Shadow and Bone is pretty great...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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To All The Boys 3 is kinda dumb

I dont even know what Riverdale is anymore...

Ginny and Georgia is pretty dumb

Suite Life on Deck was such a weird show...

why is Riverdale?

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Komentari: 4 869
Bennam Prije 8 dana
read the books, honestly they are better
Lccl Prije 10 dana
Thank you for 1. saving me hours of my life by skipping "dumb" stuff and 2. talking about the cool stuff that I can watch when I procrastinate! Love your channel and your humor!
Fulcan Mal
Fulcan Mal Prije 12 dana
The show was awesome. Which means it probably doesn't last long.
TheMidnightElf Prije 12 dana
Alright, I know that everyone has probably said this, but the book was WAY BETTER. I’m not saying it was a terrible show, but it wasn’t as good.
Ms.Barnes Prije 14 dana
i wanna know what he thinks about the crows
MZ Plays1
MZ Plays1 Prije 19 dana
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Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Prije 19 dana
I'll be honest i started the Spanish version a few minutes ago but i thought maybe i should listen to the English version first and compare
who asked
who asked Prije 21 dan
Finally found a video of yours where the title isn’t criticizing and actually liking a show for once
Tanya Sh
Tanya Sh Prije 21 dan
For a Russian person like me this show (and especially books) is another proof of ignorance of most, not all, north American people that can't live without bringing stereotypes about Russia again and again, without a normal research of our culture 😗✌🏻 At first it was very funny to hear all Russian names and words that the writer 'changed' but it's actually upsetting and I find it a culture appropriation which no one cares about, because people always should only care about the US and what's happening there lol. If you're interested about what I wrote, you can watch a video of Lady Izdihar or/and a video of Sergey's Vids, he made few videos reviewing this show. Can't say I don't like it at all, but I can't just ignore the way of using my native culture and language. I still watch the show and kinda enjoy, but I'm very upset that people don't even want to research some stuff and that the writer didn't care to do a better job.
Ryan R
Ryan R Prije 23 dana
Only prob with this series is that it was only 8 episodes long.. it needed to be 13
Mahua's Shenanigans
Mahua's Shenanigans Prije 24 dana
i loooove the books! it was honestly very surprising to see netflix NOT absolutely ruin it and actually make a decent show based on books. i'm waiting for the next season!!!
LxvenderTeaa Prije 26 dana
I love the show but honestly, I prefer the books, but the show is still AMAZING
Ryan R
Ryan R Prije 27 dana
All the netflix series ive seen here's how id rank them from worst to first..Sweet home *couldnt finish it, its so bad), Punisher2, The Witcher, Daredevil, Punisher, Shadow and bone, Squid games, Black Summer
Ryan R
Ryan R Prije 27 dana
yugioh shadow realm..haha
Ryan R
Ryan R Prije 27 dana
im 3 episodes in...And its not slow or bad..Hell compared to sweet home, the witcher, and punisher..Its moving along fast!
Bo bo
Bo bo Prije 28 dana
Not very interesting show
Meri Virta
Meri Virta Prije mjesec
I think the show was made good but the storyline itself isn't that special. It's kinda cliche in many ways, it didn't really offer anything new. I think the "thief group" was most interesting part of it, otherwise it would have been pretty dull.
Dolphintornado Prije mjesec
Monster hunter Pog
Honey olaribigbe
Honey olaribigbe Prije mjesec
"I bet Alina will want to fillet that mignon" 😹😹😹😹
Mioakem Prije mjesec
Shadow and bone was one of the very rare times where I enjoyed a screen adaptation more than the book. I honestly really liked the book but the darkling had zero personality and Alina and Mal’s whole romantic thing wasn’t really my cup of tea. I loved the show so much and Mal was honestly one of my favorite characters, when in the book I didn’t really care for him, I also really like Kaz, Inej, and Jesper
Tim Dent
Tim Dent Prije mjesec
I love this series!!! ❤️
Random Weirdness
Random Weirdness Prije mjesec
Who’s all here for the crows and not Alina and Mal??
Amy Peraltiago
Amy Peraltiago Prije mjesec
This really seems to be a great adaptation, so far I'm liking all the characters and their stories but have to say the Crows stole the show! I'm most interested to see where their stories go
Fareena Noman
Fareena Noman Prije mjesec
Let's face it. The crows owned it all 🙌🏻😌
Julieta Luján Gogniat.
Julieta Luján Gogniat. Prije mjesec
you give me too much sokka vibes
Cats 4E
Cats 4E Prije mjesec
Its rlly not
silvertonguer Prije mjesec
I read the book. I found it incredibly boring until the last 100 pages. Not much happens until a certain point. I think this is because I’m 27 and I have read many YA novels.
The Unknown
The Unknown Prije 2 mjeseci
I choked on air and died when Alex was like *you two a best frens huh.. mhmmm heard that one before*
Liura Baum
Liura Baum Prije 2 mjeseci
I really liked this one! Very interesting 'side' characters and stories!!
Chopper Prije 2 mjeseci
My only problem with it was that the plot of the show wasn’t the same as the books
Meanlittledutchgirl Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh and because I love six of crows and I need people to know! Ravka is Russia. Kerch in the Netherlands! I never loved a book more. Cause they eat hutspot and have a geldstraat. Zo Yea…
Meanlittledutchgirl Prije 2 mjeseci
And who will they cast for prince and privateer his royal awsomness prince Nikolai! I mean the guy has to be bloody perfect. Handsome, funny, charming, genius, handsome, brilliant and bloody beautiful!
Meanlittledutchgirl Prije 2 mjeseci
It is a good show! The characters are casted great! But there is this one thing. If you read six of crows… then you no longer think kaz and crew live up to it. They are so much better! The never even meet alina! They pull of the most incredible heist! And than they even help prince Nikolai in rule of wolfs. And the queen that I will not speak about yet in the end ! It was nice to see Nina and Matthias have their own prequel. Oh and Aline isn’t shu but I am very cool with that change!
Big Body Karate
Big Body Karate Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is shit, the world needs to stop trying to cram Female leads down our throats and also converting all characters into women . ITS NOT WORKING THEY STILL SUCK TAKE YOUR POLITICS SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Kaitlyn O'Connor
Kaitlyn O'Connor Prije 2 mjeseci
I read the books and most of the tv show is alright but some characterisation annoyed me
teabook Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved the book so much!
Dan The Watcher
Dan The Watcher Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't wait for season 2 This is the vary first show where being gay or a woman or < Insert skin tone here > is the main trait of a character, It's not perfect, but by today's standards it's a rare gem! And as for the premise it's self it's Tsarist Russia Vs Bolshevik Russia, and the End Boss is Warlock Rasputin!
Amanda Prije 2 mjeseci
Go and read the book. I read it before watching the show and I thought the book was better then the show.
Among K and L Inc.
Among K and L Inc. Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex, I have been a 1 year fan, and have watched many of your videos on my Nintendo switch, and I have seen shadow and bone and also I have all of the books in the series.
Labi Prije 2 mjeseci
Read the Six of Crows when I was in high school and absolutely loved it. So glad they finally made a series adaptation. I think the monologues/dialogues are a little weak but I'm pretty satisfied with the show. The Crows are perfectly casted but there's an awkwardness in every scene. Hope Season 2 will be more natural.
StormSike Prije 2 mjeseci
Grishaverse 🛐
pluraltest Prije 2 mjeseci
I binge watch this
Razgriz977 Prije 2 mjeseci
I tried watching this show but I could never follow what was going on except some girl had The Chosen One syndrome. I didn't even understand what her power was or why it was special.
Sof Prije 2 mjeseci
The people who dont read yet Kaz and inej book, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING?
Clarimonde Midnite
Clarimonde Midnite Prije 2 mjeseci
As an Asian American I felt this show handled racism poorly. I constantly felt that Alina was being targeted and seeing her heritage as a weakness. She never learnt anything about her heritage or seemed to care at all. The whole racism thing was just a plot device that threw unnesscary racist imagery towards its Asian American audience. Xiran Jay Zhao has a great video about this topic.
whatkindoftrainisthis Prije 2 mjeseci
you should watch stranger things
Just Wonder
Just Wonder Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved the Crows line but I can't get over how many people in this show died because Alina and Mal can't grow up and act like trained soldiers they're supposed to be.
Loverof Book&Movies
Loverof Book&Movies Prije 2 mjeseci
Read the books frist!
Kate✨ Prije 2 mjeseci
Why did I just discover this video?! I’m in LOVE
exo is my strength
exo is my strength Prije 2 mjeseci
even if everything was predictable, the actors were so intriguing!! acting was stellar.
kazuqlsimp Prije 2 mjeseci
SeerOfTime Prije 2 mjeseci
The Crows were the highlight~
Angel Emeana
Angel Emeana Prije 2 mjeseci
God loves you and so do I. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins, even the ones you've committed in the past.
Lily Angel
Lily Angel Prije 2 mjeseci
I love the show It's just too slow in the beginning for me From the mid to end it's really amazing
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade Prije 2 mjeseci
shadow and bone indeed is a great show!! the actors did a great job with their roles and gave them life....even the casting was perfect
Alisha Truemper
Alisha Truemper Prije 2 mjeseci
Soph Prije 2 mjeseci
I started reading the book series, but stopped, wasn't my cup of tea unfortunately and when I heard how it ended I was even more disappointed. Also tried the show and it was decent, but not enough to keep me watching
lyra Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben Barnes. That’s it.
Nyarai Masoni
Nyarai Masoni Prije 2 mjeseci
please read the books y’all there’s so much important information in them and you’ll understand things better. plus there are so many other lovable characters in the books that are not in the show yet
Snipe Shot
Snipe Shot Prije 2 mjeseci
Netflix lets him review Shadow and Bone early then pairs with Audible: doesn’t mention the books or audio books
KoalaCreature Prije 2 mjeseci
Also bro didnt even talk about Milo... how could he
KoalaCreature Prije 2 mjeseci
Ive just gotten into the books and enjoyed the series SO MUCH as someone who has trouble finding shows they like on netflix. At first i wasnt a big taker to it but damn did it grow on me
Moon_Studios YT
Moon_Studios YT Prije 2 mjeseci
i've read Shadow and Bone, is awesome, I want the other two in the trilogy, I also have Six of Crows, in short I want all the books
xein89 Prije 2 mjeseci
Feels like I missed something with this show. I honestly didn’t like it at all but it seems popular?
Mystix4 Prije 2 mjeseci
The books explain a lot that was missing in the show
Angelina Pfeiffer
Angelina Pfeiffer Prije 2 mjeseci
In the first few episode I was like alexander is kinda sus but they wouldn't make ben bad would they? Then I was mad
Hely Patel
Hely Patel Prije 2 mjeseci
I thing it’s the 1st time I saw positive title for your video 😂😂
Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like something's kinda sus, think about it. Netflix gives Alex access to a show two weeks early, which happens to be one of the few shows he actually enjoys. WERE HERE FOR YOU ALEX BLINK TWICE IF YOUR BEING HELD HOSTAGE
Masky is a badass
Masky is a badass Prije 3 mjeseci
I hope he dose a review of the new my little pony movie in netflex.
Scott Sweet
Scott Sweet Prije 3 mjeseci
Just started watching the series on Netflix. Seems a good story line, but the sound mixing is horrible. Just like amateur sound men who let the drums or instruments obliterate the vocals, the speech is, in many places buried and indistinct and unintelligible. I’ve been a sound man for over 40 years, so I know a bit about it. Incidentally, my hearing is excellent because I put the audience’s comfort above the hubris of the performers who don’t care to be part of an ensemble, but want to be a solo performer. I had a high school band director who told us…”if you can’t hear every other instrument,guess what? YOU ARE TOO LOUD! If you take offense from this, you are still an amateur. End of story.
TheOtherPenguin521 Prije 3 mjeseci
Please do more videos on this!
𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖊 Prije 3 mjeseci
You know the show is good when after months Alex finally likes a show.
apple Prije 3 mjeseci
six of crows was waaaayyyy better than shadow and bone
Sheldon Bing
Sheldon Bing Prije 3 mjeseci
About ta be cancelled like the society
joana baeta
joana baeta Prije 3 mjeseci
they confirmed a 2nd season
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma Prije 3 mjeseci
I am the self appointed campaign manager for S&B, I've watched it thrice already and have made my friends and family watch it too. I'm probably half their views lol
Anonymous Patriot
Anonymous Patriot Prije 3 mjeseci
It was half and half for me. There were things that I liked and didn't like in equal measure. Some of the characters were linear and one dimensional, the writing was simplistic at times, the main villain was predictable and there was a meaningless manufactured conflict between Inej and a Grisha. However, the world was beautiful and I would be intrigued for a season 2 to see if it could improve.
Jillian Prije 3 mjeseci
Can we talk about how the 3 storylines never connected and were so random to one another? But somehow Kaz was still the star idc.
holla dolla
holla dolla Prije 3 mjeseci
everyone repeat after me , i don’t stan the darkling i stan ben barnes
Caseta Literaria
Caseta Literaria Prije 3 mjeseci
Misanthropic Mink
Haineko Mikemalcom
Haineko Mikemalcom Prije 3 mjeseci
I had no idea about the books, but I loved the show. I'm hooked.
Nic UnHipNic
Nic UnHipNic Prije 3 mjeseci
Mal and Alina are more like siblings than best friends, and they love each other as brother and sister.
Kestrel Liddel
Kestrel Liddel Prije 3 mjeseci
Two things I didn’t notice/catch on to in the early episodes: one, the girl who catches Mal is Zoya. I think I forgot about her almost immediately. An two, when the guy says “Sun Summoner”, Inej almost flinches backwards (that’s not the right wording, but I don’t have the right words.) Two small, but interesting details I noticed just now.
90shermione Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kestrel Liddel oh then ya lmao
Kestrel Liddel
Kestrel Liddel Prije 2 mjeseci
@90shermione I read Six of Crows. I know why.
90shermione Prije 3 mjeseci
No it is because well you’ll understand more in the second season but yk saints are rly important to her. And I would never forget about our lovely queen zoya
Timothy Jackson Drake
Timothy Jackson Drake Prije 3 mjeseci
I did enjoy it, but the coolest part was that it did its own stuff. The books (which are better in almost every way) have their focus but the show goes out of its way to build up different parts of the world.
Alina is so prettyyyy
SeraNeko Prije 3 mjeseci
Everytime I heard "The North" from this video....darkness is coming
Jaime Laverc
Jaime Laverc Prije 3 mjeseci
I would like to leave a suggestion: please do a video about the Elizabethtown movie.
Vignesh Prije 3 mjeseci
Extraordinary series..
Sarah Opeoluwa
Sarah Opeoluwa Prije 3 mjeseci
The boundary in LOTS inspired the fold I think hehe
Ellis The Snail
Ellis The Snail Prije 3 mjeseci
From what I have gathered here it’s like the dark crystal but without our og lore
Faiza Bonney
Faiza Bonney Prije 3 mjeseci
So u to 2 are best friends huh? Mmhm heard that one before
marta costa
marta costa Prije 3 mjeseci
i just wanna know who’s gonna play nikolai in this
marta costa
marta costa Prije 3 mjeseci
*me reading the comments and not watching the video or the show yet bc i haven’t finished the books and don’t want to be spoiled*
Hidde Prije 4 mjeseci
I thought it was shit
jumaimah patel
jumaimah patel Prije 4 mjeseci
lemme just say, series/movie adaptations r usually horrible, like, pjo was a gr8 example of THAT, but this, well let's just say I'm shook, I generally liked it, with is saying a LOT.
Tommywantsjustice Prije 4 mjeseci
Mal should have been played by sneako lol
Duchess Prije 4 mjeseci
I just can't root for Mal, when they casted Ben Barnes, I mean I love me some Ben Barnes.
Auggie the frog
Auggie the frog Prije 4 mjeseci
Honestly I was disappointed in the SaB plot compared to the book but I was really happy to see the actors portray the characters so well
Just another Fangirl on the internet
Just another Fangirl on the internet Prije 4 mjeseci
How could you disrespect the crows like that? Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom are amazing
Just another Fangirl on the internet
Just another Fangirl on the internet Prije 4 mjeseci
Nicnakxd Prije 4 mjeseci
I just watched this earlier today and I really enjoyed it hahhaha
Kaquhaa Prije 4 mjeseci
10:15 turn on subtitles I'm dying
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