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He's All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you'll ever see...

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Prije mjesec
so it has been brought to my attention that some people are upset with something I said about BPD in the video. I wasn't joking about BPD or saying that Joe is a monster/evil person BECAUSE he may or may not have it. the actual joke was about kids using those terms to play the game Guess Who. The joke has no deeper meaning than that. I made no comment about Joe being a good or bad person BECAUSE of his disorders/mental state. Regardless, I have cut that part out of the video and I am sorry if what I said made anyone feel as if I was speaking in a negative way about their disorder
violetvase Prije 7 dana
(ngl as someone with BPD I can totally see Joe experiencing symptoms.........) Apologies if I am not being "P.C."
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Prije 16 dana
i have bpd theres nothing wrong with what you said
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor Prije 17 dana
Cancel culture strikes again
Bumblebee !
Bumblebee ! Prije 18 dana
Put it back
Claire de Luna
Claire de Luna Prije 20 dana
When a person intentionally kills people they had a relationship with or are obsessed about them, they are unequivocally and by definition murderers. Unless they are a white cisgender male, in which case they have a mental disorder and it's not their fault.
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez Prije 6 sati
Please narrate the whole season !! You are amazing and hilarious 😆
Max Charcoal
Max Charcoal Prije 21 sat
What’s with all the cats in the comments? Ain’t y’all know this is the internet? You’re not supposed to exist here
Tena Fistonić
Tena Fistonić Prije dan
It's called taste
Nevena Chakarova
Nevena Chakarova Prije 2 dana
I hated that they made Love this psychopath that is even worse than Joe. Like he is just as bad as her. And they literally tried to say “ she is the bad guy, Joe is stuck with her and he is a good guy cause he doesn’t wanna kill people “
Nextecy Prije 2 dana
YOU is a good show but nothing compared to Dexter
Steven L
Steven L Prije 3 dana
Stupid easily butt hurt viewers making him delete a part of his video 😡
Biggie Prije 3 dana
i enjoyed you season 3 until the ending then i disliked it after the ending. you was gonna be like dexter levels of good. nothing is dexter good.
Diamond Light
Diamond Light Prije 3 dana
So you missed a coupe of points here... Joe wanted a girl, because in general it is scarier for most men to raise sons than daughters.. A father has to be a good role model for his son, and Joe believes that he will fail.. In contrast to a daughter, where he will just love her unconditionally and that will be enough... As for the box with Natalle's things... Joe obviously did not write her name down... That was a coffee holder.. They write your name on it when you by coffee at a cafe.. He kept it because it had her name on it..
WDB Sports & Entertainment Network
WDB Sports & Entertainment Network Prije 5 dana
I know I’m the craziest show
Te Bruh
Te Bruh Prije 5 dana
NGL the third season almost disappointed me, the way Love was acting I was expecting every person that she met was going to end up in a ditch. And Joe ,I was disappointed in him as a character but at the end he didn't go out of character like I thought he was going to. The ending was brilliant. To think,he would end up in the place he hated the most in season 1 was a great callback/ironic hint. Also,the best couple are Sherry and Cary ,no doubt!
Moray Rhoda
Moray Rhoda Prije 6 dana
I enjoyed all three seasons, but it's just plot armour that prevented Joe from getting caught out multiple times - so many nonsensical, stupid, obviously get caught out as a serial killer moments. Still, fun...
Timere Cephas
Timere Cephas Prije 6 dana
The way Joe judges Love for being exactly like him is crazy, like you found your match and it's a problem? 😂😂
richax 👠
richax 👠 Prije 6 dana
In this season I was rooting for Love, now I really do hate Joe.
GeTroy Prije 7 dana
I just hope this doesn't get a season 4. Watching How doing the same exact mistakes everytime is so annoying. I really wanted Joe and Love to work even tho they're literally murderers
GeTroy Prije 7 dana
There was about a thousand different choices Joe had that any normal and same person would take but NO. He's always gonna do the complete opposite 😂
Sunandini Ghosh
Sunandini Ghosh Prije 7 dana
Everything aside I am just happy that sherry and her husband made it out alive and Theo recovered
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l Prije 7 dana
lol Prije 7 dana
You is good stfu
Mind Riot
Mind Riot Prije 8 dana
Dylan Arnold looks like Eddie Vedder.
m. a.
m. a. Prije 8 dana
Anyone else google those books and start wondering what Alex is into that he knows several shitty erotic short stories offhand? Two of which are m/m 👀?
john Doe
john Doe Prije 9 dana
4:53 those are actually real books, my faith in humanity never fails.
indigoolantern Prije 10 dana
Who is Kelsey?
SkyHighGuys Prije 10 dana
Crazy is one word for it
Alisha Koeberle
Alisha Koeberle Prije 10 dana
The fact you get a knife company as the sponsor of this video☠️
ɴᴀᴀ ᴅɪᴢᴏɴ
ɴᴀᴀ ᴅɪᴢᴏɴ Prije 11 dana
that's some very relevant promo right there 👀 Hahahaha
Laura Celis
Laura Celis Prije 12 dana
I mean in Joe's defense with Natalie flirting, she gave him CONDOMS LMAO
Under Development
Under Development Prije 12 dana
the show could literally be called "Red Flags: the series"
loveforeignaccents Prije 12 dana
Hated all of the characters except for Joe, the high school kid, and the librarian this season. So glad Love is dead.
Lilith Laney
Lilith Laney Prije 12 dana
Seeing other women talk about how ""likeable"" Joe is makes me suuuuuper worried. What's likeable about someone who creates fantasies about people he doesn't know, worms into their lives, then instantly falls out of ""love"" with them once he realizes they're not the fake, unattainably perfect person he created in his mind- and then LITERALLY MURDERS THEM?!?! He's also incredibly chauvinistic by thinking women aren't capable of managing their own lives and need ""protection"" even though he's the one you would actually need protection from. He's not a romantic, he's not loyal, he's not even that intelligent and definitely not quirky (liking books is not a personality trait). If he wasn't played by a handsome actor I can almost guarantee you that you wouldn't find him charming and see how he's basically a pick me guy with psychotic tendencies. Don't get me wrong- I like this show. It's just incredibly worrying to see (mostly extremely young) women confuse obsessive stalking, being controlling/possessive/jealous, and ACTUAL MURDER as likable character traits and being romantic. It also sends a message to young straight guys that this is something women want. Just all around concerning.
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Prije 10 sati
@MM SS no the hell I don’t
Sandrina Delvard
Sandrina Delvard Prije 10 sati
EXACTLY , we romanticized unnatural behavior in this generation! Which is why I don’t watch this show
MM SS Prije 20 sati
Girls like a bad boy
Weast Prije 3 dana
It's becoming the new norm for a younger generation, my sister has been in two toxic relationships, the boys hid it well from my family but I called it out on day one from both of them. I don't think a lot of young girls know what their worth is anymore. So they just go with the first guy to pay them any attention, really worries me about raising my daughter.
Yolanda G
Yolanda G Prije 4 dana
Well said! I enjoy watching this show but the whole time I'm just like jeez Joe is a when i see people online defend his actions or explain why he is not all bad I'm just like 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Will the Thrill Pill
Will the Thrill Pill Prije 12 dana
When the girl killed the girl, a mr clean ad for a magic ereaser poped up
Veronika Messer
Veronika Messer Prije 13 dana
The fact that he made a knives ad in combo with this particular show 🤣
𝕍𝕚𝕊 Prije 13 dana
0:41 Whoaaa boi that’s a creepy smile
BanaBred Prije 13 dana
The 3rd season compared to the book is EXTREMELY different
BanaBred Prije 8 dana
@TY 2 np
TY 2
TY 2 Prije 8 dana
@BanaBred ayy thanks g
BanaBred Prije 8 dana
@TY 2 Their is 3. 1: You, 2: Hidden Bodies, 3: You Love me.
TY 2
TY 2 Prije 9 dana
I've been thinking of looking into the book since finding out the show was acc an adaptation. Could u tell me anything about it but avoiding spoilers even minor ones? Also how many books are there?
Coco Prije 15 dana
2:34 'Just FIRETRUCKING let me do it Joe!' 😂🚒
The Mind Flayer
The Mind Flayer Prije 15 dana
Actually, Joe is a sociopath. If he were a psychopath he wouldn't love his son or not kill people sometimes because he feels that it's wrong, or empathize with people on various occasions like with Theo when he though "you poor dumb kid". He became the way he is from his childhood and is mostly sociopathic but has moments of humanity unlike a psychopath. If Joe were a psychopath the show would be FAR FAR darker and a lot of the audience wouldn't like it as much because he wouldn't be at least semi relatable to 99% of the people watching.
Cleanframe Prije 15 dana
Make a playlist called "Stuff I actually like"
Joharie Ali
Joharie Ali Prije 16 dana
Rate the show next time out of 10
jesmin raj
jesmin raj Prije 16 dana
season 3 really exceeded my expectations. especially the finale scene was so well done
The Lisa Lair
The Lisa Lair Prije 16 dana
It has its problems, but I'm constantly wondering what's gonna happen nect
Travelle Wiley
Travelle Wiley Prije 16 dana
The first season was actually on Lifetime, they dropped it and a Netflix picked it up
theman2k7 Prije 16 dana
There's too many commercials on yt now
free headd
free headd Prije 17 dana
Jesus loves you
Süss Hexe
Süss Hexe Prije 17 dana
To me, the greatest parts of this season were Joe finally realizing about his mommy issues, and Sherry and Cary being the comical relieve in such a heavy series. It was most definitely needed. And also, Henry being adopted by Dante and his husband. I freaking love Dante.
WhisperingWooper Prije 17 dana
Just finished season three this show is such a wild ride and I love it! Hoping for a season 4!
Londo's Mondo
Londo's Mondo Prije 17 dana
joe didnt write her name on it. that was her starbucks coffee insulate.
Bradley M
Bradley M Prije 18 dana
To be fair, Natalie buying him condoms was kinda sus
miss marble
miss marble Prije 18 dana
Soooo. They both koo-koo
lilldevil Prije 18 dana
What a fitting sponsor
Bumblebee !
Bumblebee ! Prije 18 dana
I just finished and idk which one is bat shit crazier
Keegzorr Prije 18 dana
The big ol red flag gets me Everytime. And this time it put me on the floor cause wtf😂
That_Random_Aussie Prije 18 dana
6:54 - Joe, its called a friend with "Benifets"
AJ Prije 19 dana
3:45 pretty sure Joe thinks she’s flirting cause she gave him condoms not cuz of the diapers 💀
rhys Prije 19 dana
Imma miss Love😞
Boing99 Prije 19 dana
pls do some research before you advertise something, sadly this firm isn't so trustworthy... on their website they have a Hotel listed as their seat in Japan :/ and they don't have any informations regarding the steels origin, which implies it may come from china
Zuzia Polichnowska
Zuzia Polichnowska Prije 19 dana
I don’t think Joe ever actually loved Love. He was obsessed with her, Beck and Candance. And he constantly needs to change the object of his obsession, so when Candace didn’t match his expectations he got rid of her and moved to Beck then same thing happened so he got Love and when she again wasn’t this perfect version that he created in his mind he tried to kill her, the news about pregnancy stopped him because he could switch his love and affection from Love onto the kid. Thats why Henry was so important at the beginning of the season. Joe stayed with Love for him and Henry was his primal motivation. However as he started falling for new girl Henry became less and less valid and eventually Jos just leaves his son because his obsession found another person to praise, another you. So maybe Love was his soulmate but the problem is Joe can’t stay in one long term relationship doesn’t matter how much he believes he is in love
Aiden Hallowell
Aiden Hallowell Prije 19 dana
4:11 anyone who has watched season 2 knows what this mean
Aiden Hallowell
Aiden Hallowell Prije 19 dana
3:23 deja vu anyone?
Aiden Hallowell
Aiden Hallowell Prije 19 dana
2:57 what do you mean "what she is" you're both murderers stop acting like you're different
Aiden Hallowell
Aiden Hallowell Prije 19 dana
After watching the whole show I can honestly say Joe is a hypothetical psychopath ego will never be happy. His mommy issues run deep, he wants someone defenceless that he thinks he need to save and protect like he did for his mom and didn't for the woman from the foster home. But he also wants someone who will see his dark side and won't run from him like his mother did. He did it with Candice, Beck, Ellie's sister, Love, natalie and Marianne. Love is just like him she wants someone who will see every part of her and love her but Joe won't do that, when Joe realised she wasn't helpless and that she didn't need saving he stopped loving her. She loved him completely flaws and all, Joe wants somebody flawless and helpless everything love isn't while she just want someone to love her fully like she does. For joe there will always be another YOU, but for Love there is only Joe.
Vagiterian BogMonster
Vagiterian BogMonster Prije 20 dana
Alex please hear me, watch "The Great" you'll love it
Lauren C
Lauren C Prije 20 dana
I stopped watching “you” after season one but omg the girl that plays Natalie, Michaela McManus, literally doesn’t look like she’s aged a single day since her time on one tree hill. It’s crazy cause she always looked like an adult to me on one tree hill but she for real looks identical to how she did 10-15 years ago, it’s nuts! She’s a stunning woman for sure, no wonder Joe is creepin lol
Kaleigh M
Kaleigh M Prije 20 dana
she is actually the prettiest woman on the planet 😭
Dominik Melser
Dominik Melser Prije 20 dana
Bro i swear this series is so much better in German haha
Michaela Hankins
Michaela Hankins Prije 21 dan
Can you please watch Locke & Key on Netflix? I am just curious to hear your review of it…I think it’s a great show 😊.
Jacob Denton
Jacob Denton Prije 21 dan
I’m gonna be perfectly honest he’s like Dexter and somebody he takes out people
Ashley Jay
Ashley Jay Prije 21 dan
Bringing a baby to the library 😐
grace steph
grace steph Prije 21 dan
Turns out Love is crazier....she can kill anything in her path😂
grace steph
grace steph Prije 21 dan
I am just glad Theo didn't die....I was rooting for him
grace steph
grace steph Prije 3 dana
@Te Bruh the Delilah part really threw Joe off because he was looking for a reason to not like her more and she handed it to him
grace steph
grace steph Prije 3 dana
you get it. She screwed her brother for the better part of his life while acting like a saviour. Screws Ellie, didn't think twice about Theo. I words
Te Bruh
Te Bruh Prije 5 dana
@grace steph Yes, that. I think he would be conflicted if he still cared for Love like that. Since devoid of emotional attachment to her he felt pity even thinking(I'm paraphrasing here) : "What has my wife gotten you into?". And I think his distain for her began with Delilah, as with her death Love screwed another kid over without thinking of the consequences. I legit home Elie comes back in season 4.
grace steph
grace steph Prije 5 dana
@Te Bruh I think that was the one time I justified joe's killings. Helping Theo. Well if he was still in love with Love he would have hurt him but again Joe doesn't hurt kids, he protects them in his own way
Te Bruh
Te Bruh Prije 5 dana
Same, sister! I also liked the contrast between Love and Joe's perspectives when it came to him, when she struck Theo I wanted to scream. I was hoping Joe wouldn't hurt him and was sighing out in relief when he felt pity and helped the boy.
grace steph
grace steph Prije 21 dan
First, the writers of this show are fuckin brilliant. I thought suburbia? It would be boring but fuck!!! It's the best one yet
Lilie Galaxie
Lilie Galaxie Prije 21 dan
This video is great and all and I don't even cook much but I really wanna get those Kamikoto knives now
Jaleel Hogue
Jaleel Hogue Prije 21 dan
I miss the suspense in this show but the joe talking to himself is what I missed. But bro a girl could say hey I like ur shoes. And he already got they address and plate number
Anna Shimon Korol
Anna Shimon Korol Prije 22 dana
Am i the only one that felt a little bit uncomfortable that he was sponsored by a knife company while doing a video about the show "You"? Just me ok BTW great video as always Alex Not that you'll ever read this comment but whatever
Marijn Heijke
Marijn Heijke Prije 22 dana
The knife add... nice
Yuvi ex Machina
Yuvi ex Machina Prije 22 dana
yeah, I'm over having even the slightest bit of empathy for Joe at this point
Khaleesi Queen
Khaleesi Queen Prije 23 dana
I told us about Alex meyers but she didn't tell me about Emma
kenz 2021
kenz 2021 Prije 23 dana
Okay but I didn't want love to die 😭
kenz 2021
kenz 2021 Prije 23 dana
Here after finishing season 3 and I don't know what to do with my life anymore...
Ramaa kale
Ramaa kale Prije 23 dana
Dude Joe and love are legit perfect for each other like...
Alexanders VeryOwn
Alexanders VeryOwn Prije 23 dana
you should react to Dexter. Its pretty great and about a serial killer too
Iceberg Chubby
Iceberg Chubby Prije 23 dana
I just knew it was lifetime 😩
dabaroonie Prije 23 dana
and he obviously didnt write her name on the coffee cup, you seem clueless sometimes man
nunya Prije 23 dana
I totally forgot that Marienne saw Joe flirting with Natalie and still caught feelings for him. Like girl aren’t you noticing a pattern of infidelity here??
Melodi Prije 4 dana
You don't get to choose who you "catch feelings" for?
TY 2
TY 2 Prije 9 dana
Shiiitttt never noticed this
Roeen Nooran
Roeen Nooran Prije 23 dana
Why didn't you show or mention that Natalie didn't just bring him diapers, she bought him a box of condoms too
Roeen Nooran
Roeen Nooran Prije 23 dana
Either way, great animation!
Emily Replogle
Emily Replogle Prije 23 dana
I LOVE your style. New sub!
ZalAnimates Prije 24 dana
"great gift for anyone who cooks!" _who says I'm using it for cooking_
HiImRawr Prije 24 dana
This season was frustrating to watch I hated that love died
Thalissa Carvalho
Thalissa Carvalho Prije 24 dana
i honestly did not expect this season to be as good as it was. the show has its flaws and stuff but damn i was 100% invested in s3, finished it in two days lmao
Williamjames Hoffer
Williamjames Hoffer Prije 24 dana
If anyone reads this, I am going to catch hell for it but what the hell. Joe is not a bad person. He is a messed up person who is trying to be a good person and failing. This is the definition of the anti-hero. Look at Hamlet. Can't make up his mind. Kills everyone around him. But we empathize because he has good motives, but is tragically flawed.
Caleb Spencer
Caleb Spencer Prije 24 dana
The commentary in Joe’s head makes this show. It’s great
Suki2669🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Prije 24 dana
Best Episode was when the bois where in the Forest doing what ever😭🤣🤣
Spacer Blitz
Spacer Blitz Prije 25 dana
I think that Alex should talk about The End Of The F***ING World tbh.
MarieAnnMarie Prije 25 dana
I thought you did the entire season so I didn’t watch this video of yours and watch the entire season😂And now I watched this And realized you only did one episode
Papa Yoda
Papa Yoda Prije 25 dana
Man straight up abandoned his own child to chase down a woman he’s barely known for a year
Maplesyrup Prije 25 dana
Is Joe flirting with you? Lol
KvshUzumaki Prije 25 dana
I assume no one has seen Dexter before
Slyveon Shihōin
Slyveon Shihōin Prije 25 dana
Binged season 3 so I could watch this in peace lol
Clay Music
Clay Music Prije 25 dana
I love it. It explores genuine love not playing house or boyfriend-girlfriend
StrekozkaPlays Prije 25 dana
i was so confused at the randomness of your sponsor at first..but now I'm pretty sure I'm in love with these knives 😆
Flame h0e
Flame h0e Prije 25 dana
The most disappointing thing about this season was that I was expecting them to at least pay a nod to all of the pieces of evidence Joe has left behind, because let's be honest he isnt exactly not messy about it to pile up against him. Like the jar of his own fricking piss he left at peache's House in season 1 and the private eye that reopened peache's death case? Or even the therapist who spoke to Forty and knew that something was wrong or even Ellie we didn't get any glumes of how is actually doing. They just seem to you know forget for the sake of tv character convenience. By now some one has to start piecing it together especially since he was married to love, Forty, candence died, delillah died, now love is dead, Joe is supposedely dead. But like how can no one look into Joe if everyone around him just ends up dying.
TY 2
TY 2 Prije 9 dana
I can kinda see how he's cool for now. Investigations take time and can only go forward once there's enough evidence to make a case. Since they have no dna from him other than the piss which means they don't have anything on him till he's matched to it so he's free till that happens. Plus the fact that he moved to the whole other side of the US after Beck. As well as the fact that he's now "dead" and living in France so yhh he's been messy but his tracks are pretty covered now unless the PI has been on his case the whole time
Paul Denton
Paul Denton Prije 25 dana
What about the "america show"?
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