Legally Blonde is a weird movie...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb

Bridgerton is a kinda dumb

The Winx Saga is the dumbest show

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Komentari: 4 187
Dc RadioBrain
Dc RadioBrain Prije 36 minuta
That warner guy looks like all of the batman actors mixed together
aviatorshades Prije 12 sati
a title there only works if you have scottish decent im pretty sure
TheVanBourner Prije 21 sat
my headcanon is that Legally Blonde is the origin story of Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul.
Bloody Prophecy
Bloody Prophecy Prije dan
jesus, wait until you realize they made a SEQUIL to it as well.........
Hazelnut Prije dan
Haha I came out in 2001
Michele Ashley
Michele Ashley Prije dan
I love how pissed you kept getting on Elle's behalf 🤣
Irwin Prije dan
How did she manage to legally represent someone in court before she graduates?
Joe Charlemagne
Joe Charlemagne Prije dan
In the same train of reasoning that you can't be smart if you are pretty, It also annoys me that people look down on relationships if the woman is considered stupid. Because she can't possibly offer anything of worth to a relationship if she isn't conventionally intelligent. Because she isn't worth loving and caring about because the man is so much smarter than her. The more I think about it the angrier I get that a lot of movies and tv shows treat "dumb" women as being subhuman and not worthy of love.
Treble Games
Treble Games Prije 2 dana
Review the musical it is amazing
mr. O
mr. O Prije 2 dana
14:06 we can all agree gay or European is the most funniest song in existence
X ꕥ
X ꕥ Prije 2 dana
Anyone else catch the persona music?? Just me?? Dang 🧍🏾‍♂️
Samyam Aryal
Samyam Aryal Prije 3 dana
It wasn't that bad, honestly
The Fray All Day
The Fray All Day Prije 3 dana
I love the Shining Force music!
Azmedon Prije 3 dana
She got a score of 179 and the max score is 180, so that would mean she would be one of the smartest in her class.
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson Prije 3 dana
3:02 where do i find this meme
Justin Thornton
Justin Thornton Prije 3 dana
Looks like senator Huntington the third wants to become a republican and to make those dreams a reality he has to marry a proud black man
that’swhat_gsaid Prije 3 dana
“You got into Harvard Law?” Bruh with a 4.0 and 179, there’s almost no way she WOULD NOT have gotten in.
MonsterGuyX Prije 4 dana
It's like one of the Other Girls turned out to be Not Like the Other Girls.
hizzouse kakashi
hizzouse kakashi Prije 5 dana
That existential dread got me.
Travis Brown
Travis Brown Prije 5 dana
Lost it at masters in Hamtaro
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Prije 5 dana
Mans says “by the time I’m 30” as if he can be a senator before he’s 30
KrustyMustyKC Prije 6 dana
**he's rlly picky with movies**
RealCamDog Prije 6 dana
You made a P5 joke, I had to like the video
Carlos Eustaquio
Carlos Eustaquio Prije 7 dana
watch the musica instead
Lollipop Lollipop
Lollipop Lollipop Prije 7 dana
The Welsh laughing thinking who is rich that lives in Newport
Raandyy The Dog
Raandyy The Dog Prije 8 dana
We literally JUST did the musical at my school… I was Elle’s mom!
Maya Padley
Maya Padley Prije 8 dana
Well now you have to do leaglly blonde 2 And leaglly blondes 👍
Squ Prije 8 dana
9:12 made me laugh so hard.
origamipein18 Prije 8 dana
Yeah, Legally Blonde was a weird movie, but it was an excellent weird movie. Also, fuck Warner. XC He's an idiot for dumping Elle. XC Plus, Vivian can do so much better than Warner. And better Legally Blonde than Legally Blonde 2. 😒
jo Prije 8 dana
i will accept no legally blonde slander
Arsh Prije 9 dana
Yeah I was really glad she didn't change from a girly girl to tomboy, in the end she was the same person not a whole different personality.
Nqobile Msomi
Nqobile Msomi Prije 9 dana
First it was the red flag marching band 😂🤣🚩now it’s the gaaaayyyyyyy comment. You are hilarious. I don’t know why I stopped watching your videos 😅
April Brown
April Brown Prije 10 dana
Alive in 2001? Damn I’m ancient. I was actually applying to law schools when this came out.
Dan Prije 12 dana
How is she allowed to represent someone in a murder trial when she's still in law school? And therefore hasn't passed the bar exam yet? Did I miss something?
orion ar
orion ar Prije 12 dana
6:10 is basically and effort to counteract the halo effect.
iamhungey12345 Prije 14 dana
The movie defies the typical dumb blonde tropes.
Paperstarzz Prije 15 dana
i fucking love this movie
Eve H
Eve H Prije 15 dana
I agree that it is stupid for the parents to have told Elle that she is pretty so she can't be a lawyer, which hurts me a lot bc I am blonde and fairly pretty but I am also smart and have other attributes. Really that's all Leagally Blonde is about I think, that surface looks don't really say anything about the person themself.
Nerds In A Nutshell
Nerds In A Nutshell Prije 17 dana
Why did they make a musical out of this movie
a strange kind of grace
a strange kind of grace Prije 19 dana
I like to think of legally blonde as part two of Tracey Flicks character in Election. Tracey Flick left school for college and changed, becoming Elle Woods. It makes the scene were ocallahan hits on her more interesting because Tracey had an affair with a teacher that was hushed up
s l u c a
s l u c a Prije 19 dana
Wait a minute. Is the music at 5:14 from Persona 5 Strikers Alice in Wonderland themed Shibuya??
MaryAlice Laub
MaryAlice Laub Prije 19 dana
When he said " can you imagine being this happy about literally anything. But especially getting married at 21"😂...I'm 18 and married. All the longer I get I get to do life with my love and pall. That said. There sooo much more you could have made fun of. That movie is gold. It was great tho.😂.
Leah Norris
Leah Norris Prije 20 dana
If you're just getting into this time and movie type (new subscriber), Miss Congeniality.
Monica Flores
Monica Flores Prije 21 dan
I can't believe it's been 20 years. I was 12 years old when this movie came out. Still one of my faves
Cara DiFiore
Cara DiFiore Prije 22 dana
Even though I was very young when it came out I think this movie is iconic
Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid
Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid Prije 22 dana
As someone who has watched one too many Wes Anderson movies, the joke about Luke Wilson’s jawline made me laugh WAYYYY too hard.
Grizzly Addams
Grizzly Addams Prije 23 dana
I see why I was called legally blonde cause the girl was so dumb I'm this lol movies like this were they show the blonds being dumb I why people think blonds are so stupid I'm real life lol thts my type of girl is blond with nice tan and blue eyes but thts like every guys in the worlds type of girl lol
Sreejit Dey
Sreejit Dey Prije 24 dana
Anyone else notice at 2:38 they say Warner got lunch with his grandmother. Now I may be wrong but didn't he and his later girlfriend Vivian meet at his grandmother's as well? That would mean that Warner possibly met Vivian and got together with her even before he broke up with Elle, yet another reason to consider him a jerk!
Olivia Michelle
Olivia Michelle Prije 24 dana
Just found out we're only 8 years apart, my sister is your age though so we relate🤣🤣
Nilla Honey
Nilla Honey Prije 24 dana
You roasting Vivien the whole video is the best part 😂
Josi G.
Josi G. Prije 25 dana
02:48 me sitting here with 19 and engaged 🥸
Kaleb Afework
Kaleb Afework Prije 26 dana
alex meyers vs alex clark k
Justine Miranda
Justine Miranda Prije 26 dana
a 179 on the LSAT is such a flex tho
Jany’s_Brother_Official Prije 26 dana
I love how Alex summarizes things by “HÆĒÍÀŃŻÆÆĖŸÜÚÛŁØŒÖJÆŠĒØEÔĖĘ”
Latika Sone
Latika Sone Prije 27 dana
Its my favourite movie. My feel good movie
𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖞
𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖞 Prije 27 dana
We love a entertaining movie that tells stupid people to not be sexist 👏🏽😌
Maya Dargeon
Maya Dargeon Prije 27 dana
Still prefer the musical, but gosh is this movie nice to watch XD
Tomo Robo
Tomo Robo Prije 28 dana
11:04 I'm wrinkly after 15 minutes in the bath never mind 4 hours!!!!!!!
Premium Headpats
Premium Headpats Prije 29 dana
The fact that it's a regular thing for people to have to follow up jokes with disclaimers these days is just so absolutely goddamn terrible. Also, yes it was a super dated thing to do, but it could not be more true that no straight man on the planet is going to turn to her, say, "Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me honey," and then storm off in a huff. I wouldn't believe that even if I saw it happen irl with a guy I knew was straight beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Xdoge45 Prije mjesec
Lol fairly odd Parent’s vibes the chin
Astrid Carolina Hernández Huitz
Astrid Carolina Hernández Huitz Prije mjesec
😷Me gusta mucho esté vídeo, ponlo en español latino. No sé porque pero realmente le da otro "toque" a la traducción 😊😷
Jaricca Cierra
Jaricca Cierra Prije mjesec
I've watched this movie at least 10 times, and only after watching this video do I realize that Warner is Alaric Saltzman
MARYAM ALJIRI Prije mjesec
im never watched legally blonde but i thought it was a teen romance movie sooo...ops
Ele Cops aka Eleishia
Ele Cops aka Eleishia Prije mjesec
Did you just say 'spray some Chloroform in her mouth' lol 😂
Darlaine Kibuchi
Darlaine Kibuchi Prije mjesec
Aight. Imma go watch this now In the first 5 minutes, I can compare Elle to Brooke Davis. Strongwilled and underestimated just because she's pretty.
Evelyn Wilkinson
Evelyn Wilkinson Prije mjesec
when ever i hear someone say anything like not like other girls i always wonder if those people think that all girls are the same... like what? we are different people of course we are different (don't say its just a joke cuz that is literaly what people say when they get accused of something and its correct)
JesusLovesYou! Prije mjesec
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Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar Prije mjesec
this is a pretty funny movie, that's why i love this film!
Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar Prije mjesec
Reese Witherspoon is very good on this movie!
Jeppy Derudar
Jeppy Derudar Prije mjesec
welllll, i love this movie! 💖✨
Zelle Lietta
Zelle Lietta Prije mjesec
Legally blonde 2 please
Madeline Sartori
Madeline Sartori Prije mjesec
Watched this last night. Went to watch the 2nd one and didn't want to get into the animal cruelty aspect of if yet 🙁 I swore that Selma Blair was up to some sneaky shit when she entered Elle's room, but no shit occurred, and they're BFFs at the end of the movie! P.S. Reese Witherspoon has the best facials in this movie P.P.S Could you imagine the chin Elle and Emmett could have created had they had a child?
Christine Scharle
Christine Scharle Prije mjesec
My mom ran across an episode of Daria when I was in high school, and my mom told me that she reminded her of me. My mom turned me on to Daria of all people!
Madeline Sartori
Madeline Sartori Prije mjesec
That poor woman in the photo as the "deformed" Vanderbilt lady
Dhani Rose
Dhani Rose Prije mjesec
I love the back and forth between calling him Warner and Warren. His character is THAT level of garbage and not memorable, even with his name said like a thousand times in the movie.
DigiTool Prije mjesec
I do also like that Elle does admit Vivian is also kinda pretty attractive
Stxbubbebean Prije mjesec
When I was in the living room fighting my sister my mum turned this on I died
Youtube recommends me wierd stuff
Youtube recommends me wierd stuff Prije mjesec
This and mean girls is all I need
Dunsimi AKinyooye
Dunsimi AKinyooye Prije mjesec
So like, what does this show have to do with being blonde?
kaduzy Prije mjesec
Why is there no HD version of this video?
Schwarz Evelyn
Schwarz Evelyn Prije mjesec
I watched that movie on Netflix and i was thrilled of plot. It has something special. Movies of today have not such an good plot even if it is a little bit dumb but it has character development. Nerveless it was fun filled
Ada Otwinowska
Ada Otwinowska Prije mjesec
Hi, I'm 23 my fiance is 21 and we're living in his moms basement. 😂
Bleh Glurg
Bleh Glurg Prije mjesec
Paused right before it started and I just have to say that you’d BETTER appreciate this film
NJGuy1973 Prije mjesec
If there ever was a role which could have only been played by one person, it's Elle Woods.
Lord Bucket2036
Lord Bucket2036 Prije mjesec
One of the best parts in the movie is when Warner says “You got into Harvard?” Elle: “What like it’s hard?”
weeb potato
weeb potato Prije mjesec
I love this movie.
Captain Michael Studios
Captain Michael Studios Prije mjesec
The best part of getting out of bed is the existential dread
Africe Omal
Africe Omal Prije mjesec
The sponsorship part tho 🤣🤣🤣
Africe Omal
Africe Omal Prije mjesec
TheTekShow Prije mjesec
"gay guys know designers" Uhm... I shop at target.... TJ Maxx, if I'm feeling lucky.
Jacklyne Rosado
Jacklyne Rosado Prije mjesec
Senator Poopypants
Senator Poopypants Prije mjesec
I think we might've over another kind of important thing that happened in 2001
Mario Mackerelwain
Mario Mackerelwain Prije mjesec
That murderous jar of chutney was on the mantelpiece all along... Chekov's condiment
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie Prije mjesec
Best song from the musical is “is he gay or European?”.
D-COUL RL Prije mjesec
The most important event that everyone still talks about to this day Normal people: 9/11 Alex: Legally Blonde was released
OurMidnightMemory Prije mjesec
Kind of off topic, but couldn’t help but notice the Persona 5 Strikers music 😏
one shotguy
one shotguy Prije mjesec
It's stupidity fun honestly.
Jack Bandit
Jack Bandit Prije mjesec
Step Brothers is the pinnacle of comedy.
Darby the gamer
Darby the gamer Prije mjesec
I only know legally blonde from gay or European
Poornima S
Poornima S Prije mjesec
🤣🤣some scenes are really hilarious in this movie but I loved how the concept turned over about her being strong and successful breaking all stereotypes it's good
Mean Girls was a weird movie...
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