Austin and Ally was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

Prije 27 dana

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Jessie was a weird show...

Shake It Up was a weird show

the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb

Hannah Montana was pretty dumb

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meredith Prije 2 sati
As a 90s kid (who didn’t watch when it originally aired but found it as a mom trying to find something to watch with her kids), this show really makes me laugh because the creators were writers for stuff I grew up on (Good Burger, Kenan & Kel, All That). It’s the typical cheesy kid stuff but with a different kind of humor that’s really nostalgic. I cackle every time Dez makes the umbilical cord/director joke in the finale. I also enjoy that the actors were genuinely musically talented, not just given a record deal because they were popular on the channel.
Cooper Fullmer
Cooper Fullmer Prije 21 sat
i need meems of so many things from your shows…
Snivy The Fencer
Snivy The Fencer Prije dan
Alex you’re not slick, I caught on to the fact that you made that garbage ATLA vs LOK take to farm that sweet, sweet engagement 😤
StandardIssueRedOfficial Prije 2 dana
While everything collapsed, Austin is so chill my guy?
caiah B
caiah B Prije 2 dana
Now now Alex, LOK deserves more credit, but I wouldn’t say better
Mandy Garrett
Mandy Garrett Prije 3 dana
I watched this show randomly on an old tv at my great aunt's over the summer. I can saw with confidence that Austin is annoying, Trish is still fabulous, and I still like Dez the most (minus Trish)
The Casual Wendigo
The Casual Wendigo Prije 3 dana
Why does the ginger guy look like a Minecraft youtuber.
Precise Ice
Precise Ice Prije 3 dana
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a blessed day, brothers and sisters in Christ! :)
Die - Hearts
Die - Hearts Prije 4 dana
I really couldn’t stand this show lol Lotta really bad messages it told in a few episodes
Bejewel Dkwkwk
Bejewel Dkwkwk Prije 4 dana
It wasn’t weird it was the best show ever
Alexa Prije 4 dana
Avatar: the last airbender is the best
Dark North
Dark North Prije 4 dana
That’s what pretty much happened to Justin Bieber
Nairobi Luna
Nairobi Luna Prije 4 dana
Oof When the spanish version of this is up I'm sending it to my cousin Who was a die-heart fan of Austin and Ally since she was little
MMA CHAMPION Prije 4 dana
2 min in to the video great......
Martha Martinez
Martha Martinez Prije 4 dana
Rose Long
Rose Long Prije 5 dana
Is that guy from R5?
Beanie Prije 5 dana
Offset and Ally
Kwasi noray
Kwasi noray Prije 5 dana
Lover Prije 5 dana
Do big time rush plz🙏
JessicaRamdin Prije 6 dana
HOLD UP. Excuse me sir but we're not gonna just brush past those fighting words you just said. ATLA is BETTER than Korra.
L A Prije 6 dana
And because you said Kora was better than Avatar you get dislike, I don't make the rules I just follow em
Lay Z
Lay Z Prije 6 dana
I remember watching this show when i was like 10 and idk why but i loved it xD But now looking back and see this video i realize it was cringy af :)))))
neao SMT
neao SMT Prije 6 dana
Time Wizards just kind of sounds like fate Grand order
neao SMT
neao SMT Prije 6 dana
Before I proceed with this video I'm going to educate all of you about Austin & Ally it's a show about a musician and his dumb friend who wants to be a HRpostr making friends with a really shy girl who like singing songs and this other girl who basically likes doing nothing but getting money they sing songs together a date that's the whole premise of the show
bat Prije 6 dana
okay but i literally laughed out loud at the dishwasher meme
Parth Kalia
Parth Kalia Prije 6 dana
It was a good show from my childhood
Craig Bolton
Craig Bolton Prije 7 dana
Thought the show was trash but atleast the songs werent awful.
Arjunator Prije 7 dana
Alex’s motto should be, “ruining your childhood one Disney show at a time.”
IanUniverse Prije 7 dana
Do liv and maddie next
Libby Kitty
Libby Kitty Prije 7 dana
OMG! I remember watching that with my siblings when I was like, 5.
Just a Cheesefry
Just a Cheesefry Prije 7 dana
I really want you to do this show that not that much people haven’t heard about but it’s really good and I’d love to see your opinion. It’s called Go! Live your way. It’s on Netflix that has so much songs but its in Spanish however there is English dub for everything in the show except the songs! The drama in that show is immaculate
Stefani💙💚 Prije 7 dana
This show is quite weird but it’s still a super funny show and I still love it even as a teenager
Parker Watson
Parker Watson Prije 7 dana
Dude laughs this is so funny how you’re saying it but I love Austin and Ally
Facing Front
Facing Front Prije 8 dana
So I'm the only one who thinks Trish was the best part of this show... Ok
Mariana Tabares
Mariana Tabares Prije 8 dana
I loved Austin and ally
Trayvon Williams
Trayvon Williams Prije 8 dana
I love the current animation style, the idea for the new one would be cool to see tho P.s. you’re one of my favorite HRpostrs
Metho Prije 8 dana
i actually liked the show back then
Spy Pie
Spy Pie Prije 8 dana
Alex Myers! Do Bizzaredvark. That show made me think it was a fever dream it was that weird.
Xiao Prije 8 dana
HOW DARE YOU SAY KORA IS BETTER THAN AVATAR (jk u can think what you want, even if you’re wrong)
Ира Войникова
Ира Войникова Prije 9 dana
Oooooooooooooo time princess My love
Sophia Cooper
Sophia Cooper Prije 9 dana
This show used to be my JAM when I was a kid😅
Elaina Khan
Elaina Khan Prije 9 dana
Bruh austin and ally was such a good show dude!! I was pike four when it was released but in like 2018 i came to know about it and then i literally watched the whole thing in like a week 😃
Evander Pierznik
Evander Pierznik Prije 9 dana
Cool now do Lab Rats
BlooBloxy YT
BlooBloxy YT Prije 9 dana
Chrissus Prije 9 dana
you should do liv and maddie
Hydonyx Design
Hydonyx Design Prije 9 dana
Honestly I enjoy your animation style and lip syncing would be cool but honestly man I say just do u cuz critics will always say something needs to be changed
SPOUWNER RING Prije 9 dana
The actor who played Dez also played a role in the Amerkan reboot of Utopia.
Laura Prije 10 dana
this show is amazing and if you don't like it it doesn't mean it is kind of sh*t...
Kate Bones
Kate Bones Prije 10 dana
Austin and Ally Had the most healthy relationship on Disney
Clover Rose
Clover Rose Prije 10 dana
I can't believe how time has fly away, this serie was my obsession when I was at high school
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Prije 10 dana
I always thought that first really popular and pushed by YT music guy (I think his name was Austin Jones) created his look bases on this Austin character. The YT musician was busted for being a child molester. I think he was like 24 and the girls were like 12. He got pulled from that YT music tour IMMEDIATELY after accusations came out and it was even BEFORE the #metoo movement (Which is what should happen always but often doesn’t)
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Prije 10 dana
A cpl/few weeks ago my daughter and I were just talking about Austin & Alley
Maythe Prije 10 dana
I love Summer
I love Summer Prije 10 dana
Lol I'm re-whatching it 😂 at the moment
Keshia Nurse
Keshia Nurse Prije 11 dana
noooooooooooooooooooooooooo legnb of korra nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ivyta 213
ivyta 213 Prije 12 dana
austin and ally is the best show in the world why do you say it's a weird show?
Ellie Emma
Ellie Emma Prije 12 dana
The meme about the dishwashers tho
hello Prije 12 dana
8:37 😒
Renee Vazquez-Anderson
Renee Vazquez-Anderson Prije 12 dana
Love these videos so much,
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Prije 13 dana
I only now got the plot of Austin & Ally haha
A Door
A Door Prije 13 dana
I Think we found a sponsor worst then raid shadow legends
First Last
First Last Prije 13 dana
Finally someone admits that Lok is better than atla
Sydney Whitbred
Sydney Whitbred Prije 14 dana
This show sucked and in glad its over
Craig Jesse Lardizabal
Craig Jesse Lardizabal Prije 14 dana
I need an explanation for that Legend of Korra claim 😤😤
My wife left me and my children Don’t like me
My wife left me and my children Don’t like me Prije 14 dana
People used to always talk about this shoe with me because my name is Austin
Fernando Mendez Big Daddy Vloggy
Fernando Mendez Big Daddy Vloggy Prije 14 dana
Can you do Radio Rebel
KaengR Prije 14 dana
do sonny with a chance or/and good luck charlie pleasee, i remembered that it was good plss
Nneka Izuogu
Nneka Izuogu Prije 14 dana
8:34 I would very much like to hear your argument Alex because I politely disagree
CAT Prije 15 dana
“You get cats” CATS!?🤯🐱❤️
Matilda G16
Matilda G16 Prije 15 dana
I've been playing time proncess and rn it's literally like a race between me and my friend to see who has collected more outfits, you have to click a lor but if you've gotten VIP (doesn''t cost money) you don't have to spam the screen as much lmao
Yumna Ibrahim
Yumna Ibrahim Prije 15 dana
I know he didn’t just say that the legend of korra is better than the original avatar
Muncher videos Haha
Muncher videos Haha Prije 15 dana
So ya
Muncher videos Haha
Muncher videos Haha Prije 15 dana
I thought Austin and ally was a normal show.
ivyta 213
ivyta 213 Prije 12 dana
Yes it is, why not?
Christian Bishop
Christian Bishop Prije 15 dana
Please do girl meets world 😂
Prof Palm
Prof Palm Prije 15 dana
No wonder the date burned, you said Korra is better than Last Airbender
random fmv's
random fmv's Prije 15 dana
Man what a beginning 🪑🪑🪑🪑🪑🪑🪑
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris Prije 15 dana
Austin and Ally was such a weird time for Disney because they were also doing Girl meets world and KC undercover all at the same time
Courtney Lucas
Courtney Lucas Prije 16 dana
Sheja Bryce
Sheja Bryce Prije 16 dana
OKAY WAIT Korra *could* have been better if they removed the weird magical spirit transformer fight and had a coherent political message (it's obviously trying to be political but failing)
Kelley Byrne
Kelley Byrne Prije 16 dana
Can you do shake it up it’s on Disney
Amirah Atta
Amirah Atta Prije 16 dana
8:40 ???????????????
Dr. Gamecube
Dr. Gamecube Prije 16 dana
Bruh this video unlocked a secret memory in my mind that was resting there for years
DALBlackRose Prije 16 dana
This is the first disney show I ever watched when I started to watch Disney Channel. The first episode I watched was the soup gold star episode lmao
JaxStone13 Prije 16 dana
Do moster house
Tonda Rýznar
Tonda Rýznar Prije 16 dana
What???? Legend of Korra is not better than Avatar The Last Airbender. I don't like what you said.
Bailey Prije 16 dana
I'm sorry but I never liked dez, he always made me so mad lol 😂
Hannah Rodriguez
Hannah Rodriguez Prije 17 dana
Ur Amazing 😄❤️🧡💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
Danjamin Monster
Danjamin Monster Prije 17 dana
Alex is an atla/tlok fan!?
Sammy Baanii
Sammy Baanii Prije 17 dana
Just animate however you like dude. Don't stress over it.
Chandrashekhar Bandaru
Chandrashekhar Bandaru Prije 17 dana
i hate your channel mr mayers you only make negitive videos like suite life on deck was such a weird show descendants does not make any sense squid game is dumb this is bad and i know most of the people do not agree with even a bit
KatewithaDarkSide Prije 17 dana
do disney cartoons LOL OWL HOUSE AND AMPHIBIA!!!
Akumatize Girl
Akumatize Girl Prije 17 dana
Didnt Ally mention a thong in the first season 😂
Akumatize Girl
Akumatize Girl Prije 17 dana
No no don’t do this to me
jill Prije 17 dana
You forgot that Dez went on to play the boyfriend in The Act: the award winning show about Gypsy Rose Blanchard. He played a murderer and he was super convincing.
jill Prije 17 dana
omg 4:18 ive never laughed so hard at a youtube video in my life
Helen Snure
Helen Snure Prije 17 dana
Ignoring that Ross Lynch was Jefferey Dahmer on My Friend Dahmer lolz
Ranuyasha Prije 17 dana
I loved this show
Xiamera Clarke
Xiamera Clarke Prije 17 dana
I'm lowkey upset that I've been playing this game for like a yr now
Michelle Crocker
Michelle Crocker Prije 18 dana
Dez was so random
Tomato Potatu
Tomato Potatu Prije 18 dana
The Suite Life on Deck was such a weird show...
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