Squid Game is kinda dumb

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 20 dana

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He's All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you'll ever see...

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije 20 dana
Hey all hope you liked the video. A while ago I made a video about movies and tv shows I would never make videos about. And I said that I wouldnt do foreign ones because, mainly, I didnt think they would work with my video format. So with this video Im trying something different from my usual style. If it goes over well then maybe Ill do more like this, or at least change up the video style sometimes or something Anyway let me know what you think
Kurapika Prije 2 sati
@Kip’sBricks no i dont
Leo Castaneda
Leo Castaneda Prije dan
Daddy Kamakura
Daddy Kamakura Prije 2 dana
Amazing video! Can you do alice in borderland? It's on netflix its basically the same thing as squid game but with different games and I feel like your reaction would be hilarious!
Juliancito Torres
Juliancito Torres Prije 2 dana
How dear you say squid game is dumb!I!!!!
Sardoma - Brawl Stars
Sardoma - Brawl Stars Prije 2 dana
your just jelous
Ollie's sadness
Ollie's sadness Prije 19 minuta
have yall seen lanky box promoting that sh*t to kids
Jadiash Prije sat
I personally prefer the sub than the dub....the voice actors and the dub did a very poor job in my opinion.
Akkindaboys Prije 2 sati
Squid game is overrated and boreeing
didier wierdsma
didier wierdsma Prije 2 sati
Squid game in english HELL NO DISLIKE👎
Oliver Y
Oliver Y Prije 3 sati
I don't watch dub. Turn on captions and life's great
Jean Ortiz
Jean Ortiz Prije 5 sati
I made it to the second episode then died of boredom
Chalchiuhtlicue Prije 6 sati
I watched this before it got popular and I liked it. I had absolutely no idea it was going to blow up like it did though. It was alright, but nothing to really stand out
GalaxyBoy Anime
GalaxyBoy Anime Prije 6 sati
Rahuddler Prije 8 sati
You just offended half the world.. literally
HyperBGY Prije 6 sati
offered what
Walter Olivera
Walter Olivera Prije 9 sati
The ending did infuriate me , just take the money and live. Why go back to that hell 😒
Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter Prije 10 sati
Eeeewwwwww the English dub... 🤮
Break it Battle royale
Break it Battle royale Prije 10 sati
Man can’t have nice things, man thinks everything is dumb.
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Prije 11 sati
the series wasnt too bad but trying to give it a message of politics or economics will ruin it. just watch the show and have fun, not everything needs a meaning to it
demonslash _overlord
demonslash _overlord Prije 11 sati
I forgot the part where thats my problem
LucianDevine Prije 12 sati
The VIP's are stupid, the cop subplot is stupid, the final reveal is stupid, and him going back into the games is stupid. It's basically like him getting a big win and doubling down. I also don't get why we're supposed to feel bad about a degenerate gambler who doesn't even make smart decisions when he does finally get a decent sized win, or two in this case. The first win at the beginning that still sadly wasn't enough to pay off his debt. Though he could have used some of it to satisfy the goons and try to get the rest later. But no, try to run, get it stolen, rest of the plot. So all we end up with is a bunch of characters we don't care about playing children's games, because reasons.
Travis Gaming23
Travis Gaming23 Prije 13 sati
Squid games is stupid
Sunohara Prije 13 sati
At the end of the day. it's just a fictional show. no need to make a mountain out of a molehill of political comments.
Kaitlyn Nelson
Kaitlyn Nelson Prije 14 sati
"Being rich is boring." Ah, yes, nothing is more exciting than not being able to afford groceries. Why do you think college kids are always having so much fun?
Chalchiuhtlicue Prije 6 sati
I actually think there’s some truth to it. There’s a lot of Uber rich people that get into the most depraved things bc they already have basically anything that they want.
PyroOfZen Prije 15 sati
Personally, I think Squid Game is overrated. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I'll 100% watch a second season. I have no issues with the show itself, but I think it's way too popular for what it is. Here's why: Squid Game, being a live-action, well-produced show available via something as widely-used as Netflix, introduced a ton of people who would never touch anime to a fairly good idea that has been beaten to death in the anime world due to its initial popularity. If this show had been an anime, it would have been a total flop, simply because anime fans have seen it done a million different ways before, and it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Those who haven't seen it done a million different ways before absolutely love it, because, while it's cookie-cutter af, your very first cookie is still gonna have an impact.
Sal Pappalardo
Sal Pappalardo Prije 15 sati
Old people: respect the elderly! Alex Mayers: 8:01 i’m about to ruin this man’s whole career.
Iza! Prije 15 sati
46,NKAJSNSOAO dollars
Al Gireaux
Al Gireaux Prije 16 sati
🦑 Games is a bit of communist.
Flaming typhoon Gaming
Flaming typhoon Gaming Prije 17 sati
This is why we don't watch dubbed.
Roldan Eusantos
Roldan Eusantos Prije 17 sati
how dare you
schandiPLOX Prije 17 sati
Havent watched it, wont watch it. I wont even watch your video because i dont care. Here is a like though.
Aikko Prije 17 sati
the glass game (idk what its called) was really dumb, just walk on the edges
Aikko Prije 9 sati
@Dr Dumpling they should of said that in the rules
Dr Dumpling
Dr Dumpling Prije 12 sati
They would jus shoot them if they tried or made them stop like when he was looking at the light refraction on the glass
BCI Bunny
BCI Bunny Prije 18 sati
Shout out to BC I bunny on HRpost😀😀😀😀😀
NotYourDad Prije 18 sati
The show was really subpar. I don’t know why people are saying it’s the best things since sliced bread. The last episode put me to sleep it was so boring and cliché.
•ဣ ALE ဣ•
•ဣ ALE ဣ• Prije 19 sati
Entonces el canal en español es en realidad el segundo canal? 👁️👁️ JAKXJAJJDJAJA viví engañada mucho tiempo
L&O Football
L&O Football Prije 19 sati
Have we all acknowledged at this point how dumb the glass game was. I mean I understand it was supposed to be stepping stones, but it betrayed the whole point of the games. Fairness. The players found an advantage in that the glass maker could tell the glass apart based on the reflection, but then they turned off the lights making it impossible to see. Plus it just didn’t seem like a game unlike the other challenges.
Kurapika Prije 2 sati
Actually its fair 50% you survive
Cailin Smith
Cailin Smith Prije 21 sat
I felt so uncomfortable watching this dubbed now... But I couldn't help but watch it, because: Alex 😂
elenaii🌴 Prije 22 sati
Am I the only one who watched it in Korean with English subtitles because the English dub was so bad
MrGeenBeen Prije 22 sati
El bozo, you watched Squid game in the dubbed version.
Crash Miranda Vianna Oak
Crash Miranda Vianna Oak Prije 22 sati
also what even was the point of the whole undercover cop thing? it had so much potential!!! then like... nothing.
scout tf2
scout tf2 Prije 22 sati
Squid game sucked when Ali died
Tommy’s lamp
Tommy’s lamp Prije 23 sati
It’s annoying hearing people talk about it ALL THE TIME but it is actually good and you can’t say otherwise Ok fine if you don’t like it you don’t have to
Matt Evans
Matt Evans Prije dan
So basically, it's like Legend of Korra? Acts deep, isn't really deep.
The brodog
The brodog Prije dan
Dude talking about the english dub
HyperBGY Prije 6 sati
@Idont likenames yeah
Idont likenames
Idont likenames Prije 22 sati
I mean even tho he is watching the dub doesn’t mean the entire show changes.
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Prije dan
The weird thing is he last episode was the best one for me by far, this show was good but not what it was hyped up to be.
CrazySpisi Prije dan
Why you watching it in English it’s making me mad 😡
HyperBGY Prije 6 sati
stay mad
Pavoy Prije dan
Kinda rare opinion
6 Dad
6 Dad Prije dan
The part with the rich guys is more for foreshadowing
Yashwanth Bv
Yashwanth Bv Prije dan
I love squid game
Julia Ben Ahmed
Julia Ben Ahmed Prije dan
I'm having an ear bleed from hearing the dub -_-
HyperBGY Prije 6 sati
go see a doctor
Ricardo Amande
Ricardo Amande Prije dan
What is wrong with you people and criticism. I am reporting you to the HRpost officials. Like lol
Ahmad Alkholy
Ahmad Alkholy Prije dan
Squid game is kinda dumb it is dumb
Fanda Prije dan
Dubbed.... . . . . . 😢
Something Prije dan
Who else is looking through the comments trying to find someone who wrote a book about how this videos wrong?
Josh the goose
Josh the goose Prije dan
the squid game dub makes me vomit
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Prije dan
I like your videos. Really l do but it feels like you are mocking the hard work creators and directors put in to make the show a success
Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks Prije dan
A young man who smuggled Squid Game into North Korea is being executed by firing squad. Anyone he showed it to is being imprisoned, most likely forever.
Cool Bones
Cool Bones Prije dan
No no no it’s actually about the corrupt way that if you have all the power then laws don’t apply. Watch the film theory about it.
𝐉𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 Prije dan
People: didn’t like squid game and some genuinely did Kdrama lovers: omooo gong yoo and *simps over the main characters and searches them up*
Ashley Downey
Ashley Downey Prije dan
I hate watching shows that have so much hype surronding them. It makes me want to watch it even less. That's why I didn't even start watching Stranger Things until last year during the beginning of the pandemic. I still haven't seen Tiger King or Bridgerton. I have no desire to watch Squid Game.
Wasteful __
Wasteful __ Prije dan
Kurapika Prije 2 sati
ContrastColors Prije dan
Squid game has a ton of messages which makes it a bit crouded but the life is boring I personally liked the most. The old man wouldn’t of felt the same adrenaline from anything else because the old man was well, old. His body was void of vigor or youthful energy. He was also rich and had no more need for struggle then he had the tumor. He was just going to waste away in a hospital and if he survived then what would he do? Read a book? No. If he was going down he was going to feel young again! How else better than to play the games of his youth?
Grady Morgan
Grady Morgan Prije dan
I gave it 3/5 stars. Visually pleasing, but there is just so much stupid stuff, and the dubbing, subtitles would've been better.
BeeeHonest Prije dan
Totally overhyped, not the actors or actresses fault, its the storyline is ridiculous and copied
Nathan Bechert
Nathan Bechert Prije dan
ha thee end tho
Nathan Bechert
Nathan Bechert Prije dan
towards thee end revenge on the guy in charge of the hole thing remember the limo horses beting and besides you are right about them still not shuting up about it squid game squid game this and that yeah but the show is great i know that it is frustrating tho
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random Prije dan
I was so sad when Sae Byeok (67) died. She deserved to win
Man gotta watch out squid game stans finna be out for his HEAD
danisar Prije dan
I feel like the biggest thing for this show was the games and the deaths. The games were brutal but also kinda fun to see? U kept thinking what will the next game be. And with the tug of war with them winning by using their brains actually was really impressive. Goes to show brains triumphs over brawn. And the deaths for Ali, Sae-Byeok and Jiyeomg are so brutal and gut wrenching. You get attached and sympathize for these characters, which makes their deaths so much more hurtful.
Kurapika Prije 2 sati
Played tug of war since grade 4 if you lose you will fell on a mud and i wanna lose cuz mud is fun
MapplesRealAccount Prije dan
Dear Alex Meyers, I watched your pathetic video on Squid Game and in the following 87 paragraphs I will outline why you are wrong about everything you said about the aforementioned Squid Game because even though the show is really only two inches deep so am I. ... Read More
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Prije dan
“How to open a pdf….. rosebud…..” LMAO… if you rosebud then you know 🤣
Comrade Alpaca
Comrade Alpaca Prije dan
I agree with this whole video. I really enjoyed Squid Game and everything, but like Alex said, ending it at the scene with the main character finding his mother would have improved the ending quite a bit. I despised the parts with the old rich dudes because they were kind of unnecessary. Overall, really good show, but I don't think it really warranted the amount of attention it got. I think the reason why it was so popular was because of the setting and the atmosphere/aesthetic of the facility, guards, and the fact that everything was themed around children. A seemingly innocent set of challenges and environment, turned completely sinister. It's even evidenced at the start of the show when the first time the players are exposed to the guards, they're Circles and are unarmed, then after the first game, the Circles (arguably the most comforting of shapes) are replaced with Triangles (arguably the most aggressive shape) and are armed with rifles. I'd say that is what drew me in the most, and I'm willing to bet it's the case for most people who watched the show.
PunkRaccoon Prije dan
Squid Game is diet Parasite. Which is fine but chill y’all
iRememberY0U Prije dan
Ngl 33.300.000€ is really easy to spend
P4&5 Prije dan
I liked the vip’s because it shows what a different world they live in where all the contestants are terrified for the lives and the vip’s are making 69 jokes idk I feel like I just showed how they don’t really care that much it’s just something that’s like football for them you know just a sport
James’s meme hut
James’s meme hut Prije dan
It's making me mad how you put the dub in this
Conor the animater
Conor the animater Prije dan
At least it's not as bad as north Korea
Andres E. Gomez M.
Andres E. Gomez M. Prije dan
People were sentenced to death in the north because of Squid Game.
No Prije dan
If you watched this on English dub, I don’t like you.
vyan Prije dan
normally love alex’s videos but this was just not it, ppl actually watch his videos n decide whether or not to actually watch something. Him saying it’s “dumb” (although every aspect he mentioned has been explained) after not even watching it in its original language n format that was meant for the show by creators is pretty dumb. I hope u take this as constructive criticism and not hate, i don’t have an issue with u reviewing foreign shows, but pls have some respect for their respective cultures n do the due diligence, or even the bare minimum of watching it in the original language.
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres Prije dan
I agree with what you said, I didn’t really like Squid Game that much and just watched because my friends wanted me to. I felt that the show didn’t explore its more interesting avenues of thought and overall ending up being basic. I also found it a little predictable and I think that it isn’t the most original thing. Sorry to anyone who disagrees
vyan Prije dan
watching white people cringe abt the representation of vips is so ironic like they haven’t been laughing at cringy rep of asians n black ppl their whole life
Xxcoolguyx X
Xxcoolguyx X Prije dan
did u watch it in dub!?
Valkyrie Fitzgerald
Valkyrie Fitzgerald Prije dan
I prefer Alice in borderland, which took its damn time to be noticed.
Sylvkin Prije dan
funi Prije dan
Your speaking the truth man.
Froqqy ?
Froqqy ? Prije dan
uhm what
Kuramane K
Kuramane K Prije dan
I don’t really like squid game because both of the protagonist aren’t good people, one steals money from his grandmother and revoked the medical payments to bet on horses and the other tricked his mom into believing he’s in the USA and the other characters that are decent get killed. I can’t feel bad for any of them and then I just don’t care. Also the games were lame, the dub was horrible and the idea itself isn’t original and has been executed better by other people. I just think is overhyped
Pm Et
Pm Et Prije dan
above average at best
Bhanu Nihale
Bhanu Nihale Prije dan
The more hype people give to movies or shows, the further I stray from 'em
Gary Roach Sanderson
Gary Roach Sanderson Prije dan
It's cool
shockinqgore Prije dan
finally, some one that isn't mentally challenged. Squid game is fucking stupid
Bass Prije dan
Dear Alex Meyers, I watched your pathetic video on Squid Game, and in the following paragraphs I will outline why you are wrong about everything you said about the aforementioned Squid Game. Because really the show is only 2 inches deep, so am I.
ema wema
ema wema Prije dan
Thank you, someone agrees that the show isn't that good.
ImHannahMarye Prije 2 dana
I didn't think I would like Squid Games but ended up loving it. I wish player 067 would have won though. It would have been an interesting twist.
Pixel Cat59
Pixel Cat59 Prije 2 dana
Video sucks
Michael Angus
Michael Angus Prije 2 dana
I'm with you Alex. Watched it and thought meh not bad but really don't get the hype. No shade if you really enjoyed it but I personally didn't think it was the "best thing ever created" like the hype train sold it to me as.
Colleen S
Colleen S Prije 2 dana
It almost sounds like their whole premise was based on the movie rat race I'm not sure if anyone's old enough to remember that movie it was a classic but a bunch of Rich old people bet on other people
NoahSunkTheArk Prije 2 dana
i love squid game tho :(
Shaurya Narang
Shaurya Narang Prije 2 dana
a random caprisun lol
a random caprisun lol Prije 2 dana
ngl he should've met his daughter again..
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