up together anything. Their constant fighting probably makes sense if they have attraction to each other. But I honestly didn’t really notice this growing up watching it LOL
Golden Mbadhi
Golden Mbadhi Prije 3 mjeseci
I forgot I watched this.
king of potatoes
king of potatoes Prije 3 mjeseci
I have never watched this show but the guy who plays Derek also play James Gillis on murdoch mysteries
My name isn't Tess Dani 💅🏻
My name isn't Tess Dani 💅🏻 Prije 3 mjeseci
This show is where "What ya doin step bro" started
Donnique Prije 3 mjeseci
Ada is so underrated!! Thank you for shouting her out
Vujnovic634 Prije 3 mjeseci
The joke that you've been waiting for is at 5:20. You're welcome
Caseta Literaria
Caseta Literaria Prije 3 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
dead moon89
dead moon89 Prije 3 mjeseci
Omg the way I had a crush on derek 💀
ghost_curse Prije 3 mjeseci
3:15 They don't live in Vancouver. They live in London, Ontario which is way cheaper than either Vancouver or Toronto
Elizee Spring
Elizee Spring Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait!! That’s miss calendar!! (Leo Meme)
MagInc. official channel
MagInc. official channel Prije 3 mjeseci
Also is it just me or is everyone wondering if Alex has Wattpad just so he can read every cheesy story ironically to laugh at it?…. Just me?…. O-Ok I’ll just be over here in the corner…
River Cordero
River Cordero Prije 4 mjeseci
You should do that 70s Show or Generation
Supreme Twinkie
Supreme Twinkie Prije 4 mjeseci
I remember having a crush on Edwin back then lol. His personality was adorable
Crystal Nova
Crystal Nova Prije 4 mjeseci
Just here to comment that I ALWAYS thought there was weird sexual tension between Casey and Derek...
Nur Fee
Nur Fee Prije 4 mjeseci
Somehow in Germany I always wanted to watch this series but it was like it was cancelled? It wasn't there anymore....
Luffy1045 Prije 4 mjeseci
Life With Derek walked so that PronHub could fly
Blaze6432 Prije 4 mjeseci
3:15 If I remember correctly it was actually London, Ontario.
Mattea McIntyre
Mattea McIntyre Prije 4 mjeseci
This show screams Wattpad fan fiction… like the ones you read in middle school
C4Zero Prije 4 mjeseci
Derek was a player lol
RYON Prije 4 mjeseci
Cough cough
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Prije 4 mjeseci
Disney Channel meets Game of Thrones
Ophelia Black
Ophelia Black Prije 4 mjeseci
for some reason I can't explain, I thought the actress that played Casey was Miley Cyrus (???), maybe because the Portuguese dub voice actor had a very similar voice to Miley's dub in Hannah Montana, or at least I thought so
Pete Atyeo
Pete Atyeo Prije 4 mjeseci
What are you doing, stepbro?
TheMegaultrachicken Prije 4 mjeseci
That Zoombinis clip hit me in the nostalgia feels... I loved that game as a kid.
Flama Mística
Flama Mística Prije 4 mjeseci
"what you're hoping to get stuck on a washing machine or something?" ☠️ 😂
Mismatch Trish
Mismatch Trish Prije 4 mjeseci
Theres an episode called "driving lessons" ...
Dan Lascelle
Dan Lascelle Prije 4 mjeseci
Hate to be that guy but I thought it was based in London Ontario. I even remember a episode saying it, I might be wrong been awhile
Leo Cunningham
Leo Cunningham Prije 4 mjeseci
Thought this show was a fever dream
Beachbumsoul Prije 4 mjeseci
"Watching it back now with full context" LOL
OWO UWU Prije 4 mjeseci
Their interactions seem like discarded plots/scenes for PH
Priscila Lzo
Priscila Lzo Prije 4 mjeseci
I was a teen when this was aired and my crush on Derek was huge. I still remember this show from time to time lol
Thomas Haddix
Thomas Haddix Prije 4 mjeseci
Sami’yi Prije 4 mjeseci
Casey looks like Dani Daniels 😉
Whatifwegohere Prije 4 mjeseci
Andddd giving a like for the wash machine joke
Pilgrim Of Faith
Pilgrim Of Faith Prije 4 mjeseci
At the point where you mistake the animated guy pulling his mustache for an animated figure stretching an extra pair of eye sockets, you realize just how far your mental health has deteriorated... And maybe you watch too many horror movies.
Judah Buxton
Judah Buxton Prije 4 mjeseci
Aaay Jay
Aaay Jay Prije 4 mjeseci
I loved this show so much.
Mimsy Prije 4 mjeseci
Istg if Kasey gets stuck anywhere I’m gonna riot
Mimsy Prije 4 mjeseci
Is… is this a kids show about step siblings falling in love with each other???
Damon M
Damon M Prije 4 mjeseci
When I was like 9 or 10 this would come on at like 1-2am when I randomly woke up and even I thought it was garbage at that age
Ellie Haines
Ellie Haines Prije 4 mjeseci
Plz react to Big Bang theory
Jess the cat
Jess the cat Prije 4 mjeseci
😂 on the problem board, number two is being canadian 😂
getting creative with Me
getting creative with Me Prije 4 mjeseci
When he said are you hoping to get stuck in the washing machine and I-🤣
Deon Dre
Deon Dre Prije 5 mjeseci
The IGN rip was hilarious
PawPaw Panda
PawPaw Panda Prije 5 mjeseci
“And then we learn some really important information..” *Geico add plays* “DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SAVE THOUSANDS ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE?!”
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